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The reason for my MIA

I am back at work. Life is so so so busy and hectic. I must say after staying home for 3 years, getting back to work was not easy at all.

During my stay at home, my mum always asked me when I am going back to work. She said if I stay home too long, I would have difficulties going back to work. I do admit that I am really struggling with my work-life balance.

That day a colleague was sharing her daily life with me and I realised that we shared the same routine.

My Daily Routine:-

I will prepare Kaiden in the morning. Jon will send Kaiden to school while I continue to prepare Kaitlyn before sending her to my MIL’s place. Normally, I will go for a heavy breakfast so as to save time having lunch at work. 🙂 A great way to slim down too. Work continues and by the time I reach home, it’s usually 7pm. Frankly speaking after I have gone back to work, I have been eased off a lot of my workload at home. I no longer cook, do the cleaning and laundry. Jon is in charge of all the fetching and picking up of the children. All the household chores are under Jon’s charge. 🙂 By the time I finished my dinner, it’s about 8pm. Then it’s time to help Kaitlyn with her homework. Amazingly, as a Primary 1 child, she has homework almost every day but is glad that they come in bite sizes. Easy for me and her to digest. While coaching Kaitlyn, I have to chase Kaiden out of the room sometimes with all the shouting and screaming, depriving the time I have with him since I already don’t see him the whole day. At about 9pm, Jon would send Kaiden to bed leaving Kaitlyn and I to continue with the coaching. Oh boy! Aren’t I am glad that I am done for the day? I am not. That is when the second part of my work comes in, late at night at about 10.30pm. Usually I will end my day at 12 plus if not, sometimes at wee hours of 2am.

Then my colleague asked me if I am going to be like this forever? I told her I don’t know shrugging my shoulders.

I think a lot of mothers who went back to work struggled like I do. Looking at all the good food and stuff that my facebook SAHM have posted and sharing from mothers that are staying home now… I miss a lot of things.

I miss spending time with my children. ( I used to see them 24/7 a day but now only about 2 hours a night, especially for Kaiden)

I miss spending my time in the kitchen whipping up nice food for myself and family. (I love the look of my love ones savouring every bit of food that I cooked)

I miss creating crafts with Kaitlyn. (Bonding time now becomes lecturing when her work does not meet up to my expectations)

I miss updating my etsy shop with new items. (Totally beading thirst)

I miss spending the twosome night with Jon after the kids are asleep. (Busy clearing my work while Jon does his and at the end of the day, he’s always ended in up bed first. Sorry dear, could not help in editing your report as promised. 😦 )

Though having negative thoughts about going back to work, I am thankful for the people around me. They gave me a lot of encouragment and help during this period. It gave me a little more courage to accept the changes. I am thankful for all the help rendered especially during the days when Jon had to outstation. Volunteers came from both sides of the family members, helping to send and pick up the children, which left me really touched. Jon has been bugging me to leave and do what I really want but with the thought of where and what I will be five or even three years later freaks me out. 😦

Mothers who went back to work successfully after staying home for long period of time, would love to get inspired from you. Share your story with me. 🙂 


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