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Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary

Awww…. there are so many anniversaries to remember and today marks our 8th anniversary for wedding. It is the day in 2002 where we held our Chinese customary and dinner before we embarked for our 2-years US journey.

Thank you for all the care and concern you have given to me and the sacrifices to the family (being away from us). We all miss you. 🙂 Hahaha… oh ya, the 7th year is already over without any itch… LOL Hope our 8th year will be a blissful year. Love you, Pucchi Daddy. 🙂


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Suki-Ya at Marina Square

Finally, the email came and told Jonathan to report back to work. To me is both good and bad news. Good news is, he definitely will not be in the retrenchment namelist. But come to think of it, I was hoping that his name would to be on the list so that he can finally stay in Singapore full time to look for a job. *Contradicting* Bad news would be the children and I are gonna miss him for long 6 weeks. This time round, he joins a new crew and is posted on ship to Indonesia. Luckily, there is internet and we still get to chat with each via msn.

Before he left, we decided to have another night out. He has been craving for shabushabu and thus decided to go to Suki-ya at Marina Square.

Personally, I like the ambience; however, the seatings between tables are a bit too near. Hee hee, can’t talk  mushy mushy stuff for the next table can hear what the conversation is about. We are really mountain tortoise as we did not know what to do. Thanks to the waiter for explaining to us the procedures.

There are not much variety unless you are a very vegetables person. Glad that there is an ala carte menu to choose from. The standard selection of thinly sliced meat for the hot pot are chicken, pork and beef which the waiters will serve to you. The vegetables are self help which consists of cabbages, corn, mushrooms and etc. The mushrooms are really nice in Kimchi soup base.

Ooo and I love the sauces. Can’t remember what mixture did I use but definitely not the sauce for Shabushabu. At the vegetable counter, there were instructions on how to mix the sauces.

I love the Kimchi soupbase as compared to the shabushabu soupbase. Can’t help but keep slurping on the soup and the over-cooked cabbages.

Overall, the food is not bad, ambience is good and price is reasonable. However if given a choice I think I would like to try other shabu shabu. Any recommendations?



A shimmering netted top from EverydayShopper. Could not decide what colour to take since ES has it in purple, black, grey and cream. In the end, decided to keep the cream despite slight sheerness.

Love the shorts or I should say a pair of shorts that I can’t live without now from TheTinselRack. The length is just right and I love how the high waist actually hides my bulging tummy. 😮


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Kaiden’s 3rd Birthday

Kaiden is 3 years old. Compared to Kaitlyn, Kaiden is considered really fortunate as I have been staying home since he is born. Able to see his first smile, first flip, sending him to and back school and knowing how he behaves right from teacher’s mouth are some of the things that I did not get to see or do with Kaitlyn when she is younger. Ever since I stay home, I got to spend more time with both of them. Kaiden who starts school at 12.30 gets to go marketing with me, breakfast and sometimes enjoy a round of Thomas the Train shows in the morning before picking up Sister Kaitlyn. As for Kaitlyn, she studies in the morning gets the fair share of time with me in the afternoon when Kaiden goes for class.

Most of the time, Jonathan is out of town and thus we spend quite a big deal of time together. I must agree that Kaitlyn and Kaiden have a very ‘loving’ relationship despite constant quarrels.

On Kaiden’s 3rd birthday, Jonathan and I decided to just invite our families members for a simple dinner. We prepared Laksa and some finger food. A Thomas the Train cake was ordered from Aunty Yochana. Kaiden was really amazed with the cake as he chose the characters to be placed on the cake himself. 🙂

In the morning, all of us dropped by Bugis to blow up the Singing Thomas the Train balloon and bought some balloons to be given to the children.

The first attraction of the day, the singing Thomas the Train balloon.

Thanks to Jamie and Victor, they came over as early as 2pm to help take care of the children while we went to collect the cake. The cake was really pretty. A jaw opener for me. However, I think I still prefer the traditional cake. I think I will get Durian cake the next time round. 🙂

The second attraction of the day, Thomas the Train cake.

Kaiden was extremely happy on that day and extremely naughty. Was telling Jonathan, he has missed his terrible two and passed on to three.

Kaiden can’t wait to try out the trains.

