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Working Monday: Overdue?

I am still around. 🙂 Though I have not been updating my blog, my etsy store is listed with new items every week. 🙂

The moment November springs on us, December will be here very soon. I love December, the joy of giving. Christmas is approaching and while thinking of creating unique gifts for my friends and relatives, I would like to share my joy with you.

More and more creations wondered in my mind as I surf the WWW and etsy for inspirations and ideas, my very first handstamped necklace. It is a simple charm necklace customized with your own initial letter and colour of the briolette. 🙂

I will be listing more of the handstamped necklace this and next week. Check back often.

November and December are also months of Company gathering (our so call Dinner and Dance) and weddings. This time round, I created more elegant and subtle earrings for wonderful dinners and night outs.




All earrings are handcrafted with 925 sterling silver findings. Not easily tarnish and great as gifts. I will be adding some of these items to ES Creations for local buyers. 🙂



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Working Monday

Maybe I shall declare Monday as working monday. 🙂 Ever since Kaiden joined Kaitlyn in her school. I have gotten more free time in the morning to do nitty gritty stuff on my accessories. Stuff including taking pictures of the items, photo editing and with bonus, able to list some of the items for sale.

Took the chance to visit NTUC just now and saw some cute cookware for sale and I could not resist putting them into my basket. New background for my photoshoot. 🙂 A high tea cup for my long earrings and a heart shape dish for laying the accessories. Who can resist a heart shape dish? 🙂

Since I declared today as Working Monday, I definitely have some new stuff coming up. 🙂

Firstly would be the colourful chrysanthemum rings. Breaking away from the usual antique copper, silver or gold ring base, I chose the coloured enamel ring bases to match these lovelies. Ring bases are imported from USA, thus less commonly seen on the market. A swarosvki crystal flatback stud is added to the center of the chrissy for a more classy look. 🙂

And my pick, definitely the vibrant yellow chrissy with the sea green ring base. 🙂 LOVE IT!!!

Secondly, are the little flowers clips, Cheryl. They are sold in set of 3.

Kaitlyn loves the yellow. 🙂

With the same type of flowers, I created headbands which are suitable for newborns and babies. 🙂 Somehow, Kaitlyn prefers the headband version. 🙂

They are available in four colours.

I will be listing these items whenever I have time in between at  ChippyChipDovey {shop}. Definitely will make sure all items are up by the end of today. Happy Shopping!!!!

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Over the Weekend…

I joined a bazaar with Flashlightbatteriess and was pretty disappointed this time round. The bazaar was held at Soul, a pub at Odeon Towers. It was super cramp and pretty dark due to the lack of lightings.

I arrived at the venue about half an hour earlier and the queue was already a bend and around the building. I was pretty lucky to be able to get a spot in the bazaar. There were some who were really late, could not even get into the area. In the end, the organisers had to do a refund informing them that they ran out of tables. Some who did not want to leave actually set up their tables along the road. Though glad that I have gotten a table, my space was not exactly pleasant, I wasjust outside the female toilet and the walking space was hardly squeezeable for two people. 😦 Comparing to others, I was considered pretty fortunate. I tried walking around the bazaar and could see two rows of tables hiding in both corners of the pub without lighting. There was a room filled with sellers and tables as well which I would not even dare to step in. Shoppers who stepped there, claimed that the room to be a battlefield before they walked away.

I am totally disappointed with flashlightbatteriess this time round. I think they should at least survey the place before they commit.

On the bright side, for the bazaar, I actually stepped myself away from the computer and worked very hard through the weeks to create more jewelry and accessories for the event. Now that the bazaar is over, I shall be launching them on ChippyChipDovey {shop} as well as ES Creations. On top of those, I will be placing some of the items in the Toys Outpost box in Vivio.


A set of victorian rose ear studs for your selection. They come in 10 different colours. The rose cabochon are specially imported from USA. Each flower is made using the fall and spring 2011 pantone colours. I am so in love with these sets of ear studs. Firstly, the colours are vibrant and gave out a natural sheen. Secondly, they are not painted thus even if I accidentally drop it, a little chip will not make a difference.

Can’t help but kept some of the colours for myself. 🙂

I also created 2 sets of earrings with the rhodium and gold plated four petals flowers earstud imported from Japan. I attached a pure white czech teardrop glass bead to the stud. With the beautifully crafted ear stud, a simple white glass is good enough to show its elegance and beauty.

Silver Blossom

Gold Blossom


This pair of earrings was crafted with nine swarosvki pearls stringed and wired into a loop before attached a rhinestone charm. Though a simple pair of earrings, the shine from the pearl crystals and bling from the rhinestone are definitely souls attracting. 🙂

The bazaar is already over but I am not stopping my crafting and beading hobby. Stay tune for more items which are coming soon in both ES Creations and ChippyChipDovey {shop}. 🙂

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A Pat on my Shoulder

A new week has started. Whenever the start of a new week, I would asked myself what I have done the previous week and all the time, I ended up always feeling lousy for not achieving much. 😦 I then came to realise that it’s either the achievements are so minor that I could not see it or to me, it’s not an achievement at all.

The previous week was pretty eventful. 🙂

On Monday, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary at home with the children. Prepared western food dinner and steak dinner. Sumptuous. 🙂 Thanks to Karen for reminding me. I also had a wonderful time with her children. My children and I went to her house and all the five of them mingled and played in her house. 🙂

On Tuesday, I had a meet up with Jonathan’s family for lunch.

On Wednesday, I went to MIL’s house in the afternoon to fry prawn crackers and it literally took up the whole afternoon.

