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EverydayShopper Collection #29

I could not contain my happiness when I saw ES’s latest launch pictures. Our anchor model, Gwen, is getting more and more natural with her poses. The clothes are so pretty this time round. A more rounded collection as well with tops, dresses, bottoms and accessories. Some of my favs…

Grey toga, so happy that ES managed to get exclusive colour together with another blogshop. In another words, ES and the other blogshop would be the 1st in Singapore to launch this piece in grey only. 😉

Can’t help it but already kept the dusty pink kimono for myself. *grinning*. The cute little heart shape lace on the sleeves is love. Love the thought of the designer who has actually sew another piece of cloth to prevent the problem of big armhole.










The craze for maxi dresses is back. The Zara inspired tie and dye maxi dress and the vibrant colour floral maxi dress. Oh, did I mention that the all the accessories as shown in the Zara Maxi dress (belt, pocket watch necklace and bag) are all sold in this collection as well…. 🙂










ES has also decided to bring in some work pants as well. Great for me when I go for my workshops. Love the grey pants. The white halter top which is paired with the grey pants is sold in ES in the older collection as well. The black pants is cooling and fun to be seen in. It’s so flattering on almost anyone.










Enough said. So what is our next launch? Check out the preview poster below. *Totally can’t contain my excitement*

See you all then. 🙂


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Iluma – Empire State Restaurant

Jonathan decided to take me out for a dinner after the unhappy incident. Partially to spend some personal time together since he has been busy working in the warehouse. Could not decide where to go, Anne actually suggested Iluma since I have the intention of going to Bugis Village.

Upon reaching Iluma, we were shock at the “variety” of food eateries offered. Finally we settled on the Empire State Restaurant for the decorations attracted us.

We ordered our food. The menu was really interesting as the picture of the actual size burger actually attracted our attention.

Finally decided and ordered the stuff below.

I was amazed at how one can finish with such burger size.

Although it was only a 2 to 3 hours break away from the kids, we totally enjoyed ourselves.

Food wise, it was not very fantastic, just normal for a usual meal. However, the place is really cozy especially if you were given the sphere sofa seats. A good place to stay real long for chit chatting session with their desserts and drinks.

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Online Review – Convertible Dress

I just gotten my Convertible Dress II from MyDesignClosets. To tell the truth, I dont’ even know why I have gotten this dress. Probably due to the fun of it. As stated, this is a convertible dress and this time round, I want to have fun in converting the dress, thus, my model for this post is my amazing daughter, Kaitlyn. 😉

Amazingly, the dress can fit her as a maxi dress. If it is worn on me, the length will end around 1 to 2 inches above my knees. After trying out on her, Jonathan is so tempted to get the baby blue piece which TheDesignClosets are still opening for Backorder. Check out below at how fun this dress could be. According to the designer, this dress could be worn in 9 styles and Anne and I have tried out 4 styles on Kaitlyn.

Presents to you… our Princess KaitlynOf all the styles, I love Kaitlyn most in the Knotted Front Halter and Knotted Shoulders. I like the versatility of the dress. Many versions of dress was launched quite some time ago by other blogshops but too revealing for me as they do not come with a matching tube manufactured by TheDesignClosets. I love the material as well, light and flowy.

If you are interested, you can join in their backorders now which is closing on 23 July.

I have gotten many many loots these few days. Can’t wait to review them. Maybe I shall wait till I get my loots from the launches by Agneselle and TheTinselRack later today. 😉

At the same time… I will launching a new collection of accessories with my handmade charms. Check out the charms I am going to offer. Launch date… TBC


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Protected: Seriously Affected & Totally Upset

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Fireworks Spectacular

I really love going to my parent’s place especially during National Day period. My family lives on the 18th floor and presents a spectacular view of the Singapore Flyer and the Raffles and CBD areas. Sometimes taking time out to see the view really soothe my day. This view is taken from the living room. The dining room offers the same view but with the Singapore Flyer directly in the front of me when I sat down at the dining table.

Today, there is a NDP rehearsal or rather NE show. Jonathan was really excited cos finally he can “play’ with Canon 7D. Anne was also very excited to capture the fireworks. The children got to watch the national flag fly pass and the fireworks almost every weekend that we are there. Kaiden has learnt to pronounce “Singapore” and shouted continuously ‘Singapore, Singapore’ when he saw the flag passing by. I think it could be that the teachers in his school have already starting teaching him all the stuff related to the National Day.

The time I missed Singapore the most was when I was in the US Arizona for two years. Jonathan was in the airforce and was posted there to work. We also celebrated National Day on 8th August in Arizona. For the two years, hearing the familiar singapore songs tend to make me miss home even more. 😦

Finally the best part came after we decided to take a quick dinner. The fireworks started at about 8.10pm. Jonathan has already set up his camera for the long awaited fireworks. I am so glad that I can watch the fireworks at the ease of my parent’s house without having to cramp at the overly crowded Marina. 🙂

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Flashlightbatteriess Flea

This is my first time joining a flea with Flashlightbatteriess at the Youth Scape Park. There were about 330 stalls involved in this 3rd bazaar that they have organised. From my experience, to go to a bazaar with crowd, one must choose the right organiser to join. And I must say, I did not regret joining them. The queue to register was super long when I reached. The whole place was cramped with shop owners. Music has started blasting on the main stage. I managed to get 2 booths as 1 of them was for the lady boss of LinLin Lattice. Check out the crowd below. *Wondering if they are the owners of the booths or really they are the crowd* LOL

The crowd mainly consists of young gals. Jonathan and I felt really old sitting among them. But nevertheless, we totally enjoyed ourselves. It has been really a long time since we sat down and do something together. During the bazaar, most of the time we were chit chatting. 😉 Of course, we made some sales. In addition to that, I also did my shopping. Managed to get some good buys on 2 pieces of BC clothing and a necklace from YuanYuan, another tenant of LinLin Lattice.

