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I got to get smack on the butt. I have been buying non-stop since BC went back to their every 4 days launch. Practically getting at least 1 item from each launch. I definitely got to stop my shopping craze for the month of August as Jonathan and I are going to Hong Kong at the end of the month for another form of shopping spree. Without the kids tagging along, thanks to my in laws who have enlisted by us to help take care while Jonathan and I have some twosome time together.

Below are my buys from BC in a chronological order from the latest to the earlier. Just 5 items for this post. 😉

The Frills Spag Maxi is love. There are about 6 colours to choose from. All yummylicious. Just that I thought darker colour would make my bulging body looks slimmer. I was really happy when Jonathan saw it and immediately commented that I look really slim in it. I think it must have something to do with the cutting. I really looked slim and tall. I am 1.59m and the dress hem ended just nice at my ankles. I love the ruffles at the front. Definitely a tummy hider. Kaiden’s gonna call me a princess when he sees me in this dress. Made of viscose so I can assume that it would be nice and cool for a hot weather in Singapore.

Mesh Chiffon Frock in Grey. Some how I have been getting grey stuff. Thought that darker colours would make me look smaller. *or am I wrong?* Not a very fantastic piece in my opinion. The waistline makes me look big and the bust area is not that flattering. The only thing I like is the mesh area and the colour combinations. Kinda of sexy with the peek-a-boo mesh.

Mod-Back-To-School Basic. Everythough I am no longer schooling. I love this top. It’s really a basic top which I could wear almost every day. The unique part is the extra fabric that is sewed over the black crew neck t-shirt. Never expected the coral to be so pinkish. Nevertheless, I would say is something that I would wear day in day out.

Slouchy Off-Shoulder Top. I have already wore this out on the day with Jonathan at Iluma’s Empire State Restaurant. Lovely piece to have as well for day in and day out. Simple and a presentable piece for work and school. I am now contemplating to get more colours. The pink is really pretty. Anne owns the pink. 😉 *I am sure we can share share right?*

Lastly my review is from Rach’s previous collection. My fourth pair of shoes from BC.

Not sure why I am so obsessed with BC shoes. Just love them for the comfort and fit. You know sometimes you do get blisters when wearing new shoes? I have never experience this with the BC shoes. This pair of shoes is really nice. Specially bought it in grey to match my grey buys and of course after seeking Anne’s opinion. Heard that I can get the same design from Mitju but have not gotten the chance to see it.

Overall, I love all my buys from Bonitochico. The frequent launches are really making me poorer each month. Bonitochico has also been voted for the Most Addictive Local Blogshop by Cleo Magazine. So now I guess I know the reason for all my recent buys with Bonitochico. 😉


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More Reviews

I have not been reviewing my online stuff for very very long time. Not been buying a lot lately as well. 😉

Today, I will be reviewing stuff from Bonitochico, HerVelvetVase, Agneselle and Swivelle, a new blogshop that I have patronised for the first time.

Not a lover of high waisted shorts cos they made my torsor looks short. Maybe I am just not used to it. The BonitoChico military high waisted shorts is not in very thick material thus would need some ironing before wearing it out. Good for hot days. On the other hand, thanks to Anne who managed to be the first 100 customers to make payment for me, I received this. *grinning*

A complimentary set of Essential shampoo and conditioner. 😉

I am not really a babydoll person. This Bonitochico piece attracted my attention with its unique print. A bit low in my opinion; therefore, I have to either wear an inner or put Hollywood Fashion tape to secure it. A bit loose at the armpit area thus no problem with armpit fats.

I know that it is very difficult to buy shoes online as the sizes may vary. So far buying shoes from Bonitochico is not a problem for me. They gave very specific measurements to the sizing. This is my 3rd pair of shoes from Bonitochico. The BC Weaved Cork Wedges comes in 2 colours, pink and cream. Since I already have 2 pairs of pink shoes from BC, I decided to settle on cream of this wedge. This pair of wedge is about 3.5 inches. Super high for me but comfortable. At least I feel the ground more as compared to wearing a sky high heels. Worth the buy. 😉

Next to review is HerVelvetVase Chiffon Off Shoulder Frock in Pink. Kind of like off shoulder stuff as they make me feel sexy. The top part supposed to look oversized thus I do feel big on the top. Match with HVV belt which I got it for only $3. Thanks to Anne for purchasing it for me when she purchased hers.

