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A Day of Pampering and Treats

It another day. I am so happy that I get to go on a pampering date with Jonathan at Subtle Senses. Subtle Senses used to be in Mosque Street at Chinatown. Recently they took over the existing premise of TrueSpa at Cuppage Terrace. This time round, Jonathan and I finally made it to their new premise for a lazy pampering afternoon.

We were there early so was invited into the lounge area for a cup of tea.

Within minutes, we were taken down the row of rooms. The whole place looks like Karaoke lounge with all the individual rooms. We were in awe when we saw the room the moment we stepped in. The open concept shower area and couple bathtub appeared in front of us. Wondering what will happen when we were soaking halfway and the massage lady pops by. *feeling shy*

The room is definitely big compared to the previous premise.

Jonathan as usual did his massage while I had a facial. This time round, I opted for a soothing facial. Had breakouts when I did the diamond peel and youth retain*** the other round. Clocked another slot for an eye treatment. Beautician said my eye area is really dry and a lot of fine lines appearing. *sad* I think must be due to the late nights of online shopping. LOL

The moment we were done with our massage and facial, we proceeded to a place recommended by Jamie and Victor. Went there a few times but always has to book 1 week in advance, Ikoi at Miramar Hotel. It’s a Japanese buffet. The food is really good. *drooling*

A few complimentaries as well. The salmon in the dish, the seafood soup in a pot (not in picture) and the hotpot salmon soup in foil are all complimentary. My favourite dishes are the fried salmon skin handroll (had 3 of it ūüėČ definitely a must try), the teriyakki salmon and not forgetting the sashimi in the boat.

Do not be deceive by Jonathan’s facial expression. It’s not that the food is not good. He does not like mushroom. LOL

Check out our satisfied expression. It was really a fullfilling dinner. ūüėČ

In case you cannot find the place, it is at the lobby of Miramar Hotel. Look out for the red lantern. You can call 68873788 to make your booking. Remember 1 week in advance.


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A Date at Chatterbox

Finally got to meet up with Angie. I was really excited when she chose to meet up at Meritus Mandarin’ Chatterbox cos I finally get to eat the lengedary chicken rice.

Angie still busy looking at the menu to try another good stuff while I set my head on the chicken rice.

Wanted to taste something different, Angie ordered the Mandarin Lobster Laksa while I had the famous chicken rice set. On top of that, we added in a fried beanspout with silver fish.

The rice is frangrance, the chicken is soft. The portion is quite big; therefore, shared half with Angie while she gave me some of her laksa to try.

The chitchatting session ended at about 9pm when we decided that we needed to go to the restroom. The newly renovated Meritus Mandarin has got a really nice restroom. LOL Ended up, both ladies¬†were trying to capture the best¬†picture of the restroom sink.¬†The sink¬†is eally unique to sit in the middle of the toilet. I love the flower display on the table as well. It just warms up the whole place. ūüėČ

Both of us took a walk down to Somerset 313 for leisure walk. Initially, we wanted to have a drink but our stomachs were just too full to fill in more stuff.

Yes, this is Angie, one of my great pals. She is a really busy woman. If wanna date her, got to advance booking. ūüėČ So glad to see her and really misses the days we had while working together. Oh, she¬†was also the one who brought breakfast to me every morning when I was working. Of course, I paid her… but thinking about having the food on my table even before I sat¬†in my cubicle, it just brightened up my day¬†at work. ūüėČ


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ES’s GSS promotion + Exclusive Interview by

Great news for everyone. EverydayShopper is having 2010 Great Singapore Sale Promotion.

Some items are going through clearance and are of discount up to 40% off. Discounts of 20% are also applicable to current collections.

Other promotions include 1) Free normal postage of 3 items and above, 2) Mailing list member enjoys an additional of 5% off (Just enter your email address on our top right hand corner of the webby to join our mailing list)

Exclusive Online Interview by

It¬†is¬†EverydayShopper’s honor to be invited by to do in exclusive interview. All members of ES were extremely excited over the interview. The interview¬†has a good coverage from of how ES started to our plans for the future.¬†You can view the content of the interview in the link below. ūüėČ

Exclusive Interview by

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Dinner at AOBA Viviocity

Had a great twosome dinner with Jonathan at Viviocity last week. Mother-in-law was great to help take care of the kids while Jonathan and I managed to spend some quality time. How did we end up in Vivio? Cos I told him that I wanted to shop at Topshop, Forever 21, Zara, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins and Daiso. So the only place we could thought of was Viviocity.

Hungried, we arrived at Vivio around 7 plus. To make sure that we get the best dinner, we still scouted a few dinning places before settling on AOBA Hokkaido Ramen. Reminiscing the days we spent in Hokkaido last year, we¬†could not¬†help drooling the moment we saw ‘Hokkaido Ramen’.

Ordered the food first then were brought to our seats after a good 15 minutes wait. The place is very cramp and on that day, was filled with people. The food was also served out very fast. Hot piping soup of Ramen presented in front of us after the sides dishes were served. I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen while Jonathan order the CharSiu Miso Ramen. Side dishes included gyoza, softshell crab and the stew pork. The pork is totally *heart*. Fattening but the meat just melts in my mouth. *Yummy*

Check out our happy twosome faces. ūüėČ It’s really a break for both of us.