This time round, Jamie and Xueli were not around to do bazaar for ES. I brought my own accessories to sell. I think Jon totally enjoyed himself, 1stly to see little ‘meimeis’ in really fashionable clothings *Grinning*, 2ndly, getting to work together with me to achieve something.

Bazaars are tiring but fun. I like the interaction with my customers and listen to their feedbacks regarding my work of art. Also, it is a time to get some inspirations from other sellers on what I can do to improve or create better stuff.

At last, we ended our day at about 8pm. Shouting and shouting took over the crowd with “$2… $2…. and $5… $5…” Practically, the stuff were going for really good price since the closing time was at 9pm.

Jonathan and I decided to try Botak Jones which is just a stone throw away from the Park. Wondering if the food was really nice or we were really hungry.

Nevertheless, we hope to join in another bazaar organised by The Flashlight Batteriess. Their bazaar can say is a successful one except for some of the uncivilised sellers.

Some tips for those who want to organise a bazaar.

1. Check out the background of the organisers. What kind of advertising they are using? Have they organised bazaars? The responses of the previous bazaars.

2. Venue. Some organisers hold their bazaars at some ulu ulu places where is not accessible via public transport.

3. Planning. Decide what you want to sell and prepare them way ahead of time.

3. What do they provide? There are some bazaars that open till night time but no lighting provided. Some do not provide chairs therefore you may need to bring one yourselves. Others do not provide tentage and in case of rain… please bring an umbrella.

4. Usually a bazaar space do allow you to occupy 1 table and bring 1 rack. If you are just using the table, you can consider sharing the space with another person who uses the rack. Thus can save some cost on the rental.

5. Enjoy yourself. Supposedly to be something fun to do. Get your family members to join in or even share a booth with your friends. It’s a great place to spend time together with. 😉

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More Reviews

I have not been reviewing my online stuff for very very long time. Not been buying a lot lately as well. 😉

Today, I will be reviewing stuff from Bonitochico, HerVelvetVase, Agneselle and Swivelle, a new blogshop that I have patronised for the first time.

Not a lover of high waisted shorts cos they made my torsor looks short. Maybe I am just not used to it. The BonitoChico military high waisted shorts is not in very thick material thus would need some ironing before wearing it out. Good for hot days. On the other hand, thanks to Anne who managed to be the first 100 customers to make payment for me, I received this. *grinning*

A complimentary set of Essential shampoo and conditioner. 😉

I am not really a babydoll person. This Bonitochico piece attracted my attention with its unique print. A bit low in my opinion; therefore, I have to either wear an inner or put Hollywood Fashion tape to secure it. A bit loose at the armpit area thus no problem with armpit fats.

I know that it is very difficult to buy shoes online as the sizes may vary. So far buying shoes from Bonitochico is not a problem for me. They gave very specific measurements to the sizing. This is my 3rd pair of shoes from Bonitochico. The BC Weaved Cork Wedges comes in 2 colours, pink and cream. Since I already have 2 pairs of pink shoes from BC, I decided to settle on cream of this wedge. This pair of wedge is about 3.5 inches. Super high for me but comfortable. At least I feel the ground more as compared to wearing a sky high heels. Worth the buy. 😉

Next to review is HerVelvetVase Chiffon Off Shoulder Frock in Pink. Kind of like off shoulder stuff as they make me feel sexy. The top part supposed to look oversized thus I do feel big on the top. Match with HVV belt which I got it for only $3. Thanks to Anne for purchasing it for me when she purchased hers.

A highly sought after piece from Agneselle, Serena Top. I tried to comment for it during the launch. Imagine, being within the 1st minute to comment for it, I still did not manage to buy the piece. This piece was bought from an open market. Love the white chiffon. Makes one feel angelic. However, nudes are advised as the white is quite sheer. Amazingly, this AE piece sizing is slightly bigger as compared to the past pieces I have. Thus can fit up to a big UK 8.

My first purchase from Swivelle. This is a very basic cami top. Love the unique dusty lavender shade. A bit preggy on me but who cares since I can use it to hide my tummy. 😉 Nice top to have and need to comment on their customer service. I received the top within 3 days and with a sweet handwritten personalised thank you note. What’s more can I ask for.

That’s all for my reviews tonight. Kind of missing AE’s launches as the gals are taking turns to go on holidays. No BC launches this week as well, BC gals having holidays also and preparing for this weekend’s warehouse sales. Online shopping is so quiet lately. 😦

For those who are interested, Bonitochico is having a warehouse sale at Helipad this sunday. You can check out their website for more information. 😉

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