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EverydayShopper will be having a GSS. After the arrival of my niece, Karyn, things seem to come to a standstill. Everyone in the family is so excited that we did not want to do any proper stuff. LOL. Our minds are just, “when’s going to be my turn to carry her? Who is first and who is next? Don’t cut queue?” That is really the joy of having a new addition to the family. I have had the honor of bringing her out for sunbathing yesterday afternoon due to her slight jaundice. She is so lovely. The walking from home to park made her all drowzy and sleepy. Looking at her makes me feel like having another baby at home. Quick! Give me a big knock on my head!! I got to be practical. LOL My two are already driving me crazy at home.

Okay, back to ES. Finally, we are updating. Instead of new collections, we will be having the greatest sales.

Yes, you are not wrong. Prices start from as low as $5 for our old collections. Remember to check back on everydayshopper later in the evening for chic buys. 🙂 Time to be confirm again once I get a thumbs up from our webdesigner, Victor. 🙂

Sales will start on 16th June at 4pm.





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Let’s Get Geeky } ES Creations

Time to get geeky. Kaiden is going to show us how geeky he could be with just a pair of specs. I find these pictures really hilarious and can’t wait to share with you all. It was also then that I realised that my Kaiden could actually pose so well. LOL

My two cheeky children. They are really my pride and joy.

NOW for the geeky to start…..

MORE geeky stuff to come


Geeky continues when Kaiden decides to pose with the moustache necklace that will be updated in the new collection. LOL

Oh yes, Kaiden, I like your geeky look with the moustache. Even mummy and Kaitlyn could not resist having it. 🙂

Don’t like to wear it on your neck. Don’t worry. How about having it on your fingers? I swear that the moustache ring is just as cute. 🙂

What else will be appearing on ES Creations? Studs, studs and more studs.

Check back chippychipdovey aka CCD or ES Creations for updated news on the launch. 🙂

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A New Launch on the way…….


EverydayShopper is finally updating with a new collection.

It will be on Sat 23rd April at 10am.

A lot of yummy apparels and I actually kept a few myself.

I am totally in love with the lacey top. Love the lace and crochet. So victorian and demure-looking.

It’s so easy to match. Wore this out to meet my besties for dinner in a pair of shorts. For work, match it with pants or the ruched high waisted skirt which will be featuring in the new collection.

The crop top and high waisted skirt were love at first sight.

Wore this same combination as above on my birthday celebration. 🙂

The skirt, in suede material, is very so versatile that it matches almost any tops in my wardrobe. 🙂 As for the crop top, it’s in chiffon and love the botton up at the back. 🙂

What else can we expect from the launch?

Besides those mentioned above. The bow top and colour block top are my next two favourites.

Can’t wait for the collection to be out.

See ya tomorrow at 10am. 🙂

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Update on ES Creations: Toys Outpost@Vivio City

Dropped by Vivio City for a purpose. After serious thinking and discussion with Jonathan, I decide to move on. From heartland mall to shopping mall, anticipating for a few months before accessories from ES Creations launched its presence in Toys Outpost Vivio City.

Toys Outpost will be placed with exclusive items. Some or most of the items will not be launch in the livejournal. 🙂

Now we are talking about high traffic viewers, I got to present my accessories with prominent ES Creations branding. Sets of tags and earrings cards were recreated and designed. 🙂

What are some of the things that are appearing in the box.

Bracelets… Bracelets… and bracelets. Somehow, I am so hooked onto making bracelets lately. 🙂

How can we go without rings? Instead of just wire rings, I am including stone rings. Stone rings are not adjustable and mostly at ring size 7 or 8.

Lastly, at the moment, the box will only contain button studs while I sort out ways to display other types of earrings. 🙂

A last look at my box. Practically the space is filled up. What’s left would be the sides and back of the box. That would be excellent for displaying necklaces. 🙂

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Happy Birthday!!!!

