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Korea Day 7

Finally, I am getting down to do my post for Korea Day 7. The trip has started to soothe down a bit with lesser exercises and activities. Rather, day 7 and 8 practically filled with shopping trips to different places.

The day started off with a great breakfast at Deckson Spa Castle. To let us enjoy the facilities at the spa, our check out time was extended to 12pm. While Jonathan was at the spa, I took some time to walk around the vicinity with the children, Jamie and Vic, and my parents-in-law. Nothing much to do and see, we decided to go to parents-in-law’s room for some TV watching while the children played around the room with Jamie.

At about 11 plus, we all gathered in our room for a phototaking session.

Finally with a nice family photo, we left Decksan Spa for The FaceShop for some facial and cosmetics shopping, followed by Ginseng Monopoly showroom.

In the late afternoon, we proceeded to the LotteWorld Adventure Park. The moment we alighted from the bus, the cherry blossom on both sides of the road welcomed us with pride and joy. 🙂

LotteWorld is just another big playground for the children. What I wanted to see most was the Carousel, which was featured in one of the Korean Serials, Stairway to Heaven. Most of the scenes in the serial were taken from LotteWorld itself.

There were so many things that Kaiden could not play with; therefore, I got to wait for the rest at the exit with him. For your information, Kaiden is 2.5 years old. Nevertheless, we took the tram and gave the whole LotteWorld a closer look.

We did some shopping and had our dinner before we spotted some games which were great for the children. Finally, something they could do without adults. The bumpy ride…..

They totally enjoyed themselves. I was still abit worried if Kaitlyn would stay up there for long. Glad that she didn’t cry. Probably, the brother was there beside her to boost her courage. In the end, they took like more than 3 rides.

Catching fishes and in the end won some lollipops. 😉

More pictures before we ended our day. The last stop before we left Lotteworld was of course the carousel. I did not go up the carousel cos the Etude House at the entrance was more attractive. *Grinning*

By the time we boarded the bus was already 9.15pm. We proceeded to Walker Hill, a casino hotel. The hotel was packed with people. Instead of resting for the night, we settled the children then met up with  Jamie and Xueli couples. We took a cab to Dongdaemun for more shopping. The shops generally close at 5am and by the time we reached hotel room, it was like 3am? Deadtired, we dozed off very quickly. 😉


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What’s New in ES… Collection #27

So excited to share this new collection with everyone. EverydayShopper has just launched its new collection of apparels, clutches and handmade accessories. 

I am totally in love with the preview page of Gwen sitting on the sofa with her reflection. This is actually a candid shot and to me is so well taken. 


In this collection, there are a few of my favourites. They are the watercolour summer frock, the ruffles floral romper and the floral embroidery top. 



You can view the apparels from only. 

On top of that, we have also put in 2 clutches and some handmade accessories for sale. The clutches are a must have. I am already keeping 2 of them for myself or maybe 3? My sister, Anne, is eyeing on them too. *grinning* 



The clutches and accessories will be available in both ES official website,  (thanks to Victor for uploading them for me) and in 

Oh before I forget, ES is having a promotion right now, we are giving these perks to our customers. 

1) Free normal postage, 2) 5% off mailing listee, 3) Refer a buddy system 

Also, GSS is coming and we are preparing for it. Remember to check back often to see what we will come up with for GSS. 😉

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Korea Trip Day 6

This week is extremely busy with both kids who are down with fever and cough. Both of them are now on nebeliser. Fortunately, they have gotten better and are now back in school. At this time, finally I could sit down to finish up my day 6 in Korea.

Continuing our journey in Jeju since I last left. In Jeju, we stayed in amazing CJU Phoenix Island Resort. The room is considered big for a hotel. This is the one and only hotel that the children really love for its space. They could run from one room to another with ease. Bathing in the toilet with the tv on and soaking in the bathtub was also something luxuriously new for the children. It was also said that Phoenix Island was used as a fliming site of the Korean Drama, “Boys over Flowers”. Given a short time to walk around after breakfast, we managed to capture candid shots of the Kaitlyn forcing Kaiden to take picture with her.

