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Crafting and Beading Thirst!!!

I want to satisfy my thirst. I want more creative juices.

Wonder when my ideas will be running out?

I want to organise my ideas. Too many thoughts and ideas make me want to try everyone of it.

I want more pairs of hands to explore different types of crafting and beading techniques.

I want more time so that I can put my ideas into reality.

Source: http://designeditor.typepad.com

 What did I create this time round? This time round, a few of my friends expressed interests in stuff for the little ones. I was so happy to extend my love to younger generation. 🙂

Candy told me that Victoria likes the pink flower very much from my previous blog on Flower Galore. I was really happy and can’t wait to share my product with her.

It was Karyn’s baby showers over the weekend. To match the hot pink dress we bought for her as a gift, I created the headband as shown above. Just too bad that the headband was a little too loose on her. Got to re-adjust the circumference to fit her head. 🙂

Jamie’s friend, Gina, wanted something for her two little nieces. Something different from my past creation, I added vibrant and colours to these two pairs of earrings. Hoping that they will be more suited to children of ages 7-15. 🙂


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Let’s Get Geeky } ES Creations

Time to get geeky. Kaiden is going to show us how geeky he could be with just a pair of specs. I find these pictures really hilarious and can’t wait to share with you all. It was also then that I realised that my Kaiden could actually pose so well. LOL

My two cheeky children. They are really my pride and joy.

NOW for the geeky to start…..

MORE geeky stuff to come


Geeky continues when Kaiden decides to pose with the moustache necklace that will be updated in the new collection. LOL

Oh yes, Kaiden, I like your geeky look with the moustache. Even mummy and Kaitlyn could not resist having it. 🙂

Don’t like to wear it on your neck. Don’t worry. How about having it on your fingers? I swear that the moustache ring is just as cute. 🙂

What else will be appearing on ES Creations? Studs, studs and more studs.

Check back chippychipdovey aka CCD or ES Creations for updated news on the launch. 🙂

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Update on ES Creations: Toys Outpost@Vivio City

Dropped by Vivio City for a purpose. After serious thinking and discussion with Jonathan, I decide to move on. From heartland mall to shopping mall, anticipating for a few months before accessories from ES Creations launched its presence in Toys Outpost Vivio City.

Toys Outpost will be placed with exclusive items. Some or most of the items will not be launch in the livejournal. 🙂

Now we are talking about high traffic viewers, I got to present my accessories with prominent ES Creations branding. Sets of tags and earrings cards were recreated and designed. 🙂

What are some of the things that are appearing in the box.

Bracelets… Bracelets… and bracelets. Somehow, I am so hooked onto making bracelets lately. 🙂

How can we go without rings? Instead of just wire rings, I am including stone rings. Stone rings are not adjustable and mostly at ring size 7 or 8.

Lastly, at the moment, the box will only contain button studs while I sort out ways to display other types of earrings. 🙂

A last look at my box. Practically the space is filled up. What’s left would be the sides and back of the box. That would be excellent for displaying necklaces. 🙂

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ES Creations – My Chic Collection #5

ES Creations is updating with a new collection of button rings and earrings. Big and chunky is the theme for this collection as 9 of these rings will be launched in this collection. Besides the rings, there will be colourful faceted earrings studs.

Some of my favourites. 🙂

White vintage ring – Easy to match with clothings. Classy piece. 🙂 Definitely would match with my OL black and white attire.

Pink Vintage ring – Funky and attention seeking with the retro colour, pink. Give me my jeans and trendy top.

Faceted earrings – in 7 yummy colours. I can use them everyday for seven days. 🙂

Handcrafted Heart ring – Who can resist a big heart? I would match this ring with a cotton shirt and shorts to bring out the vintage look.

Best of all, all these items are priced affordably. Check them out at ES Creations (http://everydayshopper.livejournal.com) at 10.30am.

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ES Creations – New launch (Earrings Galore)

ES Creations will be launching another collection on Thursday, 28th Oct at 10.30am.

