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Vestimento’s First Photoshoot in 2012

It’s been more than half a year since we last had our ES photoshoot. After Karyn was born, Xueli and couple were so busy taking care of their newborn. Jamie has decided to switch her career and I was in the mist of preparing my little princess for Primary 1. Eventhough everything came to a standstill, we were working real hard behind the scene. We decided to give ES a new facelift. LOL talking about facelift reminded me of the new Volkswagon beetle which Jonathan showed me just now. The red beetle is so yummy.

What have we done over the six months?

1. We came up with a new name and design. 🙂

Vestimento sounds really classy. It came from a latin word meaning garment or clothing.

2. We moved on to self-manufacturing. We selected so many designs and finally decided on this one to inspire from. A kimono dress from Elizabeth and James, from co-designers Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. We love the simple design and the tassel belt. From sample to actual piece’s arrival went though a really long process of about 4 months complete. When we saw the actual outfits, we totally love it.

Source: Elizabeth and James from Net-A-Porter

3. We had our first outdoor shoot with the thought of creating a Lookbook. 🙂 As I had to attend the P1 Parent’s Briefing at Kaitlyn’s school, the whole photoshoot was handled by my team mates. So sad 😦 for not being able to have all the fun with them. All photos below were provided by Jamie.

The photographers were really onz. They actually wanted the models and team to be at the venue by 7am. Check out the sunrise. I am sure early morning scenery near MBS is really pretty. 🙂

Our lovely anchor model, Gwen, in the electric blue piece.

This time round, instead of just one model, we had another model, Peili, who is dressed in Taupe. 🙂

More pictures of the ladies dressed in the new outfits.

I think the photoshoot must be really fun. Photoshoot is not the only thing I have missed. They even went for a good brunch after the shoot at Food for Thought. Hey Jamie, how come no pics from there?

These pieces should be launching anytime this week at Vestimento. They are available in four colours: black, blush pink, taupe and electric blue. 🙂 Link will be updated once the launch is ready. 🙂


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