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Trio’s Birthday

Before the month ends, I better blog about the celebration I had with Jonathan’s family. As mentioned, MIL, Xueli and my birthday all fall on the same month. For the 3 years, we have celebrated our birthdays together in April. 🙂

This year, Jamie treated us to Taste Paradise for dinner.

Food is good. Can never go wrong with Victor and Jamie’s recommendations. 🙂

Of course, we did not just have those shown above. We were so busy chatting, taking care of the kids and eating that we forgot to take pictures of the food that were served later. 🙂

The Trio

We never fail to receive flowers from MIL on our birthdays. 🙂

We started the kids off with fried rice. Somehow flavoured rice are Kaiden’s favourite. He can always finish at least 2 bowls of fried or chicken rice. *Yummy* 🙂

Tada… Now presenting the couples in order of the Fong ranking. 🙂

Was in awe when the cake arrived. It was the same birthday cake I had the day before with my family’s celebration. It was such a coincidence. The cake must be really that good that Jamie and Justin would get the same flavour. 🙂

As usual, the kids can’t wait to blow off the candles. Both of them , especially Kaitlyn, are eyeing at the chocolate deco on the cake.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. Really enjoyed myself on both days of the celebrations and with everyone of my family members. You guys are truly the best. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

CatwalkClose – Irregular Pleated Chiffon Pixie Top in Wine (Size M). Nice colour but was a little loose on me. The top was a little short (haha or rather the problem lies with me, got a long torso) so by the end of the day, some parts of the top was already tucked out of my pants. Remedy, I just got a new pair of high waisted pants from CatwalkClose and is so loving it. 🙂 

Flowers compliments from FlowerPotties, an online florist which my MIL set up. Though I am not a flower lover but being able to receive flowers on such special day is still a joy. 🙂


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A New Launch on the way…….


EverydayShopper is finally updating with a new collection.

It will be on Sat 23rd April at 10am.

A lot of yummy apparels and I actually kept a few myself.

I am totally in love with the lacey top. Love the lace and crochet. So victorian and demure-looking.

It’s so easy to match. Wore this out to meet my besties for dinner in a pair of shorts. For work, match it with pants or the ruched high waisted skirt which will be featuring in the new collection.

The crop top and high waisted skirt were love at first sight.

Wore this same combination as above on my birthday celebration. 🙂

The skirt, in suede material, is very so versatile that it matches almost any tops in my wardrobe. 🙂 As for the crop top, it’s in chiffon and love the botton up at the back. 🙂

What else can we expect from the launch?

Besides those mentioned above. The bow top and colour block top are my next two favourites.

Can’t wait for the collection to be out.

See ya tomorrow at 10am. 🙂

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Finally A Twosome Time…

Thanks to my mum who has helped to take care of the kids, I got to have a twosome time with Jonathan while we set up the box at Toys Outpost.

Initially wanted Sushi Teh but had an overdose of Japanese food lately and didn’t want to stuff myself with more. In the end, we settled for Carl’s Junior. Had my favourite mushroom burger but as usual, I can’t finished it and got Jon to zap it.

Thanks to the ‘hardworking’ stuff at Outpost, my box is not totally cleared. While waiting for them to clear the box, Jonathan and I headed to my favourite store, Daiso. I can pratically stay there the whole day browsing through every item. As usual, bought stuff to beautify the display box. When we went back to Outpost, the staffs were super busy to even clean up my box. 😦 After talking to the staff, she promised to clean up for me at night after the shop closes. Crossing my fingers that she keeps her word. Will drop by end of the week to take another look and probably to include new accessories. 🙂


Outfit of the Day

LoveBonito Bohemian Blouse in pink. Love the blouse for its material. So soft and comfy. Though 3/4 sleeves, likes the way they puff when they are stuck at my elbows.

TheVelvetDolls‘s Chic Porter Shorts. (My favourite shorts right now). Snug fit and best of all, so versatile. Matches almost everything in my wardrobe. 🙂

oooo check out my new handmade acrylic moustache necklace. Moustache is specially imported from US. I am so in love with it and so is Kaitlyn. 🙂

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Happy Birthday!!!!

