BBQ Galore

Supposedly to hold a bazaar at Kbox over the weekend. However, the event was cancelled last minute. We were invited to Jamie & Victor’s place for a bbq event. Initially, the children had to make their way there first due to the bazaar. In the end, we could pop by together with the children earlier.

At about 3 plus, Kaiden and Jonathan changed out of their home clothes to swimwear. Kaitlyn could not swim due to her skin condition but was given a water snooker gun to spray water at the father and son.

Despite not being able to go for water play, Kaitlyn still enjoyed herself just spraying water at the duo. 😉

While they were swimming and spraying water, I decided to explore more functions of my Canon Ixus 850. An old camera that I have bought but didn’t know this function existed until that day Anne showed it to me. And was told that only canon cameras have this function.

The images are created with the Colour Accent function. I selected the colour that I wanted to keep and the rest auto converted to black and white.

Victor started the fire at 4 plus. By the time I finished bathing for Kaiden and Kaitlyn, the food was ready.

We decided to take some fun shots while waiting for more food to be done. 😉

The BBQ was a bit early. At about 5pm, we have started eating. Before going to Jamie’s place, I had a McSpicy and was really full. Jonathan and the children had chicken rice. Thus we ate quite little and ended up sitting at the beach chairs chitchatting while Kaitlyn walked up and down with her mashmallow.

It was fun but would be better if we went there empty stomach. Hee hee then we will fill our stomach with more food. We got to leave early also as Kaitlyn had already dozed off.


What I Wore

Dressed in a translucent chiffon top from Catwalkclose. CWC is one of the earliest blogshop that I have patronised. I bought this top like last year? but only got to wear it recently. My necklace is my new creation and not forgetting the clutch which is sold in EverydayShopper now.


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