After breakfast, we headed to Mysterious Road. It is a phenomenon to me cos the bus actually switched off the engine and still able to move uphill. This is due to the illusion of a false horizon in that area. The car facing you in the picture below is actually moving up slope with engine shut.

We were then treated to an abalone KimChi soup. It was one of my favourite dishes throughout the trip.

With that, it ended the trip in Jeju and we were on our way back to Seoul. Jeju is a nice place but in my opinion, not a place where Jon and I will spend our honeymoon in.

Goodbye to Jeju…..

Hello to Seoul…

The moment we reached Seoul, we proceeded to Yasan Farm (Agroland). We did a few activities in the farm. One of them was to milk the cow. I did not try milking, just put my hand there for picture taking only and the poor cow is engorged after a long wait for us to arrive.

We were then led to a tractor and were taken around the farm for an orientation. It was also my first time on a tractor and to view how the sheep dog gather the sheeps. Amazed at how such a small dog can command such a big herd of sheeps. A totally cool thing for the children to know.

We also got the chance to feed the cows. They are really cute but Kaitlyn do not like them at all… especially the black ones.. cos they kept drooling at the sight of the milk reaching their mouths. Besides that, they kept snatching for more milk. Check out her disgusted face below. LOL

The final activity in Agroland is ice cream making. The procedures are very simple.

Equipment needed: 2 metal bowls ( 1 big and 1 small), whisk, ice cubes, coarse salt, milk and flavouring.


1) Put the milk into the small bowl.

2) Fill up the big bowl with ice and salt.

3) Put the smal bowl on top of the big bowl and stir with the whisk while moving the small bowl.

4) Be patient and wait for the milk to change to ice cream.

It was quite fun as we did it in groups. Kaitlyn and Kaiden also had a share in doing it.

After all the activities. we took some photos on our way to the bus.

Finally, the day ended with a really good dinner. BBQ pork. Jonathan had a chance to show off his skills again. 🙂

Day 6 is really short due to the fact that we had to travel from Jeju to Seoul. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to Day 7. Hope to write about it soon.

Back to my accessories making.


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Fries Fries and nothing but Fries + ES Creations

Finally found a time to blog about my dinner date with Jonathan. We had our pampering treats at Subtle Senses. He got a body massage while I had a facial (diamond peel + Youth ???). Somehow I could not even remember what procedures they gave me. All I knew was once I was there, I laid down on the bed like a dead fish and enjoy whatever pampering that was given to me. As the whole process ended at about 6.30pm, we decided to have our twosome while the children are at my mother-in-law’s.

We chose to drop by Holland Village for this restaurant, Everything with Fries. It is a clean resturant with simple deco. The place is filled with youngsters. The cute and pretty young waitress whom dressed in sweet pink uniform took our orders. I must say she is really patient. Being the first time there, we asked her a lot of questions before ordering. she did the explanation very clearly and slowly. Jon even joking said that if he is not home for dinner, I should know where he is. The waitresses are really very sweet looking and so girl-next-door kind.

We ordered these: One Egg Soup, Skinny Wings, Jon had Cheeseburger with salt and vinegar straight fries and caesar salad while I ordered a Grilled Pork Chop with sour cream and onion shoestring fries and coleslaw. We each had a coke float and Nutella shake as drinks.

The one egg soup is really special. According to the waitress, it’s actually chicken broth in cream with fried egg white on the soup. The soup is really tasty especially after the fried egg is cut up and soaked with soup. Yummy. Good for dates… cos I realised a lot of couples are ordering one set and the nice waitresses would provide 2 spoons. So thoughtful 🙂

More pictures to tempt you. LOL. The special thing about this restaurant is that the fries come in five flavours and they are original, curry, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, lastly in garlic and herbs.

