What’s In My Fridge Today?

There a calling… from my fridge. What do you think there is? It keeps getting me nearer and nearer…. and I cannot wait to open it.

Check out that attractive purple plastic bag. It has something in it… That was the thing that kept twirling in my mind since afternoon.

Can you guess what it is from the shape?









Jonathan’s favourite chocolate cake from Lana Cakes. Jonathan suddenly has a craving for LANA’s chocolate cakes. Kaitlyn and I wanted to give him a surprise and thus made our way to LANA this afternoon. The moment we stepped outside the cake shop, the aroma of the chocolate already lingered our nose. Kaitlyn could smell the freshly baked cakes even before we opened the door to walk in.

Look at the coating of the chocolate all over the cake below. I am sure you are drooling like me. LOL

It’s really a bliss to be able to taste the chocolate cakes from LANA. The chocolate is thick and cake is really spongy. I am not a chocolate lover but tend to melt a little when I always take my first bite. The cake is a bit expensive though, $34 for 800g. Almost could not get this cake for Jonathan cos I did not have enough cash with me. So if you wanna get a cake from LANA, remember they only accept cash payment.


I received a package in the mailbox. Not a surprise to me but been waiting for like 1 week plus since it’s all the way from Isreal. I will blog about it in my next post. Gonna break away from the comp for some quality time with Jonathan. 😉


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