Fireworks Spectacular

I really love going to my parent’s place especially during National Day period. My family lives on the 18th floor and presents a spectacular view of the Singapore Flyer and the Raffles and CBD areas. Sometimes taking time out to see the view really soothe my day. This view is taken from the living room. The dining room offers the same view but with the Singapore Flyer directly in the front of me when I sat down at the dining table.

Today, there is a NDP rehearsal or rather NE show. Jonathan was really excited cos finally he can “play’ with Canon 7D. Anne was also very excited to capture the fireworks. The children got to watch the national flag fly pass and the fireworks almost every weekend that we are there. Kaiden has learnt to pronounce “Singapore” and shouted continuously ‘Singapore, Singapore’ when he saw the flag passing by. I think it could be that the teachers in his school have already starting teaching him all the stuff related to the National Day.

The time I missed Singapore the most was when I was in the US Arizona for two years. Jonathan was in the airforce and was posted there to work. We also celebrated National Day on 8th August in Arizona. For the two years, hearing the familiar singapore songs tend to make me miss home even more. 😦

Finally the best part came after we decided to take a quick dinner. The fireworks started at about 8.10pm. Jonathan has already set up his camera for the long awaited fireworks. I am so glad that I can watch the fireworks at the ease of my parent’s house without having to cramp at the overly crowded Marina. 🙂


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