Jonathan could not resist temptations and started picking food like a small kid. 🙂

To me, the serving is quite big and the pricing is reasonable. For our orders, it was about $50. In the end, we could not even finish the fries. They have got other unique desserts that I must try the next time I go again.

Looking at Jonathan’s backview, I am sure he is very satisfied with his meal. LOL


ES Creations

My handmade rings at LinLin Lattice was a total sell out. Being bugged by the shopowner, I created a few more designs and are now placed in the boxy. My rings are handmade from scratch with adjustable ring band and no remakes for it is the one and only piece you will own.

Earrings are not my forte cos it is so difficult to start another side when completed with one side. LOL thus most of the earrings that I have made are non-identical. Below two are  the somes that I have made identical and are placed in LinLin Lattice for sale.

This time round, I ventured into making flower hairpins. Flower cubs were used in these pins. They are great for everyday wear and enough to brighten up a simple outfit. 😉

You can visit LinLin Lattice at Toa Payoh Central for these above items or leave a comment to enquire about them.

Below are some of my latest creations. Suddenly, I am totally in love with butterflies. The lastest 2 rings are created with a butterfly charm. Simple and classic.

A sample of my non-identical earrings. Usually both sides are not the same but I would put some flowers or beads that are identical.

Those items that are not placed in LinLin Lattice will be placed to for sale (thanks to Victor’s help). He will be helping me to upload these items to the website. Once I am done with the descriptions and pricing, they can be seen in EverydayShopper. Remember to check ES website for frequent updates. 😉

Next post…… Watch out for Korea Day 6.

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ES Milestones + ES Collection #26

Oops… made a mistake in the year… ai… still living in 2009. LOL Edited the post and updated the mistake. 🙂

Thanks to the conversation ES members had yesterday afternoon, I had a chance to look back at our everydayshopper livejournal. Way back in 2009, I was actively engaging in online sprees for Taiwan apparels. Online shops like Joyce, JJS and Cynthia were some of my favourites. Then came the popular suppliers sprees that always appeared in Spreehouse and some other spree community.

Early 2009

Then the idea of having a blogshop myself came up. It was first started by selling 2nd handstuff. Some of my stuff were placed in the 2ndhandstuffz LJ for sale. Then I started to do preorder for clothes. It took me a long time to post up the pics and take orders. The whole process was just too tedious. Finally, I decided to do my sale with existing stock which was somehow a lot more easier but with capital involved. With Jonathan’s encouragement to take the risk, a new blogshop idea came to my mind and executed.

How did ES come about? While I was doing my proposal for my NTU admission to Clinical Psychology, my god-send grammar book, The Everyday Writer, was lying in front of me. With that, I named ES, The Everyday Shopper cos I was totally engrossed with online shopping that I basically did it everyday at that point of time. 🙂

April 2009

The livejournal to sell instock apparels was set up on 24 April 2008 with zero feedback. Email was set up for easy liaising, terms and conditons were drafted out. The first batch of clothes was ordered and delivered within 3 days from Hong Kong.  There were a lot of first time setting up this blogshop. My first time to use Photoshop to edit the stock photos that they suppliers gave, my first time to liaise with overseas supplier and my first time to receive such a big carton of clothes from the postman. 🙂 *Still feeling happy even though they are not mine*

How was the sales for my first collection? The response was overwhelming with the help of friends and relatives.

May 2009

Somewhere in May, the collaboration with my sis-in-laws started. I also could not remember how we got together and the next moment we were brainstorming on stuff related to the blogshop that I have set up. Soon, this biz became a “family” biz. Even Anne was bewildered with the sudden change. Selection of clothes and decision making were now done during our meetings on Tue, Thur and occasionally on Sats as a group. Everyone became very enthusiatic about the whole blogshop thingy. And on 11th May 2008, we launched our second collection with my shareholders. Many things started to evolve as each of us have our own ideas of doing certain things. Then decisions to port from livejournal to .com also started stirring.