April is one of my favourite months of the year. My cousins’ birthdays, my birthday, Daddy and MIL’s birthdays (so coincidence that both are born on the same day), the day when Jonathan and I declared our 1st day offically together, Xueli’s birthday. Basically, people around me are sending and receiving blessings.

On 2nd April, my family gathered everyone, which was pretty rare chance for we are all busy with our own stuff, for a dinner. Mainly to celebrate my little brother’s birthday which is at end of mar, my daddy and my birthday which is just one day after another. 🙂

LOL. I always told Jonathan that Daddy must have received me as the best birthday present from mommy cos I appeared just the day before his birthday. Hope I have not given him a lot of problems during my growing up period. 🙂

Okay, seems like the only place we visit and visit is nowhere but Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant in Carlton Hotel. Mum likes the roast duck there and since this dinner is treated by her, we sort of like obliged to her request. 🙂

Seems like it has become a habit for Jonathan to take a family picture whenever we are glamourously dressed. 🙂 So we did while waiting for my parents who is living just upstairs in the same block to get ready.

Finally our sumptous dinner at Wah Lok. These dishes are highly recommended by Jamie. Thanks Sis! My family totally enjoyed them.

While waiting…. for food to serve, for cake to be cut… so that we can eat. 🙂

Anne and Justin… They got attacked for questions with regards to marriage. LOL. They are only 21 years old.

My young me. Everyone who sees me and Kaitlyn will say she is the younger version of me. 🙂

The cake that Justine bought and such a coincidence that I ate the same cake the very next day at the celebration with Jonathan’s family. 🙂 This shows how good the cake is.

More proof to show that the cake is good. Just take a look at the way Kaiden eats. Whatever food that goes through him, it looks good.

Birthday boy, girl and man???

Our family photo. Always taken only once a year.

Photos for remembrance before we leave the place. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

EverydayShopper Slouchy Chiffon Crop Top and Ruched High Waisted Skirt. Both from the upcoming collection.

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Sashimi, Sushi, Japanese Food

Had a chance to go to sushi buffet at Ikoi again. In the afternoon, Jonathan and I were to go for a massage session then to meet Jonathan’s family for dinner. Jamie and Victor were really nice to help take care of the kids and picked them up in late morning.

All dressed up and ready for our massage session. Outfit of the Day – TVD (Versatile chiffon top) and TTR (High Waisted Shorts)

The versatile top is nice for buffet. However, I think I look fat in it and do not do justice to the top. A few days ago, one of Kaiden’s classmates’ mum even asked me if I am pregnant. What a nice way to say that I put on weight. 😦 The top was a bit low so towards the end of the day, I changed the straps to halter neck.

When we reached Subtle Senses, the spa was closed. Not to our surprised cos Jonathan and I had already expected something like this would happen after they closed their Taka branch. Just that we did not expect the closure to be so fast. Did not know what to do, some nice victims called for the police. We left our particulars and went back to Jamie’s house for discussions. Well, Jamie and Victor are also customers of Subtle Senses. Together, we filed a police case and hopefully can get our money back which we very much doubt so.

Nevertheless, we still went on with our Ikoi Sushi Buffet Dinner. Reached Ikoi at about 6.30pm. That place was really packed with people.

Kaitlyn and her ‘shen shen’

The loser signs as explained by the couple, “Lost money, let’s drown our sorrows with wine.”

I think the happiest are the kids.

Kaitlyn got to  drink a can of coke by herself.

Kaiden was grouchy after awoken from his sleep but in the end, enjoyed his Tempura Ebi that he had forgotten about the grouchiness. I think the Tempura Ebi is really good. So tasty that he did not even want to share with me. 🙂

Finally a chance for Jonathan and I to take a picture. See what the kids did. Playing peek-a-boo with ‘shu shu’ who was the photographer….

Finally, a decent picture taken after Gerald zoomed in the lens and with Jamie and Vic’s help to distract the kids.

LOL…. they are having coke, pretending to be adults.

A group photo taken by Kaitlyn with Jonathan’s help.

Before going home, we went to Ben’s and Jerry’s for our dessert. Nice and ‘filledful’ dinner.

