Iluma – Empire State Restaurant

Jonathan decided to take me out for a dinner after the unhappy incident. Partially to spend some personal time together since he has been busy working in the warehouse. Could not decide where to go, Anne actually suggested Iluma since I have the intention of going to Bugis Village.

Upon reaching Iluma, we were shock at the “variety” of food eateries offered. Finally we settled on the Empire State Restaurant for the decorations attracted us.

We ordered our food. The menu was really interesting as the picture of the actual size burger actually attracted our attention.

Finally decided and ordered the stuff below.

I was amazed at how one can finish with such burger size.

Although it was only a 2 to 3 hours break away from the kids, we totally enjoyed ourselves.

Food wise, it was not very fantastic, just normal for a usual meal. However, the place is really cozy especially if you were given the sphere sofa seats. A good place to stay real long for chit chatting session with their desserts and drinks.


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