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Fabric Yo-Yo Bobby Pins Tutorial

A fussfree and no-sew tutorial for mummies who want to make something special for your children. 🙂


  • Glue gun
  • Yo-yo fabric (from Daiso)
  • vintage buttons
  • bobby pins

I bought the yoyo fabric from Daiso. You can choose a bigger size for adults. I chose the small size which is about 3cm with the thought of making the bobby pins for children.

Grab a button and using the cutter, remove the protuding part of the button.

Dab some glue from the glue gun onto the back of the vintage button.

Then glue the button on the gathered part of the yoyo fabric.

When it’s done. Put the yoyo fabric aside and dab some glue on the bobby pin.

Stick the bobby pin to the center of the yoyo fabric as shown.

Yippeee…. now the bobby pin is completed. Easy peasy!!!

Create using different designs of yoyo fabrics. Add other embellishments such as ribbons or feathers with vintage buttons for other trendy looks.

Have fun!!!

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Wonder Who Is In Charge…

Who is the head of household in your family? Since I am a stay at home mum, I would proudly said that hub is the one. However, recently, there has appeared to be another one vying for hub’s position. 🙂

And that is Kaiden.

He is acting more and more like Jonathan.

The way he instructs us to do things for him.

The way he talks to us as if he is the decision maker.

The way he does things, fast and efficient.

Exactly the way Jonathan is. 🙂

This morning, after sending Kaitlyn to school and boarded the car. I was amazed with the conversation I had with him. He said he wanted to take the front seat. (act of an adult cos usually only adults take the front seat)

He then struck a conversation with me.

K: Mummy, where are we going?

M: Kaiden, we are going home.

K: Yippe!!! Mummy, after we reached home, please make milo (hot chocolate), then eat biscuits and watch TV.

M: Wah… You have already planned what you wanted to do.

K: Mummy, can I have sweet?

M: Nope cos that was not part of your plans. You only planned to make milo, eat biscuits and watch TV.

K: Okay then, when we reached home, we will make milo, eat biscuits, watch TV and eat sweet.

I was amazed at his planning. I think he plans better than me. Even since I stayed home, I do not even plan cos with the children, I dont’ really know what is going to happen next and what might come next.

And did I do what he instructed? Oh yes, we made milo, prepared biscuits for him and watched TV programmes. He even instructed me to bring out that little Ikea table for him to put his bowl of biscuits and sippy cup so that he could enjoy his TV time on my favourite OSIM USoffea Petite. 🙂

Another thing that I am really excited. Can you see an additional button on the right side bar just below my etsy shop?

Mandy of SugarBeeCraft has dropped a note telling me that I was featured in her SugarBee Craft Edition. 🙂 So excited. If you are interested to see what other crafts are featured. Bounce off to SugarBeeCraft’s Sweet Buzz now.

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A Pat on my Shoulder

A new week has started. Whenever the start of a new week, I would asked myself what I have done the previous week and all the time, I ended up always feeling lousy for not achieving much. 😦 I then came to realise that it’s either the achievements are so minor that I could not see it or to me, it’s not an achievement at all.

The previous week was pretty eventful. 🙂

On Monday, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary at home with the children. Prepared western food dinner and steak dinner. Sumptuous. 🙂 Thanks to Karen for reminding me. I also had a wonderful time with her children. My children and I went to her house and all the five of them mingled and played in her house. 🙂

On Tuesday, I had a meet up with Jonathan’s family for lunch.

On Wednesday, I went to MIL’s house in the afternoon to fry prawn crackers and it literally took up the whole afternoon.

On Thursday, it’s back to my usual schedule of chauffeuring my children up and down. It was a hectic Thursday. 😦

On Friday, a time I could heave a sigh of relief. Hubby prepared a wonderful Zi Cha dinner 🙂

On Saturday, I attended Kaitlyn’s friend, Jasmin’s birthday party. It was pretty fun to group of children playing together. 🙂 And at night, I met up with my own family members for a Teochew Porridge at Orchard Hotel.

On Sunday, I had to be at my MIL’s place for praying (Hungry Ghost Festival) and dinner.

It was quite a well planned week. 🙂

In between times, I managed to do some beading as well. 🙂 Among my beading boxes, I found these turquoise nuggets gemstones.

I decided to create something out of it instead of letting them sit in my boxes. 🙂 The simplest usage for these beads are to make them into necklace just like my coin pearl beads.

I tried single nugget stone. It was simple and classy. Then I tried with three nuggets.

Since this looks heavier and wider, I made this into a choker which was slighter shorter than the single turquoise stone necklace.

I also made use of the night to complete my Iris studs which have been lying around. I am in love with the colours. 🙂

While waiting for Kaitlyn to be off from school, I made use of my time in the car to make more knotted friendship bracelets. {smile}

Well, after I started recalling what I have done and jotting them down, I realised that I have achieved much more than I expected and that boasted my moral a little. I am going to plan what I will be doing this week so as that I could count every tasks that I have done as an achievement.

Don’t you think I deserve a pat on my shoulders? 🙂

What have you achieve last week? Care to share?

