Flashlightbatteriess Flea

This is my first time joining a flea with Flashlightbatteriess at the Youth Scape Park. There were about 330 stalls involved in this 3rd bazaar that they have organised. From my experience, to go to a bazaar with crowd, one must choose the right organiser to join. And I must say, I did not regret joining them. The queue to register was super long when I reached. The whole place was cramped with shop owners. Music has started blasting on the main stage. I managed to get 2 booths as 1 of them was for the lady boss of LinLin Lattice. Check out the crowd below. *Wondering if they are the owners of the booths or really they are the crowd* LOL

The crowd mainly consists of young gals. Jonathan and I felt really old sitting among them. But nevertheless, we totally enjoyed ourselves. It has been really a long time since we sat down and do something together. During the bazaar, most of the time we were chit chatting. 😉 Of course, we made some sales. In addition to that, I also did my shopping. Managed to get some good buys on 2 pieces of BC clothing and a necklace from YuanYuan, another tenant of LinLin Lattice.

This time round, Jamie and Xueli were not around to do bazaar for ES. I brought my own accessories to sell. I think Jon totally enjoyed himself, 1stly to see little ‘meimeis’ in really fashionable clothings *Grinning*, 2ndly, getting to work together with me to achieve something.

Bazaars are tiring but fun. I like the interaction with my customers and listen to their feedbacks regarding my work of art. Also, it is a time to get some inspirations from other sellers on what I can do to improve or create better stuff.

At last, we ended our day at about 8pm. Shouting and shouting took over the crowd with “$2… $2…. and $5… $5…” Practically, the stuff were going for really good price since the closing time was at 9pm.

Jonathan and I decided to try Botak Jones which is just a stone throw away from the Park. Wondering if the food was really nice or we were really hungry.

Nevertheless, we hope to join in another bazaar organised by The Flashlight Batteriess. Their bazaar can say is a successful one except for some of the uncivilised sellers.

Some tips for those who want to organise a bazaar.

1. Check out the background of the organisers. What kind of advertising they are using? Have they organised bazaars? The responses of the previous bazaars.

2. Venue. Some organisers hold their bazaars at some ulu ulu places where is not accessible via public transport.

3. Planning. Decide what you want to sell and prepare them way ahead of time.

3. What do they provide? There are some bazaars that open till night time but no lighting provided. Some do not provide chairs therefore you may need to bring one yourselves. Others do not provide tentage and in case of rain… please bring an umbrella.

4. Usually a bazaar space do allow you to occupy 1 table and bring 1 rack. If you are just using the table, you can consider sharing the space with another person who uses the rack. Thus can save some cost on the rental.

5. Enjoy yourself. Supposedly to be something fun to do. Get your family members to join in or even share a booth with your friends. It’s a great place to spend time together with. 😉


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