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ES Creations – New launch (Earrings Galore)

ES Creations will be launching another collection on Thursday, 28th Oct at 10.30am.

This time round, I have gotten most of my inspirations from a Korean Serial, Accidental Couple, which I watched on SCV recently. I love how the lead female cast, Han Ji Soo, dresses herself and especially caught my eyes are the accessories she wore. Throughout the whole show, I never once saw her accessories repeated and every piece is so amiably matched.

Han Ji Soo carries herself with many classy pieces. One of the pieces that attracted my attention is the extrememly long pearl coin dangling earrings. It inspired me to make one with acrylic bead since I could not find the coin pearl. 🙂 Will try sourcing from oversea. 🙂

Next is another classic piece that I think everyone should have at least one in your accessories box. A basic pearl earring that Han Ji Soo wore in one of the scenes.

My inspired piece, I matched a simple pearl nugget with a Made in Japan crystal ear hooks.

Red, a popular colour Han Ji Soo used in the serial. Red bangles and red beads necklace… As you can see layering is very popular even till now even though the show was screened in 2009. 🙂


With that, my own creation of red but yet subtle kind of earrings. For those who like red but do not want to be too loud… this is something for you. 🙂

I love how the simple and classy accessories look on her. Going towards that direction, I created more simple dangling earrings and pastels tone rings.

Gonna prepare for the launch post. See ya at 10.30am tomorrow. 🙂

Picture credits – all Accidental Couple pictures credited to KBS website.


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ES Creations – New Creation and More Customisations

Recently, I have gotten another order from customer to customise earrings and necklace for her 6 year old. She chose the Audrey Hepburn charm with the purple colour theme. As the charm for Audrey is black and white, I decided to use the colours combination of black, white and purple.

Another pair of earrings was done with a Japanese doll charm. I created the oriental feel using red resin flowers in this creation. The red flowers are not so bright in real life. Love the crystal connector – so easy to lengthen the earrings gracefully.

The last customisation is a Jasmine charm necklace for a six year old. I initially did one with the purple resin flower but somehow looks a little matured for a six year old. I then created another one using pearls, seed beads and the new pastel pink and mint glass flowers that I have bought. Somehow the whole look changed to dainty and sweet.

This evening, I just created a new necklace hoping to launch in my next collection. I have just learnt how to make organza flowers. This is my first organza flower created. 🙂 Not very pro yet but it’s the shabbiness that supposedly to make the flower looks nice. Did not know what to do with it, I decided to make a into a necklace using the white beads since chunky necklace is in trend.

A new collection will be coming the way. Next collection will include simple and classic accessories such as the necklace above and some single gemstone dangling earrings.

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Hong Kong Trip Day 4

Day 4 was pretty short. We were to leave Hong Kong for airport at about 1pm.

As it was a Sunday, we got up at about 8 plus as there should not be any shops opening so early. We went to the small eatery just outside the hotel. This shop sells really nice Chee Cheong Fan. The shop is really small with just 2 sets of kiddy furniture. Many ordered take away instead. Some just stood outside the shop enjoying their Chee Cheong Fan.

I like the Chee Cheong Fan for their thick sweet sauce and lots and lots of sesame. 🙂

After breakfast, we walked to Tsim Sha Tsui. It was actually a stop away from Jordan but usually we would take the train. That day we decided to take a leisure stroll there to collect the goose that we had ordered the day before. Before collecting the goose, we had some time and decided to shop at Harbour City again. Most of the shops are not opened yet. Basically, we were just window shopping.

At one of the entrance to Harbour City, I saw these cute little bottle shape sculptures. Intially thought was barrier just like on our roads. On second look, there were a few people surrounding the cute bottle shape sculpture. Only then that I know that those were for smokers to throw their ash and cigarettes. Who says a cigarette dustbin got to be in the shape or look of a dustbin. 🙂

We went to the directory to see what other shops we could venture and was really excited to Gong Cha. Been wanting to get Gong Cha for the whole trip. Gong Cha is something like KOI in Singapore. We walked from one end of Harbour City to the other end only to find out that it opened at 11am. In the end, we just took some pictures of the harbour.

Eager to collect our goose, we walked back to Taiwan Beef Noodles. Along the way, we spotted a very unique shop with unusual stuff. Secretly took a few pictures of it. 🙂

Not sure if Singapore has them but they are definitely not cheap. 🙂

With that, we ended our 4 days 3 nights tour in Hong Kong. It was fun once in awhile without the kids. However, we do miss them and promised to bring them for our next Hong Kong trip. The next time, it will be their trip. 🙂

Oh just a word of caution. For those who wants to tabao back goose, we were in the airport only to find out that we can’t bring poultry into Singapore. To our horror that a big bottle of gravy was packed together with our handcarry goose. In the end, we discarded the gravy and put the goose in Jonathan’s bag. I think the restaurant that we bought from did not do a good job on the packing. 😦 The best is still to pack them in your check in baggages. Nevertheless, my in laws and family enjoyed the goose. *I hope* 🙂

Upon reaching Singapore Changi Airport at the immigration , I spotted the Youth Olympic mascots. Took a picture with them only to see that they looked so sad in the pictures. Well, probably was because YOG was already over and they were left there.