June 2009

Launch time was weekly and it was quite straining for us who worked on weekdays and to do the blogshop stuff on weekends. Life got harder when Xueli started modelling for clothes from Collection #5 onwards which meant that all our weekends were burnt. Stocks were no longer taken from overseas instead were tried from local supplier.

Could not take the strain, we changed the strategy of launching apparels and accessories on alternate week. We put our interest into DIY and started doing handmade accessories. On 9th June 2008, we launched our 1st handmade accessories, Garden Beauty. It was fun when we would gather together at one person’s house to do accessories.

At the same time, we also started sourcing apparels from other avenues. Our first purchasing from overseas personally was done in June 2008. Jamie and myself went over to BKK to source for clothings and manged to lug back a few collections of apparels and accessories. The purchasing overseas continued taking turns while we tried other means of getting the new stock.

Oct 2009

We had our 1st Mega Sales on 5th Oct 2008. It was from Collection #1 to #10. Response was really good with the sales. Soon, other models also joined our weekend activity.

Dec 2009

We were honoured to get Stephanie and Lynette (sisters) to guest model for us in a few collections. With Adrian’s help, we also shot our photos in a more professional way with the studio setup in Jamie’s house.

Jan 2010

We finally ported over to and livejournal was sort of like redundant. I was a bit sad leaving LJ in the lurch and then decided to start my accessories biz again. On my own, I rented a box in LinLin Lattic, which I have mentioned in my earlier posts. Did some accessories just to give me the opportunity to keep the LJ going. 🙂

Feb 2010

The thought of changing EverydayShopper’s name came to mind. All ES members started brainstorming for new names. Changing ES to another name was something that I cannot bear to see cos Anne kept reminding me that I was the one who gave life to EverydayShopper. With that in mind, I decided to keep ES for my own accessories while we would change our apparels collection to another name as a “family” biz. A new email was created for my accessories and posting in Livejournal continues in Namecards were made with the new email and was then placed at LinLin Lattice’s boxy. “Specially handmade by Anna” started appearing on all the little earring backing cards. *Felt great about it* 😉 

April 2010

EverydayShopper decided to hibernate for revamp while I continued with my accessories making. During this period, ES members decided to continue with the name of EverydayShopper thus a new logo was created.

In collection 25, we employed a model, Gwen, and actually tried out a shoot at a professional studio and the photos turned out to be great. Victor also changed the whole outlook of our website to make it better and more user friendly.

The walk from start till today is a long and slow one. We fell and picked up, learning new stuff along the way. The bond among us became stronger (eventhough conflicts are unavoidable). We worked in ES based on our own interest and work is delegated that way. Somehow, there may be an overlap due to the absence of another. Very soon, I will be busy with Kaitlyn’s Parent Volunteering  starting in June and may have lesser time to play my part in EverydayShopper but my spirit will still be with them. 😉

Talking about that, Check back EverydayShopper tonight cos we will be updating with a new collection. Jamie and Xueli personally sacrificed their lunch time to get the best stock for our buyers and I love all the clothings that they have picked up. 🙂

Keeping some for myself? Nay. Love them but would feel greater if my customers wear them. 🙂 Remember to check us out tonight at 8pm sharp at

See ya.


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Imperial treatment + Online Review

Imperial Treatment

Facial? Spa? Nope, we are talking about the Imperial Treasure Restaurant at Paragon. Jonathan’s family gathered at there for a birthday lunch. It was a celebration of my father-in-law’s birthday. Victor is always armed with contacts of all the nice restaurants. Whenever we are going to have a gathering, he will be  the leader to do the reservation and ordering.

We were all dressed up and with some inspiration from reading VIVI mag, I dressed Kaitlyn up in a dress with a long sleeve boyfriend shirt. Well, that shirt is actually Kaiden’s and to think that she can fit into his shirt. 🙂 She loves the way she is styled so much that she accessorized herself creatively.