Check out the finger food and the homemade lasksa from Prima Taste. Laksa was good but my mother complained the amount being too much. Jonathan actually weighed the amount of bee hoon in each bowl. Must fair fair. LOL.

Picture taking before the singing and cutting.

Kaiden is definitely more independent compared to Kaitlyn. He came in to the kitchen, tugged on my shorts while Jonathan and I were cutting and distributing the cake, he said he wanted a piece. I took a bowl and he said he wanted to put it on a tissue paper. He took his cake, went to the dinning table with a spoon and enjoyed his cake in one corner.

Kaiden chose the train characters himself and Salty is one of his favourites.

   Jonathan said it was quite some time since we last took a picture with mum, so here we are a picture of the three of us. 🙂

The singing and cake cutting was over. Next was every children’s favourite time. Opening up the presents. I think Kaiden has the most rewards of Thomas the Train this year. Everyone in the family at least got him a set of the train.

So many that everyone got to help out in the opening. Gu Zhong and Justin Kor Kor seems to travel back to their childhood too. 🙂

Who says only birthday boy gets a present. A big thank you to 小舅母, 叔叔, 婶婶 and my family for remembering to buy one for Kaitlyn in case she got upset over the massive presents that Kaiden received.


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ES Creations – My Chic Collection #5

ES Creations is updating with a new collection of button rings and earrings. Big and chunky is the theme for this collection as 9 of these rings will be launched in this collection. Besides the rings, there will be colourful faceted earrings studs.

Some of my favourites. 🙂

White vintage ring – Easy to match with clothings. Classy piece. 🙂 Definitely would match with my OL black and white attire.

Pink Vintage ring – Funky and attention seeking with the retro colour, pink. Give me my jeans and trendy top.

Faceted earrings – in 7 yummy colours. I can use them everyday for seven days. 🙂

Handcrafted Heart ring – Who can resist a big heart? I would match this ring with a cotton shirt and shorts to bring out the vintage look.

Best of all, all these items are priced affordably. Check them out at ES Creations ( at 10.30am.

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Sashimi, Sushi, Japanese Food

Had a chance to go to sushi buffet at Ikoi again. In the afternoon, Jonathan and I were to go for a massage session then to meet Jonathan’s family for dinner. Jamie and Victor were really nice to help take care of the kids and picked them up in late morning.

All dressed up and ready for our massage session. Outfit of the Day – TVD (Versatile chiffon top) and TTR (High Waisted Shorts)

The versatile top is nice for buffet. However, I think I look fat in it and do not do justice to the top. A few days ago, one of Kaiden’s classmates’ mum even asked me if I am pregnant. What a nice way to say that I put on weight. 😦 The top was a bit low so towards the end of the day, I changed the straps to halter neck.

When we reached Subtle Senses, the spa was closed. Not to our surprised cos Jonathan and I had already expected something like this would happen after they closed their Taka branch. Just that we did not expect the closure to be so fast. Did not know what to do, some nice victims called for the police. We left our particulars and went back to Jamie’s house for discussions. Well, Jamie and Victor are also customers of Subtle Senses. Together, we filed a police case and hopefully can get our money back which we very much doubt so.

Nevertheless, we still went on with our Ikoi Sushi Buffet Dinner. Reached Ikoi at about 6.30pm. That place was really packed with people.

Kaitlyn and her ‘shen shen’

The loser signs as explained by the couple, “Lost money, let’s drown our sorrows with wine.”

I think the happiest are the kids.

Kaitlyn got to  drink a can of coke by herself.

Kaiden was grouchy after awoken from his sleep but in the end, enjoyed his Tempura Ebi that he had forgotten about the grouchiness. I think the Tempura Ebi is really good. So tasty that he did not even want to share with me. 🙂

Finally a chance for Jonathan and I to take a picture. See what the kids did. Playing peek-a-boo with ‘shu shu’ who was the photographer….

Finally, a decent picture taken after Gerald zoomed in the lens and with Jamie and Vic’s help to distract the kids.

LOL…. they are having coke, pretending to be adults.

A group photo taken by Kaitlyn with Jonathan’s help.

Before going home, we went to Ben’s and Jerry’s for our dessert. Nice and ‘filledful’ dinner.

A big thank you to Jamie and Victor for footing the bills. 🙂

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