The moment we reached home, went to pick up the kids. So happy to see them but also the start of our nightmares. LOL

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Hong Kong Trip Day 3

We started to slow down our pace for Day 3. Due to the enriching program on Day 2. We decided to sleep in a little later. Woke up at about 9 plus. Sometimes, it’s really nice to just laze in with the curtains drawn tight. We prepared ourselves and by the time we decided to leave the hotel room was about 10 plus. A good timing for Dim Sum.

We dropped by the restaurant just outside our hotel, Majestic Seafood Restaurant. We had missed out a good deal cos if we settle the bill before 11am, the dim sum that we have would be half price. Just too bad… we went there real late. 😦

We ordered so much more stuff that are shown in the pictures. Just too busy eating that we only took pictures of those that came earlier. After dimsum, we proceeded to MTR and to Central. Day 3 was basically a free and easy day. We just roamed Central without a map. The H&M at Central was my first stop since it was just across the road that we exited from the MTR. The sudden downpour caused us to be stranded in H&M for about 2 hours and I literally shopped to my heart for 2 hours.

We then walked along the main road and came to a small road with many staircases. Not sure where we were heading as we didn’t have a map. We decided to venture the long and endless staircase. The staircase turned into a long slope. The walk of it reminded me of the roads in San Francisco, tedious and difficult to climb slopes.

On both sides of the slopes, there were little shops that sell apparels and they were pretty cluttered. We then saw these buildings when we reached the end of the road.

These olden kind of British buildings caught Jonathan’s eyes and he could not help but kept snapping them. I didn’t bother to find out about the history of the buildings but I am sure there must be some interesting stories behind it. 🙂

We then turned into another road. The feeling was totally different. The place had transformed into another new dimension, a wet market selling fruits, vegetables, poultry and seafood.

We kept on walking and then spotted a cafe tucked along those little shops. We then decided to take a rest. We were then at Li Yuen West Street No 12. This cafe reminds me of Old Town White Coffee. I am totally in love with their peanut butter bread with a spread of condensed milk on top. The bread and the milk tea only cost us HKG $11. Jonathan had luncheon meat sandwich with his usual Yuen Yang. The peanut butter bread is a definitely MUST try. I can’t forget the good taste that I make them at home for snacks now.

Continuing our journey after the tea break. We decided to just travel back to Tsim Sha Tsui for another round of shopping. 🙂

On the way out of that cluttered road, Jonathan did not forget to put down his camera.

We shopped at Harbour City. Zara sales attracted our attention and were there for another hour or so. Soon, our stomachs were rumbling and decided to search for good dinner. The moment we stepped out of the building, the beautiful lightings of the shops attracted Jonathan. He immediately set up his stand and took pictures of them. Chanel, Prada, Gucci, LV… all *Love*.

Jonathan had not had his goose so we decided to walk into this restaurant when we saw the mouth watering goose hanging at the windows. 🙂 Taiwan Beef noodles is along Canton Road. Just a few shops away from Tang Chao which we had in Day 1. We even ordered a goose to be packed the next day for us to bring back to Singapore.

After dinner, we walked to the harbour for The Symphony of Light. We were late when we got there. Nevertheless, Jonathan had a great time taking pictures of the night scenery. 🙂

Picture perfect on the way to the harbour.

The night scene shots that Jonathan took. So postcard feel. 🙂

We ended the day at Temple Street. Managed to get some hairclips and children’s stuff along Temple Street. I realised that Temple Street are selling many inspired bags… or rather replicas. Wonder if they are even allowed. 🙂 The usual way to end our night was with a round of supper.

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ES Creations – My Chic Collection #3

ES Creations will be updating a new collection on Thurs, 7th Oct at 10.30am at

This collection contains mainly of a new set of flowers that I have bought recently. Love the little dainty frosted glass flowers in pink and mint and actually used a lot of them into this new collection. The dainty frosted glass flowers will appear in my necklace, earrings, rings and hair pin. 🙂

A simple pair of earrings set in seed beads to the filigree with wires. The dangling matching teardrop plastic bead adds a touch of daintiness to the earrings.

In this collection, I also tried to sew a lace corsage to make into a hairpin. Sewing has always been something I like since young and was really happy to be able to put into good use. 🙂 Again the use of the pink and mint frosted glass flowers were used in this creation.

This time round, I have added in 3 necklaces as part of my collection. Above are 2 pieces which I like very much. The necklace on the left is just a simple chain and charm necklace. It is combined using a white round plastic bead with a horse charm and arcylic plastic heart attached to the tail. The one of the right is created with the beads affixed to a filigree with the acrylic plastic dangle. 

Lastly, I would like to share one of my great finds from Hong Kong. Love the flowers of the earrings below to bits. Making it into a stud is a bit wasteful; therefore, I created simple hook earrings with the flowers.

The colours of the flowers are lovely, isnt’ it? 🙂

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