Camwhoring on our way there and spotted Kaiden’s ‘What’s the women doing?’ look.

Could not find the restaurant initially but luckily met Jamie and Victor to lead us to the destination.

Kaiden’s toy of the day. Harold. He needs to be entertained by his own toys. 🙂

We had shao er (roast goose) as a special order. Besides that, we ordered dimsum and chicken fried rice for Kaitlyn due to her food restriction (chicken pox). The roast goose tasted really good. Can see from the plate that it was all gone. LOL

The iphone craze as demonstration by our family members. Now all of us could not leave home without it. Purpose? As part of the entertainment for children. Everytime, Jamie lends her iphone to Kaiden, he would ask…. “Your ipod got sound or not?” cos sometimes, Victor would give him an ipod instead of iphone to play.


A family pic of Gerald and wife, and the older generation.

After the lunch, we took the children to the little playground on the same floor. The playground was filled with little children. Gerald took the intiative to join in the fun with my two little imps while the rest of us just used our eye power on them.

Some random pics with Xueli and Jamie.

What I Wore

I wore the famous Bonitochico Chiffon Mini in fushcia paired with the Hollyhoque High Girl Power Blazer. Nice combination but somehow felt a bit overdressed. Nevertheless, I felt great looking chic and nice as a mother. My shoes? My nude wedges are from Bonitochico as well. Nudes are very popular now and it matches well with anything.

Online review

This is the second time Bonitochico has launched the chiffon ruffles. They came in another 2 new prints. Anne bought on behalf for me and chose blue instead of green. Verstile top that can be worn casually with shorts or smartly tucked with bandage skirt.

Starting to love Agneselle as well. This basic babydoll top was bought by Anne also when I was in Korea. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that they launched while I was away. Anne sure brightened up my day when she told me she ordered a piece for me.

Another top, Serene, by Agneselle. Love the unique collar. This is so far the only top that can fit up to UK10 for agneselle. Hmmm somehow I noticed that I have been buying white stuff from AE.

Lastly, a review for TheVelvetDolls‘s jmpsuit. Again, it was bought by Anne when I told her I like it in their preview picture before the launch. Disappointed with the material. Thought to be better quality cotton. Like the harem bottom though. Squeezes a bit of armpit fats.

Picture of the day

I almost fainted when I saw this picture after downloading my photos. Seems like Kaitlyn has been secretly picking up skills from me. LOL


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Korea Day 5

 Finally a day when we did not need to pack our baggage and move. We leisurely waited near the hotel for the group to gather and proceeded with our tour in Jeju. The first stop was to have our breakfast. We were talking about abalone breakfast. Yes, abalone but was quite disappointed when I could not see any abalone in the porridge. 😦

However, was really happy to see Kaiden with his thousand face expressions. He was trying to show the happy, sad and angry faces. Don’t you find them familiar? He got his inspiration from Thomas the Train shows.

Another picture before we left the seaside restaurant.

Kaiden is so so cute in this picture. So angelic.

We then went out of the restaurant and took a picture before we boarded the bus.

Our next visit was to the Seongsan Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater hill that offers a splendid view by the coast. Looking at father-in-law and Kaitlyn, we vowed not to lose out to them. They climbed so fast that in a flash they were way ahead of us. Kaiden was the best… carried by both Victor and Gerald up to the peak.

We were given about 2 hours to climb up and down the crater… therefore, took the chance to take pictures on our way up.

Some panoramic view from half way up.

We then decided to take a picture to commemorate our efforts for making half way through. Check out Kaitlyn’s pose.

Still continuing our journey up….

and finally reached the top. We were all so tired to wanna make our way down. We just stoned at the peak procrastinating and hoping something would just happen next.

