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My Obsession with The Heirs

Seriously, I have never been so obsessed with a Korean drama. I am sad that today has came to an end and will be having a Heirs withdrawal.

To be honest, the storyline is a normal romantic love story but the casts are super with my favourite Lee Min Ho (as Kim Tan), whom I never miss his drama. Park Shin Hye(as Cha Eun Sang), who acted in He’s Beautiful and Heartstrings. Of course there are other interesting characters in the story that we can take days to talk about them.


The Heirs was aired  every Wednesday and Thursday for the past 10 weeks. Being in Singapore, I do not get to watch the show until the next day with the subtitles. In fact, I can live without watching the show cause I have turned myself into a reader. Thanks to Joonni from, I got first hand news of the drama via reading. She types while she watches every episode so every Wednesday and Thursday, joonni fans including me would gather at her website waiting patiently for her recaps. Hilariously, readers would be busy sending virtual pop-corns, greeting each other from different parts of the world and especially in episode 16, giving out tissue papers and wheezing together.

Together with other commenters, we grow with the characters in the story as commenters shared their views on the characters’ actions and feelings from their point of views. Some very insightful while some with bias critics. Nevertheless, their perspectives have given me a deeper understanding of the way the characters behaved and why the story was written in that way. Comments even shot up to 800 over in episode 16 when the ending of the story became very bleak. All forecasting how the story should flow, ranting for the heartbreaking and nerve wreaking scenes.

I also would like to compliment the writer, Kim Eun-sook for bringing me on a roller coaster ride feelings thrown in the story. Even though I mentioned the storyline was not that fantastic but it will be a show that I would keep watching again and again. I love how the writer brings in literature and facts to blend the story together. There are many read between the lines scenes.

“According to British Council, the most beautiful word is Mother, followed by Passion, Smile, Love and Eternity” – Kim Tan lecturer

In fact the ending of the story is already decided in episode 2. To me, I would just think that the statement made by the lecturer would just be a statement. Through the comments, I realized that story has been revolving around these five beautiful words.

“If I end up kneeling, I kneel. But then I can get back up. If I keep getting up, then the day will come when I don’t fall.” – Kim Tan

I feel more courageous when I heard this statement made by KT, so determined and so not afraid to fall.

“I’ve come far from home, it’s night, and you came. So I am escaping into a dream. Just for one more day a midsummer night’s dream.” -Eun Sang (midsummer night’s dream from Shakespeare)

The dreamcatcher which appeared in the story ties in a lot with Shakespeare’s MidSummer Night’s Dream. It is said that a dreamcatcher would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear.

I love the OST especially when you know that each song is tagged to the scene and feelings of that episode. Some are sang by the casts themselves and especially love ‘Love Hurts’ by Lee Min Ho who sang on behalf of Kim Tan, expressing his painful love when he lost his family, brother and Eun Sang.

I also love the little cute scenes that Kim Tan have with Eun Sang.

theheirs donuttheheirs shoestheheirs3

I typed this while Joonni is still tidying up the details of the final episode, go on and read her recaps now. Joonni, a big thank you for bringing me into your journey, riding together with many other readers. You never fail to give your insightful thoughts and comments at the start and end of each episode. Love the commenters who shared your laughter, sadness and joy in this channel. The Heirs is a success judging at its viewers ratings for Nationwide and Korea. What I consider more successful is how one drama can bring everyone from different parts of the world, be it UK, USA, Asia or South East Asia gathered at the same place, same time (despite difference in time zone) voicing out thoughts, ideas and discussions for a show. Everyone is feeling a bit down now cause it is also time to part and say good bye. Till then….


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