A highly sought after piece from Agneselle, Serena Top. I tried to comment for it during the launch. Imagine, being within the 1st minute to comment for it, I still did not manage to buy the piece. This piece was bought from an open market. Love the white chiffon. Makes one feel angelic. However, nudes are advised as the white is quite sheer. Amazingly, this AE piece sizing is slightly bigger as compared to the past pieces I have. Thus can fit up to a big UK 8.

My first purchase from Swivelle. This is a very basic cami top. Love the unique dusty lavender shade. A bit preggy on me but who cares since I can use it to hide my tummy. 😉 Nice top to have and need to comment on their customer service. I received the top within 3 days and with a sweet handwritten personalised thank you note. What’s more can I ask for.

That’s all for my reviews tonight. Kind of missing AE’s launches as the gals are taking turns to go on holidays. No BC launches this week as well, BC gals having holidays also and preparing for this weekend’s warehouse sales. Online shopping is so quiet lately. 😦

For those who are interested, Bonitochico is having a warehouse sale at Helipad this sunday. You can check out their website for more information. 😉

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Imperial treatment + Online Review

Imperial Treatment

Facial? Spa? Nope, we are talking about the Imperial Treasure Restaurant at Paragon. Jonathan’s family gathered at there for a birthday lunch. It was a celebration of my father-in-law’s birthday. Victor is always armed with contacts of all the nice restaurants. Whenever we are going to have a gathering, he will be  the leader to do the reservation and ordering.

We were all dressed up and with some inspiration from reading VIVI mag, I dressed Kaitlyn up in a dress with a long sleeve boyfriend shirt. Well, that shirt is actually Kaiden’s and to think that she can fit into his shirt. 🙂 She loves the way she is styled so much that she accessorized herself creatively.

Camwhoring on our way there and spotted Kaiden’s ‘What’s the women doing?’ look.

Could not find the restaurant initially but luckily met Jamie and Victor to lead us to the destination.

Kaiden’s toy of the day. Harold. He needs to be entertained by his own toys. 🙂

We had shao er (roast goose) as a special order. Besides that, we ordered dimsum and chicken fried rice for Kaitlyn due to her food restriction (chicken pox). The roast goose tasted really good. Can see from the plate that it was all gone. LOL

The iphone craze as demonstration by our family members. Now all of us could not leave home without it. Purpose? As part of the entertainment for children. Everytime, Jamie lends her iphone to Kaiden, he would ask…. “Your ipod got sound or not?” cos sometimes, Victor would give him an ipod instead of iphone to play.


A family pic of Gerald and wife, and the older generation.

After the lunch, we took the children to the little playground on the same floor. The playground was filled with little children. Gerald took the intiative to join in the fun with my two little imps while the rest of us just used our eye power on them.

Some random pics with Xueli and Jamie.

What I Wore

I wore the famous Bonitochico Chiffon Mini in fushcia paired with the Hollyhoque High Girl Power Blazer. Nice combination but somehow felt a bit overdressed. Nevertheless, I felt great looking chic and nice as a mother. My shoes? My nude wedges are from Bonitochico as well. Nudes are very popular now and it matches well with anything.

Online review

This is the second time Bonitochico has launched the chiffon ruffles. They came in another 2 new prints. Anne bought on behalf for me and chose blue instead of green. Verstile top that can be worn casually with shorts or smartly tucked with bandage skirt.

Starting to love Agneselle as well. This basic babydoll top was bought by Anne also when I was in Korea. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that they launched while I was away. Anne sure brightened up my day when she told me she ordered a piece for me.

Another top, Serene, by Agneselle. Love the unique collar. This is so far the only top that can fit up to UK10 for agneselle. Hmmm somehow I noticed that I have been buying white stuff from AE.

Lastly, a review for TheVelvetDolls‘s jmpsuit. Again, it was bought by Anne when I told her I like it in their preview picture before the launch. Disappointed with the material. Thought to be better quality cotton. Like the harem bottom though. Squeezes a bit of armpit fats.

Picture of the day

I almost fainted when I saw this picture after downloading my photos. Seems like Kaitlyn has been secretly picking up skills from me. LOL


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Brunchie + Online Review

Managed to sneak out of my mother’s place without the kids to have a quick lunch with Jonathan. After walking up and down the staircase for a few times… peering through 3 different restaurants’ menu, we then decided to step into Hog’s Breath in TPY.