On Thursday, it’s back to my usual schedule of chauffeuring my children up and down. It was a hectic Thursday. 😦

On Friday, a time I could heave a sigh of relief. Hubby prepared a wonderful Zi Cha dinner 🙂

On Saturday, I attended Kaitlyn’s friend, Jasmin’s birthday party. It was pretty fun to group of children playing together. 🙂 And at night, I met up with my own family members for a Teochew Porridge at Orchard Hotel.

On Sunday, I had to be at my MIL’s place for praying (Hungry Ghost Festival) and dinner.

It was quite a well planned week. 🙂

In between times, I managed to do some beading as well. 🙂 Among my beading boxes, I found these turquoise nuggets gemstones.

I decided to create something out of it instead of letting them sit in my boxes. 🙂 The simplest usage for these beads are to make them into necklace just like my coin pearl beads.

I tried single nugget stone. It was simple and classy. Then I tried with three nuggets.

Since this looks heavier and wider, I made this into a choker which was slighter shorter than the single turquoise stone necklace.

I also made use of the night to complete my Iris studs which have been lying around. I am in love with the colours. 🙂

While waiting for Kaitlyn to be off from school, I made use of my time in the car to make more knotted friendship bracelets. {smile}

Well, after I started recalling what I have done and jotting them down, I realised that I have achieved much more than I expected and that boasted my moral a little. I am going to plan what I will be doing this week so as that I could count every tasks that I have done as an achievement.

Don’t you think I deserve a pat on my shoulders? 🙂

What have you achieve last week? Care to share?

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Who Says Headbands Are Only for Children?

I am so excited when one of my favourite bloggers, Ashley of LittleMissMomma, decided to set up the headbands challenge for people like me and others who do not wear headbands at all and for those who are headbands addicts. 🙂

I don’t know whether is it the culture or the fashion sense of Singaporeans. I don’t really see people walking around with their headbands on. The most common ones would be those simple hair bands where we use to push up our messy fringes. I always use that when I was in Secondary School to avoid being caught by the discipline master for my long fringe. LOL

Fanciful headbands are always thought to be for babies and little children. I would always comment about being how cute they are when them in one. Come to think of it, if the headbands are on me, wouldn’t it be too over? All righty! Now I am going to ignore what others would be commenting. I think is the self-consciousness that is preventing me from wearing it out. 😦 Who says adults can’t wear headbands? 

Ashley has given me another perspectives when she shared with her readers the different ways of wearing headbands. 🙂 Not owning any headbands and wants to take up the challenge, I resorted to making them with the excuse of National Day approaching. (Singapore National Day’s main colours are red and white) 🙂 I am sure my little girl Kaitlyn would be so excited to have those headbands adding to her accessories collection. 🙂

To start off… this is me! In my usual attire for sending and fetching my children. 🙂 and I am going to add these handmade headbands on my head. 🙂

First, Kaitlyn’s favourite. The three rosette flowers headbands which she feels that it looks like Mickey Mouse silhouette and she is going to wear it on the school’s National Day Celebration. 🙂

Next is my personal favourite. 🙂 So far comments from my SIL and friend that this is not as nice as the one above. 🙂

How about this one? The Polka Dot flower ruffles.

Using the same crafting method, I made another one with chiffon to gain that fluffy feel. 🙂

With some leftover lace… I crafted this beautiful jade green fabric flower. 🙂

Wanna see more ways in wearing headbands? Head over to LittleMissMomma’s headband link party. Many are sharing their own ways of wearing their headbands. 🙂

Hmmm… so anyone would like to comment which one looks best on me? 🙂


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Vintage Look with a Vibe

I have created a few jewelleries with the strand of coin pearls that I have bought from Hong Kong during my trip. 🙂 I always have had a liking for pearls and was really excited when I found them in the shape of coins. These are fresh water pearls and is about 12mm in size. I love the lusters and shine and could not wait to work on these pearls. 🙂 Since the pearls are the center of attention, I am just going to make them simple and will be not using too many other charms or materials to outshine them.

To me, coin pearls are best to made to necklace. With only a pearl, it could already bring out the charm itself. Simple and classy.

How about adding some charms to the coin pearl. I think it would look pretty nice as well. Oh my, the coin pearls are so versatile. 🙂 I have added a matt bird charm (imported from korea) and an amethyst briolette to this necklace.

This time round, I also ventured out to use more expensive findings such as 925 silver. I have always like thread earrings. Simple and classy with the coin freshwater pearl. 🙂 All metal parts for this pair of earrings are made with 925 silver.

Something new that I have tried below 🙂  and is very satisfied with the results. Basically, I used a wire, twirled it round a pearl bead and finished off with it as a stud. Rubber backing is used in this stud. It seems easy but the twirling of the hard wire added much strain to my fingers. LOL

I will be showcasing these handmade jewelleries in ‘Where I Party’.


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ES Creations | Hooks&Hoops

Have you shopped at EverydayShopper? A gentle reminder that a sales is going on and up to 70% of the items are priced at $5 only. It’s really a good deal. Apparels are going fast and while stock lasts. We are trying to make way for new items. 🙂

What’s going to be updated in ES Creations?

With all the craze of Pirates of the Carribean, I couldn’t get hooks out of my mind. What’s more, the summer craze is creating its trends with maxi dresses, bikinis and beautiful sundresses. The thought of accessorizing myself would be something simple and colour matching to my clothings. Incorporating both hooks and summer craze, a new collection revealed. In this collection, sunny and vibrant colours of acrylic beads, pastels gemstones, czech glasses that reflect lights and coloured fresh water pearls are hooped into an emphasizing hook earrings. Totally heart the dangling earrings bouncing on my ears when I enjoy my summer activities.

This time round, I also tried out wire wrapping a ring using a ring mandrel. Technique is a bit different from weaving but I love the outcome of a dainty ring. Will explore using bigger gemstones. 🙂

Check back while I am still deciding on the launch date and time. 🙂

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