A big thank you to Jamie and Victor for footing the bills. 🙂

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I got to get smack on the butt. I have been buying non-stop since BC went back to their every 4 days launch. Practically getting at least 1 item from each launch. I definitely got to stop my shopping craze for the month of August as Jonathan and I are going to Hong Kong at the end of the month for another form of shopping spree. Without the kids tagging along, thanks to my in laws who have enlisted by us to help take care while Jonathan and I have some twosome time together.

Below are my buys from BC in a chronological order from the latest to the earlier. Just 5 items for this post. 😉

The Frills Spag Maxi is love. There are about 6 colours to choose from. All yummylicious. Just that I thought darker colour would make my bulging body looks slimmer. I was really happy when Jonathan saw it and immediately commented that I look really slim in it. I think it must have something to do with the cutting. I really looked slim and tall. I am 1.59m and the dress hem ended just nice at my ankles. I love the ruffles at the front. Definitely a tummy hider. Kaiden’s gonna call me a princess when he sees me in this dress. Made of viscose so I can assume that it would be nice and cool for a hot weather in Singapore.

Mesh Chiffon Frock in Grey. Some how I have been getting grey stuff. Thought that darker colours would make me look smaller. *or am I wrong?* Not a very fantastic piece in my opinion. The waistline makes me look big and the bust area is not that flattering. The only thing I like is the mesh area and the colour combinations. Kinda of sexy with the peek-a-boo mesh.

Mod-Back-To-School Basic. Everythough I am no longer schooling. I love this top. It’s really a basic top which I could wear almost every day. The unique part is the extra fabric that is sewed over the black crew neck t-shirt. Never expected the coral to be so pinkish. Nevertheless, I would say is something that I would wear day in day out.

Slouchy Off-Shoulder Top. I have already wore this out on the day with Jonathan at Iluma’s Empire State Restaurant. Lovely piece to have as well for day in and day out. Simple and a presentable piece for work and school. I am now contemplating to get more colours. The pink is really pretty. Anne owns the pink. 😉 *I am sure we can share share right?*

Lastly my review is from Rach’s previous collection. My fourth pair of shoes from BC.

Not sure why I am so obsessed with BC shoes. Just love them for the comfort and fit. You know sometimes you do get blisters when wearing new shoes? I have never experience this with the BC shoes. This pair of shoes is really nice. Specially bought it in grey to match my grey buys and of course after seeking Anne’s opinion. Heard that I can get the same design from Mitju but have not gotten the chance to see it.

Overall, I love all my buys from Bonitochico. The frequent launches are really making me poorer each month. Bonitochico has also been voted for the Most Addictive Local Blogshop by Cleo Magazine. So now I guess I know the reason for all my recent buys with Bonitochico. 😉

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Online Review – Convertible Dress

I just gotten my Convertible Dress II from MyDesignClosets. To tell the truth, I dont’ even know why I have gotten this dress. Probably due to the fun of it. As stated, this is a convertible dress and this time round, I want to have fun in converting the dress, thus, my model for this post is my amazing daughter, Kaitlyn. 😉

Amazingly, the dress can fit her as a maxi dress. If it is worn on me, the length will end around 1 to 2 inches above my knees. After trying out on her, Jonathan is so tempted to get the baby blue piece which TheDesignClosets are still opening for Backorder. Check out below at how fun this dress could be. According to the designer, this dress could be worn in 9 styles and Anne and I have tried out 4 styles on Kaitlyn.

Presents to you… our Princess KaitlynOf all the styles, I love Kaitlyn most in the Knotted Front Halter and Knotted Shoulders. I like the versatility of the dress. Many versions of dress was launched quite some time ago by other blogshops but too revealing for me as they do not come with a matching tube manufactured by TheDesignClosets. I love the material as well, light and flowy.

If you are interested, you can join in their backorders now which is closing on 23 July.

I have gotten many many loots these few days. Can’t wait to review them. Maybe I shall wait till I get my loots from the launches by Agneselle and TheTinselRack later today. 😉

At the same time… I will launching a new collection of accessories with my handmade charms. Check out the charms I am going to offer. Launch date… TBC


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