About Me

Welcome to CCD’s blog. This is a blog to share about my loves: family, food, travels, accessories making and so much more.

Being a Stay at home mum, I spend most of my time with two lovely children, Kaitlyn and Kaiden who are 6 and 3 respectively. Able to grow and learn together with them have enriched my journey of motherhood.

I love traveling. Now that I have my own children, traveling is more difficult. Thank goodness, I have really helpful in laws. Help is readily available when I asked for. 🙂 So on and off, Jonathan and I still get our twosomes. 🙂

Staying home gives me more autonomy to do my own things. Setting up blogshop was one of the few I have tried. EverydayShopper is a shared business with brothers and sisters. Though slow moving, we are enjoying every part of the process. From selection of apparels, meeting up with suppliers, photoshoots, editing of pictures to launching the products, each of us are tasked with a job.

Wanting more while the rest are busy with their day job, I extended my love for beading. ES Creations is my singly handled blogshop which sells accessories.

Hope will do more frequent and interesting updates. 🙂

Your truly,


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