Of course the shopping continued after the dinner. Didn’t buy much even though almost all shops are having the GSS (Great Singapore Sale) banner in their shops.

What I wore

I am sure this piece is not new to all. Yes, this is the reviewed BC dress in my previous blog. A birthday present from Jonathan. Took this picture in a beatiful space located in the shop of Watts In. Heard from the sales gals that many people had been taking pictures in front of the mirror that day. *Grins*

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I have a new accessory¬†added to my wardrobe –¬†my personalised name necklace. This necklace is now¬†my staple accessories even since I received it. It is unique only to me cos it’s with my name. ūüôā

Remember in my previous blog where I mentioned about receiving a package from Isreal. Yes, that’s where my name necklace comes from.¬†My 1st name necklace is¬†from MyNameNecklace.

The website is easy to use and what I like about it is, it gives me a preview of how my name will look like in actual (only in the Carrie style). I am spoilt for choice actually cos I could use Anna, Xinxian or HengYien. Check out the previews below.

Got my sister to decide for me and in the end. Anna in 925 silver Carrie syle was chosen. I paid using paypal and the invoice came in very fast. They even sent me a notification to let me know that the item is shipped out. *Very responsible*

Within 2 weeks, the package came and was really excited to see a beautifully crafted necklace in my own name. As I was buying it for myself, I opted without a gift box. However, they packed it in a really nice gift bag.

More close-ups

This is how it looks when it’s being worn and you gonna see more of it from now on ūüôā

Visit MyNameNecklace for your beautifully craft name. Kaitlyn is bugging me to make one for her ūüėČ Still deciding if I should do the ones in acrylic. The colours are really pretty for young gals. Agreeing to what Jonathan said if I get it customised in 925 silver, it’s more durable and can be worn till she is older. The most important thing to me now is that MyNameNecklace¬†is offering free shipping to all countries which is a great saver. What more, take opportunity of the low exchange US rate.


Still not tempting enough? Good news for everyone, MyNameNecklace¬†is offering a 10% off when you use the discount code ‘ANNAFONG‘ in your purchase. Really appreciate the kind gesture from them. Kindly check out their website now and create one for yourself, your love ones or even friends. ¬†¬†


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What’s In My Fridge Today?

There a calling… from my fridge. What do you think there is? It keeps getting me nearer and nearer…. and I cannot wait to open it.

Check out that attractive purple plastic bag. It has something in it… That¬†was¬†the thing that kept twirling in my mind since afternoon.

Can you guess what it is from the shape?









Jonathan’s favourite chocolate cake from Lana Cakes. Jonathan suddenly has a craving for LANA’s chocolate cakes. Kaitlyn and I wanted to give him a surprise and thus made our way to LANA this afternoon. The moment we stepped outside the cake shop, the aroma of the chocolate already lingered our nose. Kaitlyn could smell the freshly baked cakes even before we opened the door to walk in.

Look at the coating of the chocolate all over the cake below. I am sure you are drooling like me. LOL

It’s really a bliss to be able to taste the chocolate cakes from LANA. The chocolate is thick and cake is really spongy. I am not a chocolate lover but tend to melt a little when I always take my first bite. The cake is a bit expensive though, $34 for 800g. Almost could not¬†get this cake for Jonathan cos I did not¬†have enough cash with me. So if you wanna get a cake from LANA, remember they only accept cash payment.


I received a package in the mailbox. Not a surprise to me but been waiting for like 1 week plus since it’s all the way from Isreal. I will blog about it in my next post. Gonna break away from the comp for some quality time with Jonathan. ūüėČ

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BBQ Galore

Supposedly to hold a bazaar at Kbox over the weekend. However, the event was cancelled last minute. We¬†were invited to Jamie & Victor’s place for a bbq event. Initially, the children¬†had to¬†make their way there first due to the bazaar. In the end, we¬†could pop by together with the children earlier.

At about 3 plus, Kaiden and Jonathan changed out of their home clothes to swimwear. Kaitlyn could not swim due to her skin condition but was given a water snooker gun to spray water at the father and son.

Despite not being able to go for water play, Kaitlyn still enjoyed herself just spraying water at the duo. ūüėČ

While they were swimming and spraying water, I decided to explore more functions of my Canon Ixus 850. An old camera that I have bought but didn’t know this function existed until that day Anne showed it to me. And was told that only canon cameras have this function.

The images are created with the Colour Accent function. I selected the colour that I wanted to keep and the rest auto converted to black and white.

Victor started the fire at 4 plus. By the time I finished bathing for Kaiden and Kaitlyn, the food was ready.

We decided to take some fun shots while waiting for more food to be done. ūüėČ

The BBQ was a bit early. At about 5pm, we have started eating. Before going to Jamie’s place, I had a McSpicy and was really full. Jonathan and the children had chicken rice. Thus we ate quite little and ended up sitting at the beach chairs chitchatting while Kaitlyn walked up and down with her mashmallow.

It was fun but would be better if we went there empty stomach. Hee hee then we will fill our stomach with more food. We got to leave early also as Kaitlyn had already dozed off.


What I Wore

Dressed in a translucent chiffon top from Catwalkclose. CWC is one of the earliest blogshop that I have patronised. I bought this top like last year? but only got to wear it recently. My necklace is my new creation and not forgetting the clutch which is sold in EverydayShopper now.

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