Coincidently, there was a birthday party going on and that section was decorated with Thomas the Train banner and flags. Oh mine… Kaiden would love it to the max. We were urshered to a seat by the wall. The ambience is nice for its soft lighting and spacious funitures.

Love the cutie pig napkin and the colourful menu.

We then decided on the orders since we were very hungry. Jonathan took up the challenge and ordered the Boss Hog Double Burger while I ordered the Finger Food Combo. It was our first time eating in Hog’s Breath so we were anticipating the arrival of the food.

The dessert caught my attention but left it to the last to order in case we were real full.


and waiting…. and finally….

Jonathan was too hungry to even let me take a picture of it. Obviously he has taken a bite and put it back. 🙂

Omg…. the burger is way too big to put into his mouth. He tried once… then gave up and separated the burger and ate each of its own.

We were so full after the meal, tummys could not even take in the dessert. Boo hooo…. got to leave the dessert on another day.

We spent the whole day at my mother’s place. Anne was too bored that she started experimenting with Kaitlyn’s hair. The result……

Lady Gaga in the making…. LOL (but Kaitlyn does not like the hairstyle at all.)


Online Reviews

Have not been doing reviews for quite some time. Anne has helped me gotten some clothes while I was away in Korea. Below are just 4 reviews that I have taken pictures of.

Throwovers are very popular now in blogshops. There are many blogshops selling them especially the knitted ones. This piece, Zigzag knitted throwover is from Bonitochico which was launched quite some time ago. The piece is thin and quite airy for a humid day in Singapore right now. Easy to match and wearable on normal days. 🙂

 Another Bonitochico item that I have gotten during their sales. This might be the cheapest BC item that I have in my wardrobe. The peacock dress is well-known for its vibrant colour. I love the prints and colour combination. The dress was a bit tight at my bust area thus squeezes armpit fats. Most probably I would match with a jacket or cardi to hide those fats.

This is the romper that Kaitlyn put to her body and said it fitted her just right. Floral romper is from TheDesignClosets. I was a bit skeptical to this piece. Thought the floral made me really look auntie but it looks really good on Zoe in the photos. In the end, I decided to keep it for it’s really comfortable with the cooling viscose material. Most importantly I like the look of being matched with my jacket shown below.

Waited like 3 weeks for this High Power Girl Blazer to arrive from HollyHoque. I ordered this blazer via backorder. An inspired jacket worn by Blake Lively with some changes to the sleeves. Material was a bit disappointing but love the cutting and the design thus make up for it. Look at how it changes my simple and plain romper to chic looking style.

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Surprise!!!! + Korea Day 4

I should have blog this long time ago. On my birthday itself. The day came with a surprise. Not from anyone else but Jonathan. Due to his job, we have not celebrated my birthdays together for years. But every year, he would suprise me with something.

In the year, 2008, Jonathan was in Singapore and we got to celebrated my birthday in the hospital. Kaiden was diagnosed with Bronchitics and thus had to stay in hospital for about a week. Jonathan bought my favourite Joo Chiat Bak Chok Noodles into the room. Staying in a 2-bedded room with another young boy, he was aroused by Jonathan’s footsteps and woke up. The poor boy who smelt the aroma of the bak chok noodles told his mum, “Mummy…. uncle eating what… smells so nice….” And the irony was, the boy was suffering from food poisoning thus could only have simple porridge the whole day. We then felt so bad about bringing in the food but the only thing we could do was to quickly finish up the noodles and hoped that the smell will not linger in the room for long. That’s how I celebrated my birthday in 2008.

In 2009, I went to work and I was surprised by a nice bronze Gucci bag on my workstation. Thinking that someone could have left the bag on the wrong station, I ignored it. As my workstation was right beside the door… the bag actually drew much attention to my colleagues who walked in and out of the room. Everyone started asking me about the Gucci paper bag and was really interested to know what was inside. And because of that eye catching bag, birthday wishes from my colleagues also started coming in. I was wondering who could be the nice colleague to have gotten me such an exquisite gift. When I opened the bag and peered into, I saw a card with Jonathan’s name on it. Inside the giftbox was a brown card holder. He actually managed to get a little elf, Angie,  to run the errand for him. They liaised together via msn and then Angie took the trip down to Gucci, chose the present… and tada… on my table.  I was really touched and indeed a memorable birthday gift from him.