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ChippyChipDovey 1st Giveaway Winner

I am so excited with my 1st giveaway though there are only 8 entries. 🙂

Thank you so much for all your support. 🙂

And the lucky winner is:

Joey @ joeykayvern

I will be contacting you to claim your giveaway. 🙂

Congratulations. 🙂

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It’s 10 Years Already?

Times flies. Just a blink of an eye, we are married for 10 years. I wish that we can have so many more 10 years to be together. To see our children grow up and have their own children, to continue to support each other in our decisions, to help each other achieve our goals and when we are old, to nag at each other to have our meals, to remind each other to take our medictions :), to do morning walks hand in hand… so many more things that I want to complete my life with you.

The weekend before our anniversary, we decided to go out for our twosome dinner. So glad that MIL is willing to let the children had a sleepover. Jonathan and I spent the evening strolling along Marina Bay and had a wonderful dinner at Todai. LOL And we actually decided to dress ourselves in same colour. 🙂

We went for window shopping at Marina Square then took a slow stroll to Marina Bay Sands taking the Helix Bridge. It was my first time on the bridge. 🙂 Simply love the scenery.

Been to Marina Bay Sands a few times, but this was the first time I actually spotted their ice skating rink. It’s been ages since I last ice skated.

Though romantic, we did not get on the boat ride. Somehow, we felt really good just slowing down our pace and watch people and things passed by us in a slow manner.

Jonathan likes going to Todai for the range of food. Also if I can remember, we used to visit Todai when we were in the states too. However, one period of time, it just disappeared from Arizona and Jonathan is really happy when Singapore opened a chain.

Sashimi…. Jonathan’s favourite.

This is my must haves when I go Todai. 🙂 Simply heaven!!!

How can we miss out the oysters and crabs?

Check out how enjoyable Jonathan is. 🙂

Thanks for the wonderful dinner and night. I totally enjoyed it. As for the pressie, I love it.

May we have so many more 10 years to share our happiness, unhappiness, our joys and sorrows, our ups and downs.

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ChippyChipDovey’s 1st Ever Giveaway

ChippyChipDovey will be opening its etsy shop tomorrow. 🙂 I will be listing items randomly at different time of the day when I managed to break away from my two little children. 🙂

To start off, ChippyChipDovey is going to hold its first giveaway.

The lucky winner will walk away with the

Purely Love necklace (worth $15)

This necklace was designed to commemorate my hub’s and my 10th year wedding anniversary which is on 8th Aug 2011. 🙂 Hoping that our love will forever be pure, simple and always close to my heart. 🙂

The heart is made of swarosvki crystal in White Alabaster. Attached to rhodium chain and lobster clasp extension.

Want to win? You have 6 chances to enter the giveaway.

Here is how:

(leave a separate comment for each item that you have completed. Remember to leave your mode of contact (i.e email) to get in touch when you win)

1. Subcribe to ChippyChipDovey’s blog (Click on email subcription) 

2. Like CCD on Facebook

3. Follow CCD twitter

4. Spread the word via your blog, facebook and/or twitter and leave a link in the comments {up to 3 entries}

Winner will be announced on 14 August 2011. 🙂

Good luck!!!


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Who Says Headbands Are Only for Children?

I am so excited when one of my favourite bloggers, Ashley of LittleMissMomma, decided to set up the headbands challenge for people like me and others who do not wear headbands at all and for those who are headbands addicts. 🙂

I don’t know whether is it the culture or the fashion sense of Singaporeans. I don’t really see people walking around with their headbands on. The most common ones would be those simple hair bands where we use to push up our messy fringes. I always use that when I was in Secondary School to avoid being caught by the discipline master for my long fringe. LOL

Fanciful headbands are always thought to be for babies and little children. I would always comment about being how cute they are when them in one. Come to think of it, if the headbands are on me, wouldn’t it be too over? All righty! Now I am going to ignore what others would be commenting. I think is the self-consciousness that is preventing me from wearing it out. 😦 Who says adults can’t wear headbands? 

Ashley has given me another perspectives when she shared with her readers the different ways of wearing headbands. 🙂 Not owning any headbands and wants to take up the challenge, I resorted to making them with the excuse of National Day approaching. (Singapore National Day’s main colours are red and white) 🙂 I am sure my little girl Kaitlyn would be so excited to have those headbands adding to her accessories collection. 🙂

To start off… this is me! In my usual attire for sending and fetching my children. 🙂 and I am going to add these handmade headbands on my head. 🙂

First, Kaitlyn’s favourite. The three rosette flowers headbands which she feels that it looks like Mickey Mouse silhouette and she is going to wear it on the school’s National Day Celebration. 🙂

Next is my personal favourite. 🙂 So far comments from my SIL and friend that this is not as nice as the one above. 🙂

How about this one? The Polka Dot flower ruffles.

Using the same crafting method, I made another one with chiffon to gain that fluffy feel. 🙂

With some leftover lace… I crafted this beautiful jade green fabric flower. 🙂

Wanna see more ways in wearing headbands? Head over to LittleMissMomma’s headband link party. Many are sharing their own ways of wearing their headbands. 🙂

Hmmm… so anyone would like to comment which one looks best on me? 🙂


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