I have a new accessory added to my wardrobe – my personalised name necklace. This necklace is now my staple accessories even since I received it. It is unique only to me cos it’s with my name. 🙂

Remember in my previous blog where I mentioned about receiving a package from Isreal. Yes, that’s where my name necklace comes from. My 1st name necklace is from MyNameNecklace.

The website is easy to use and what I like about it is, it gives me a preview of how my name will look like in actual (only in the Carrie style). I am spoilt for choice actually cos I could use Anna, Xinxian or HengYien. Check out the previews below.

Got my sister to decide for me and in the end. Anna in 925 silver Carrie syle was chosen. I paid using paypal and the invoice came in very fast. They even sent me a notification to let me know that the item is shipped out. *Very responsible*

Within 2 weeks, the package came and was really excited to see a beautifully crafted necklace in my own name. As I was buying it for myself, I opted without a gift box. However, they packed it in a really nice gift bag.

More close-ups

This is how it looks when it’s being worn and you gonna see more of it from now on 🙂

Visit MyNameNecklace for your beautifully craft name. Kaitlyn is bugging me to make one for her 😉 Still deciding if I should do the ones in acrylic. The colours are really pretty for young gals. Agreeing to what Jonathan said if I get it customised in 925 silver, it’s more durable and can be worn till she is older. The most important thing to me now is that MyNameNecklace is offering free shipping to all countries which is a great saver. What more, take opportunity of the low exchange US rate.


Still not tempting enough? Good news for everyone, MyNameNecklace is offering a 10% off when you use the discount code ‘ANNAFONG‘ in your purchase. Really appreciate the kind gesture from them. Kindly check out their website now and create one for yourself, your love ones or even friends.   


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2 responses to “MyNameNecklace

  1. Rebecca

    how much is there?????

    • Hi Rebecca, depending on which one you are interested in. The price stated is in USD. You can do a rough estimation of the pricing using the xe converter. The one I bought is USD$33.95 so after converting is about SGD$48 plus. This price is before the 10% discount for quoting ‘ANNAFONG’. After discount would be about SGD$42plus. 😉

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