This year, I celebrated my birthday without him again. Must be I was overwhelmed by the suprise last year that he did it once again. This time round, he got my sister, Anne, to be the elf. That day, I came home after picking Kaitlyn from piano. Went to the study room to take my stuff and saw this nice little wrapped up present on the study table in front of my comp. The first thought that came into my mind was Jonathan was back? and started searching the whole house for him. Then I took a second look at the present and noticed that the handwritten note could not be his handwritting. Then I went up to my mum place and told Anne about it. She kept laughing and then did I know that she was that little elf that Jonathan employed this year. It was a dress from my favourite blogshop, Bonitochico.

Wanna see how I look in it?

The dress when launched did not catch my eyes at all. But after I wore  and taken a picture of it, I must admit that Jonathan does have some sense of fashion. LOL !!! The dress was real comfy. Nothing to worry about especially the tummy, the armpit fats. Great dress for causal days. 🙂


Korea Day 4

Wow, it was after so many posts that I found out how to change the font sizes. So silly of me. Anyway I shall continue my post for Korea.

Day 4 was a total disaster in the morning. Wonder how we actually heard that the meet up was at 8.30pm. Morning call was at 6.30am… lazed for about 15mins then got up to get ready. When we were about to leave the room for breakfast at 7.30am, Victor came in and told us that we are leaving at 7.30am instead of 8.30am. Oh dear, no breakfast for the kids and us. When we reached the bus, the tour guide was really nice to present us with packed breakfast. Just the thought already warmed our cold morning.

Managed to snatch some time to camwhore while family entertained the children.

The day started with a shopping trip at the Doota, a shopping mall at Dongdaemun. Only given like 2 hours, we could only browse through the fashion. Managed to get the cute little post it for Anne cos she kept raving to me about Yina’s purchases from Cotton Candy. With only 20 mins left, Jamie, Xueli and I took a walk to the underground stalls while the others were left behind to take care of the kids. The 1000 won attracted Xueli’s attention. The whole rack of earrings costing 1000 won. So it’s only like $1.30 for each earrings? The next moment, each of us were holding on to a basket and putting earrings into it. 🙂 Jonathan also took the opportunity to  meddle with his camera.

Before we knew, it was lunch time. We had Bibimbap, hot pot rice. The rice was really nice with their special chilli sauce.  Not forgetting the usual steamboat pot.  

After the lunch, we then proceeded to the Kimpo Domestic Airport for a flight to Jeju, widely known as the “Honeymoon Island” for its romantic tropical settings.

When we reached Jeju, we were taken to a road with the most amazing view. Cherry blossom welcomed us on both sides of the road. Pictures tell a thousand words. 🙂

Jamie’s pictures with the children. Especially love the one she took with Kaitlyn. Just so lovely. 😉

More pictures of myself.

Shopping time again… 🙂 We were then ferried to TopDong Street for a short shopping spree. We went into another accessories store. Overwhelmed by their accessories. Now I know why Korean accessories are so raved for. There were so many varieties. I bought a few earrings for myself again. Kaitlyn could not help herself and started picking stuff to put into the little basket. I told her that she could only buy two items. This little imp grabbed two items, put into my basket… and then secretly put the rest into Jamie’s basket. Without knowing, Jamie paid for all her items including Kaitlyn. Seems like Kaitlyn has the last laugh. 🙂

What were the guys doing? Loitering outside and somehow managed to find food for the ladies. Good job guys. 🙂

Eating never seemed to end when we were brought to a restaurant for dinner. We changed our strategy in feeding the children. Usually, we would fill the children’s stomach first then ours. However, Jonathan and I found that we have to always rush to finish the food and worst, sometimes not even have enough time to finish. For this meal, we actually ate together with the children as in feeding them at the same time. Somehow this strategy worked and meal time seemed to be more at ease. 🙂

After dinner, we watched a muscial? a show? whatever, was called ‘Nanta’. It was a non verbal perfomance based on the rhythms of samullori (traditional Korean percussion). The whole performance was an eye opener. I think the show actually was staged in Singapore some time ago

The show was about 4 cooks trying to prepare a banquet for a wedding dinner before 6 o’clock. The cooks would do acrobats, use their knives to create rhythms and of course some comical scenes to lighten our night. There were a lot of audience and performers interaction. The scene that left the deepest impression was the party time. The performers used water drums and with the lighting effect and music, really made my adrenaline pumping. Watch the sneak preview of the promotion video for the show below. The whole stuff really amazed me and heard that this show is designated as one of the ten things to see in Korea.