This time round, I have gotten most of my inspirations from a Korean Serial, Accidental Couple, which I watched on SCV recently. I love how the lead female cast, Han Ji Soo, dresses herself and especially caught my eyes are the accessories she wore. Throughout the whole show, I never once saw her accessories repeated and every piece is so amiably matched.

Han Ji Soo carries herself with many classy pieces. One of the pieces that attracted my attention is the extrememly long pearl coin dangling earrings. It inspired me to make one with acrylic bead since I could not find the coin pearl. 🙂 Will try sourcing from oversea. 🙂

Next is another classic piece that I think everyone should have at least one in your accessories box. A basic pearl earring that Han Ji Soo wore in one of the scenes.

My inspired piece, I matched a simple pearl nugget with a Made in Japan crystal ear hooks.

Red, a popular colour Han Ji Soo used in the serial. Red bangles and red beads necklace… As you can see layering is very popular even till now even though the show was screened in 2009. 🙂


With that, my own creation of red but yet subtle kind of earrings. For those who like red but do not want to be too loud… this is something for you. 🙂

I love how the simple and classy accessories look on her. Going towards that direction, I created more simple dangling earrings and pastels tone rings.

Gonna prepare for the launch post. See ya at 10.30am tomorrow. 🙂

Picture credits – all Accidental Couple pictures credited to KBS website.

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ES Creations – New Creation and More Customisations

Recently, I have gotten another order from customer to customise earrings and necklace for her 6 year old. She chose the Audrey Hepburn charm with the purple colour theme. As the charm for Audrey is black and white, I decided to use the colours combination of black, white and purple.

Another pair of earrings was done with a Japanese doll charm. I created the oriental feel using red resin flowers in this creation. The red flowers are not so bright in real life. Love the crystal connector – so easy to lengthen the earrings gracefully.

The last customisation is a Jasmine charm necklace for a six year old. I initially did one with the purple resin flower but somehow looks a little matured for a six year old. I then created another one using pearls, seed beads and the new pastel pink and mint glass flowers that I have bought. Somehow the whole look changed to dainty and sweet.

This evening, I just created a new necklace hoping to launch in my next collection. I have just learnt how to make organza flowers. This is my first organza flower created. 🙂 Not very pro yet but it’s the shabbiness that supposedly to make the flower looks nice. Did not know what to do with it, I decided to make a into a necklace using the white beads since chunky necklace is in trend.

A new collection will be coming the way. Next collection will include simple and classic accessories such as the necklace above and some single gemstone dangling earrings.

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ES Creations – My Chic Collection #3

ES Creations will be updating a new collection on Thurs, 7th Oct at 10.30am at http://everydayshopper.livejournal.com

This collection contains mainly of a new set of flowers that I have bought recently. Love the little dainty frosted glass flowers in pink and mint and actually used a lot of them into this new collection. The dainty frosted glass flowers will appear in my necklace, earrings, rings and hair pin. 🙂

A simple pair of earrings set in seed beads to the filigree with wires. The dangling matching teardrop plastic bead adds a touch of daintiness to the earrings.

In this collection, I also tried to sew a lace corsage to make into a hairpin. Sewing has always been something I like since young and was really happy to be able to put into good use. 🙂 Again the use of the pink and mint frosted glass flowers were used in this creation.

This time round, I have added in 3 necklaces as part of my collection. Above are 2 pieces which I like very much. The necklace on the left is just a simple chain and charm necklace. It is combined using a white round plastic bead with a horse charm and arcylic plastic heart attached to the tail. The one of the right is created with the beads affixed to a filigree with the acrylic plastic dangle. 

Lastly, I would like to share one of my great finds from Hong Kong. Love the flowers of the earrings below to bits. Making it into a stud is a bit wasteful; therefore, I created simple hook earrings with the flowers.

The colours of the flowers are lovely, isnt’ it? 🙂

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