A Day of Pampering and Treats

It another day. I am so happy that I get to go on a pampering date with Jonathan at Subtle Senses. Subtle Senses used to be in Mosque Street at Chinatown. Recently they took over the existing premise of TrueSpa at Cuppage Terrace. This time round, Jonathan and I finally made it to their new premise for a lazy pampering afternoon.

We were there early so was invited into the lounge area for a cup of tea.

Within minutes, we were taken down the row of rooms. The whole place looks like Karaoke lounge with all the individual rooms. We were in awe when we saw the room the moment we stepped in. The open concept shower area and couple bathtub appeared in front of us. Wondering what will happen when we were soaking halfway and the massage lady pops by. *feeling shy*

The room is definitely big compared to the previous premise.

Jonathan as usual did his massage while I had a facial. This time round, I opted for a soothing facial. Had breakouts when I did the diamond peel and youth retain*** the other round. Clocked another slot for an eye treatment. Beautician said my eye area is really dry and a lot of fine lines appearing. *sad* I think must be due to the late nights of online shopping. LOL

The moment we were done with our massage and facial, we proceeded to a place recommended by Jamie and Victor. Went there a few times but always has to book 1 week in advance, Ikoi at Miramar Hotel. It’s a Japanese buffet. The food is really good. *drooling*

A few complimentaries as well. The salmon in the dish, the seafood soup in a pot (not in picture) and the hotpot salmon soup in foil are all complimentary. My favourite dishes are the fried salmon skin handroll (had 3 of it 😉 definitely a must try), the teriyakki salmon and not forgetting the sashimi in the boat.

Do not be deceive by Jonathan’s facial expression. It’s not that the food is not good. He does not like mushroom. LOL

Check out our satisfied expression. It was really a fullfilling dinner. 😉

In case you cannot find the place, it is at the lobby of Miramar Hotel. Look out for the red lantern. You can call 68873788 to make your booking. Remember 1 week in advance.


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