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If Music Be the Food of Love, Play on…..

started the play, Twelfth Night.

Since a few years ago when SRT decided to host Shakespeare in the Park in Singapore, I have been wanting to be part of it.

Intensively studied Shakepeare in my uni for almost half a year, I have read quite a number of books written by him. The love, tragedy, satire, jokes and the language totally immensed me in his works. Though in olden English, with the ‘thee’ and ‘thy’, I enjoyed every bit of the beauty of the language. Besides Midsummer Night’s Dreams, Twelfth Night is next on my favourite list.

Was a little disappointed when I reached Fort Canning Park with the drizzle. Though with the thought that the play would be cancelled, Jonathan and I still proceeded with the queue to enter the park.

The picnic started at 6.30pm but with the drizzle which then turned into rain did not dampen the spirits of the others. People behind and sitting beside us started laying their wine, food and have made themselves feeling cozy for the long 3 hours play which started at 7.30pm. We continued to hide under the umbrella and even prayed to the weather angels for the change of weather.

We remained positive!!!

And before the sky turned dark, a rainbow appeared in front of us. The rain stopped just before the play started. Though drenched, we felt happy.

It took me quite a while to recall the language and the storyline. Love the character of the Fool acted by Adrian Pang. He added a lot of laughter to the play. He even sang!!! 🙂

Amazing night with the cool breeze, the atmosphere, the lighting effects, the cast and the company of Jonathan. Simply divine!!!!

And also a night for us to rest and relax in the park (and with the backaches for sitting almost 3 hours). Totally worth it!!! 🙂

Lastly to leave you with my favourite quote from the play, said by Malvolio,

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