ES Creations – New launch (Earrings Galore)

ES Creations will be launching another collection on Thursday, 28th Oct at 10.30am.

This time round, I have gotten most of my inspirations from a Korean Serial, Accidental Couple, which I watched on SCV recently. I love how the lead female cast, Han Ji Soo, dresses herself and especially caught my eyes are the accessories she wore. Throughout the whole show, I never once saw her accessories repeated and every piece is so amiably matched.

Han Ji Soo carries herself with many classy pieces. One of the pieces that attracted my attention is the extrememly long pearl coin dangling earrings. It inspired me to make one with acrylic bead since I could not find the coin pearl. 🙂 Will try sourcing from oversea. 🙂

Next is another classic piece that I think everyone should have at least one in your accessories box. A basic pearl earring that Han Ji Soo wore in one of the scenes.

My inspired piece, I matched a simple pearl nugget with a Made in Japan crystal ear hooks.

Red, a popular colour Han Ji Soo used in the serial. Red bangles and red beads necklace… As you can see layering is very popular even till now even though the show was screened in 2009. 🙂


With that, my own creation of red but yet subtle kind of earrings. For those who like red but do not want to be too loud… this is something for you. 🙂

I love how the simple and classy accessories look on her. Going towards that direction, I created more simple dangling earrings and pastels tone rings.

Gonna prepare for the launch post. See ya at 10.30am tomorrow. 🙂

Picture credits – all Accidental Couple pictures credited to KBS website.


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