Then finally someone said… let’s go… again, father-in-law and Kaitlyn were the first to move. The walking down took a longer time as suddenly we were swam by a big group of students walking up. The narrow stairways got to allow two groups of people moving up and down. Poor Jamie, holding on to Kaiden’s hands and walking down. Finally, Victor carried him on his shoulders,  and most amazingly, he could doze off sitting. Gerald then took over the job of carrying Kaiden. LOL

What were Jonathan and I doing? Holding hands and taking our sweet time walking down. 🙂

 Hey. where is Kaitlyn? She was running around the bushes of flowers, pretending to be a fairy rather than take pictures with us. OMG.

Next stop, the Tangerine Orchard where we found the most famous fruit in Korea. Almost everywhere I went, the food is made with tangerine, eg, chocolates. Kaiden dozed off, therefore, I made the trip down with Kaitlyn to see what the place could offer us. A while later, Jonathan joined me for some phototaking while mum and father-in-law took over Kaiden on the bus.

Most of the tangerines are fake. They probably only showcased the place for phototaking.

What I like about is the story behind the 3 logs. It is the main door of a house. As the island do not have doors and thieves, the logs are used as door. What are the indications?

1) 3 logs up – owners not at home. Visitors cannot go in.

2) 2 logs up – Owner will only be back after work at night.

3) 1 log up – Owner is out and will be back in an hour.

4) 0 logs up (all lying on the floor) – Owner is at home. Welcome in.

Can you guess what is the indication for the status of the owner in the picture below?

The next activity was real exciting. Horse riding. It was my first time riding on a life horse. As Kaitlyn was young, she and I sat together for the horsey ride. It was really cool.

We all looked so cool in our horse riding attire. 😉

The whole event of climbing the crater and horse riding in the morning set our tummies rumbling. We were taken to a restaurant that served meat wrapped with lettuce. Let Jonathan show you how the whole procedure is being done. 🙂

Grab the lettuce and open up, put the meat, garlic and some sauce on the lettuce, fold the lettuce and stuff the whole thing into your mouth. Yummy…. can’t help drooling thinking about it now. 😉

After the sumptuous lunch, we proceeded to a Seongup Fold Village to have a look at the traditional houses in the olden times. The granny who introduced the place to us is the chief’s granddaughter. She is really comical and most importantly, she could communicate in Mandarin. She was said to have used her place as a fliming scene in the serial, Da Chang Jin, and would always carry the picture of her and the actress taken at that time.

The activity ended with some purchases of honey. We then moved on to our next destination, O’Sulloc Tea Museum which feature exhibits of the history and production of green tea products. Instead of looking at the history, all of us zoomed to the facial products area and lastly, the dessert section where I bought a cup of green tea ice cream. I went up the bus to share the ice cream with Jonathan as it was Kaitlyn’s turn to hibernate. The rest enjoyed their ice cream and cakes at the coffee house itself.

Before heading to the Teddy Bear Museum, we were taken to a park for a short walk and phototaking.

Teddy Bear Museum…. here we come. Have been hearing about this museum from the show, Princess Hours, and now finally got the chance to look at it.

Again, heavy pictures.

   Creation of Adam, my favourite. Wonder when I can visit the Sistine Chapel to look at the actual work of Michelangelo. Soon?

Louis Vuitton bear, the most expensive bear in the museum. Can’t help taking a picture with it since I am carrying a LV bag too. Oh and also future owner of my LV bags. 😉

One of my favourite Korean serials or I should say my first korean serial, Princess Hours. The bears that kept appearing in their opening and ending of the episodes. How could I forget about them. 😉

Other pictures that were taken outdoors of the museum.

Before heading for dinner and ended the day, we passed by a Rapeseed field. The view is so soothing and of course great for phototaking.

-Finally, thank you for being so patient with my heavy pictures. Last but not least, I would like to share my favourite picture of the day taken by Jonathan.

These statues tell it all about Jeju. Love the angle of the picture.

Was actually thinking of doing an online review but there are really too many pictures. I will leave the reviews to the next post. Check back soon. 😉

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