The day ended with the show. The children totally knocked out on the bus and was glad that they slept through the night as Jonathan and I were really tired too. 🙂

Shall end the post with some reflections. Though it was just halfway through our Korean 8 days tour, I have found out that guys actually can perform a very good job as a caregiver. Pictures will tell you why. They took care of the children while the gals could not succumb to the pleasures of shopping. They entertained the children when the gals wanted to spend more time in a beauty shop. The trip was definitely more enjoyable with their help. 🙂

Thank you so much to Jonathan (Daddy), Victor (Gu Zhong) and Gerald (Susu) for making this trip a very lighthearted one for me. 😉

Hmmm you guys want to join us for another trip? LOL




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Claypot Fun + Online Reviews

I was glad to receive my sis and bro-in-laws’, Jamie and Victor’s, help in loading one child off me. They took Kaitlyn to watch Disney on Ice. Vic and Sis picked Kaitlyn up at 2pm. At the same time, we agreed to meet for dinner at Claypot Fun at the ECP Big Splash Playground.

I heard from Kaitlyn that GuGu bought donut for her and she has really enjoyed herself. Sis also told me that Kaitlyn was really good as well. She didn’t make them buy any toys for her. That’s because before she left, I reminded her not to bug Sis to buy anything… if not… we will not take her there again.

Kaitlyn was really excited about the trip. She picked her clothes the day before and even packed her own bag. I don’t know what she has put in her bag until I saw these pictures. Of course the pictures were provided by Sis.

In the evening, we met up at ECP’s Claypot Fun together with Gerald, Xueli and my parents-in-laws. The moment Kaiden saw Victor, he was really excited and gave him a big kiss and a big hug.

We were given a seat outside the walkway. It was breezy therefore we did not really mind about it. We ordered a few stuff. But for the kids, they could only have frog leg claypot as Kaitlyn cannot take most of the stuff on the menu due to her eczema.

The utensils used were so much like the olden days. The food is not bad I would say. Instead of the normal black sauce, Claypot Fun uses their special mixed sauce for the claypot rice. The pork liver and the fermented vegetables were also very nice.

Kaiden loved the rice that he ate three bowls all by himself. I felt so relieved that I did not have to feed him and Kaitlyn was very cooperative though she was grouchy after her nap.

See the difference in her? Happy on the way to the show, Disney on Ice, on the right and grouchy from her nap on the left. She did not even want to face the camera. 🙂

Sis and Vic, really nice of them to take Kaitlyn out. I like the picture which Kaiden and Sis took. Kaiden is so demure looking. Cannot see any devilish in him. LOL

and compared to the one I took with him ….LOL

Oh my, the gals are in ES clothings except me… Shame on me. 😦


What I wore

As seen from above, I wore a very simple outfit, white spag top and skinny. However, the look was changed by pairing with a military style jacket. The jacket was bought from BKK during one of my purchasing trip for ES. The sleeves are a bit long. Should have altered it. I am not really a jacket person, so took the opportunity of the cooling weather on that day to put it on.


Online Reviews

Agneselle is not a blogshop I would usually shop. This maybe due to the sizing of their clothes. The model, Pei Ling, is really skinny, about UK 6 and they actually made the clothes according to her sizing.  The Grecian top comes in the dress version as well which I have it in lovely blue. The zipper is not really smooth and person with bigger ribcage may have difficult wearing it. It does squeeze a little of armpit fats. 😦 However, nothing could stop me from getting it. Highly raved for and so pretty.Just a note, their clothes are also usually sold out with 2 minutes. One of the highly sought blogshops with all self manufactured pieces.

Another piece from Bonitochico. I am basically a BC fan. Love their clothes as the model has the same sizing as me. Love this top very much. The flutter sleeves and oversized covered all my flaws. 😉 The only draw back is the sheernees of the top. Maybe that is why an inner is provided. The top also comes with a belt; however, I do not really like the belt and used my own belt instead.

A top from Hollyhoque. The top does not really gave me a ‘wow’ feel as compared to the BC oversized top. I must admit that the model, Joyce, carried the top very well and thus tempted me to buy it. It’s a square neck top and colour definitely is not purple as stated in the website. It should be kind of maroon or liver red. A very comfortable piece and great for casual wear.

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