April is one of my favourite months of the year. My cousins’ birthdays, my birthday, Daddy and MIL’s birthdays (so coincidence that both are born on the same day), the day when Jonathan and I declared our 1st day offically together, Xueli’s birthday. Basically, people around me are sending and receiving blessings.

On 2nd April, my family gathered everyone, which was pretty rare chance for we are all busy with our own stuff, for a dinner. Mainly to celebrate my little brother’s birthday which is at end of mar, my daddy and my birthday which is just one day after another. 🙂

LOL. I always told Jonathan that Daddy must have received me as the best birthday present from mommy cos I appeared just the day before his birthday. Hope I have not given him a lot of problems during my growing up period. 🙂

Okay, seems like the only place we visit and visit is nowhere but Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant in Carlton Hotel. Mum likes the roast duck there and since this dinner is treated by her, we sort of like obliged to her request. 🙂

Seems like it has become a habit for Jonathan to take a family picture whenever we are glamourously dressed. 🙂 So we did while waiting for my parents who is living just upstairs in the same block to get ready.

Finally our sumptous dinner at Wah Lok. These dishes are highly recommended by Jamie. Thanks Sis! My family totally enjoyed them.

While waiting…. for food to serve, for cake to be cut… so that we can eat. 🙂

Anne and Justin… They got attacked for questions with regards to marriage. LOL. They are only 21 years old.

My young me. Everyone who sees me and Kaitlyn will say she is the younger version of me. 🙂

The cake that Justine bought and such a coincidence that I ate the same cake the very next day at the celebration with Jonathan’s family. 🙂 This shows how good the cake is.

More proof to show that the cake is good. Just take a look at the way Kaiden eats. Whatever food that goes through him, it looks good.

Birthday boy, girl and man???

Our family photo. Always taken only once a year.

Photos for remembrance before we leave the place. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

EverydayShopper Slouchy Chiffon Crop Top and Ruched High Waisted Skirt. Both from the upcoming collection.

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One of the Best Things in Life – Friends

Had the most wonderful dinner with my Secondary school mates. The last time we met was at Cheryl’s wedding. Cheryl is back from London for a week. Since the last meet up didn’t happen, Jaccy was quick to gather us before Cheryl leaves again.

The only sad thing is that John, Stephen, Mynn couldn’t turn up. 😦 Can’t wait to see them again.

Jaccy recommended a Korean restaurant, Kho Kho Nara, for its famous fried chicken. Located at the dark and quiet alley of Tras Street :). Overall, I like the food and ambience. Good for long hours of chitchatting as we were seated in cubicles.

The fried chicken is nice. Jaccy ordered the small fried chicken in original, garlic and sweet. *Yummy*

This is good too. Is some noodles with squids and we got to mix it before eating.

Another dish that is pretty spicy. Added the Korean instant noodles with rice cakes. I ate mouths after mouths. Especially superb when the noodles are totally soaked with the Kimchi soup.

The whole night was pretty much on chitchatting. From schools days to current and the ways to educate our children. Was really funny at our different educating styles.

From left to right: Cheryl, myself, Jaccy, Debbie


Outfit of the Day

EverydayShopper Lacy Top – will be launching in the new collection

TheVelvetDolls Chic Porter High Waisted Shorts

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C30: EverydayShopper New Launch

Oh yea. EverydayShopper is launching a new collection. 🙂 Finally after all of us are back from turn taking trips.

Another chance to try out digital scrapbooking. Love the ES banner for this launch. The feeling of Christmas is lingering and not to mention, Gwen’s sunshine smile. 🙂

Hop on to take a look. Only sneak previews in my blog. LOL

Chanel Inspired Necklace. I kept one for myself too and totally love it. *Grinning*

This time round, we brought in many different cardigans as well. On top of that we are giving complimentary handmade brooches.

Dresses, dresses, dresses. Don’t you just love versatile dresses. We love the Kimono dress on Gwen. Doesn’t she look cool in it? We love the versatile drapery dress as well. There is a secret behind it… Check it out at the launch. 🙂

See you all at http://www.everydayshopper.sg on Thurs, 2nd Dec at 8pm. 🙂

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