ES Creations – New Creation and More Customisations

Recently, I have gotten another order from customer to customise earrings and necklace for her 6 year old. She chose the Audrey Hepburn charm with the purple colour theme. As the charm for Audrey is black and white, I decided to use the colours combination of black, white and purple.

Another pair of earrings was done with a Japanese doll charm. I created the oriental feel using red resin flowers in this creation. The red flowers are not so bright in real life. Love the crystal connector – so easy to lengthen the earrings gracefully.

The last customisation is a Jasmine charm necklace for a six year old. I initially did one with the purple resin flower but somehow looks a little matured for a six year old. I then created another one using pearls, seed beads and the new pastel pink and mint glass flowers that I have bought. Somehow the whole look changed to dainty and sweet.

This evening, I just created a new necklace hoping to launch in my next collection. I have just learnt how to make organza flowers. This is my first organza flower created. 🙂 Not very pro yet but it’s the shabbiness that supposedly to make the flower looks nice. Did not know what to do with it, I decided to make a into a necklace using the white beads since chunky necklace is in trend.

A new collection will be coming the way. Next collection will include simple and classic accessories such as the necklace above and some single gemstone dangling earrings.


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