A Date at Chatterbox

Finally got to meet up with Angie. I was really excited when she chose to meet up at Meritus Mandarin’ Chatterbox cos I finally get to eat the lengedary chicken rice.

Angie still busy looking at the menu to try another good stuff while I set my head on the chicken rice.

Wanted to taste something different, Angie ordered the Mandarin Lobster Laksa while I had the famous chicken rice set. On top of that, we added in a fried beanspout with silver fish.

The rice is frangrance, the chicken is soft. The portion is quite big; therefore, shared half with Angie while she gave me some of her laksa to try.

The chitchatting session ended at about 9pm when we decided that we needed to go to the restroom. The newly renovated Meritus Mandarin has got a really nice restroom. LOL Ended up, both ladies were trying to capture the best picture of the restroom sink. The sink is eally unique to sit in the middle of the toilet. I love the flower display on the table as well. It just warms up the whole place. 😉

Both of us took a walk down to Somerset 313 for leisure walk. Initially, we wanted to have a drink but our stomachs were just too full to fill in more stuff.

Yes, this is Angie, one of my great pals. She is a really busy woman. If wanna date her, got to advance booking. 😉 So glad to see her and really misses the days we had while working together. Oh, she was also the one who brought breakfast to me every morning when I was working. Of course, I paid her… but thinking about having the food on my table even before I sat in my cubicle, it just brightened up my day at work. 😉



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2 responses to “A Date at Chatterbox

  1. huiwen

    Wow, so you two went Chatterbox that day! The food looks gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as you. 😛
    Ask me along next time 😀

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