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I have not been reviewing my online stuff for very very long time. Not been buying a lot lately as well. πŸ˜‰

Today, I will be reviewing stuff from Bonitochico, HerVelvetVase, Agneselle and Swivelle, a new blogshop that I have patronised for the first time.

Not a lover of high waisted shorts cos they made my torsor looks short. Maybe I am just not used to it. The BonitoChico military high waisted shorts is not in very thick material thus would need some ironing before wearing it out. Good for hot days. On the other hand, thanks to Anne who managed to be the first 100 customers to make payment for me, I received this. *grinning*

A complimentary set of Essential shampoo and conditioner. πŸ˜‰

I am not really a babydoll person. This Bonitochico piece attracted my attention with its unique print. A bit low in my opinion; therefore, I have to either wear an inner or put Hollywood Fashion tape to secure it. A bit loose at the armpit area thus no problem with armpit fats.

I know that it is very difficult to buy shoes online as the sizes may vary. So far buying shoes from Bonitochico is not a problem for me. They gave very specific measurements to the sizing. This is my 3rd pair of shoes from Bonitochico. The BC Weaved Cork Wedges comes in 2 colours, pink and cream. Since I already have 2 pairs of pink shoes from BC, I decided to settle on cream of this wedge. This pair of wedge is about 3.5 inches. Super high for me but comfortable. At least I feel the ground more as compared to wearing a sky high heels. Worth the buy. πŸ˜‰

Next to review is HerVelvetVase Chiffon Off Shoulder Frock in Pink. Kind of like off shoulder stuff as they make me feel sexy. The top part supposed to look oversized thus I do feel big on the top. Match with HVV belt which I got it for only $3. Thanks to Anne for purchasing it for me when she purchased hers.

A highly sought after piece from Agneselle, Serena Top. I tried to comment for it during the launch. Imagine, being within the 1st minute to comment for it, I still did not manage to buy the piece. This piece was bought from an open market. Love the white chiffon. Makes one feel angelic. However, nudes are advised as the white is quite sheer. Amazingly, this AE piece sizing is slightly bigger as compared to the past pieces I have. Thus can fit up to a big UK 8.

My first purchase from Swivelle. This is a very basic cami top. Love the unique dusty lavender shade. A bit preggy on me but who cares since I can use it to hide my tummy. πŸ˜‰ Nice top to have and need to comment on their customer service. I received the top within 3 days and with a sweet handwritten personalised thank you note. What’s more can I ask for.

That’s all for my reviews tonight. Kind of missing AE’s launches as the gals are taking turns to go on holidays. No BC launches this week as well, BC gals having holidays also and preparing for this weekend’s warehouse sales. Online shopping is so quiet lately. 😦

For those who are interested, Bonitochico is having a warehouse sale at Helipad this sunday. You can check out their website for more information. πŸ˜‰


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