ES Creations – My Chic Collection #3

ES Creations will be updating a new collection on Thurs, 7th Oct at 10.30am at

This collection contains mainly of a new set of flowers that I have bought recently. Love the little dainty frosted glass flowers in pink and mint and actually used a lot of them into this new collection. The dainty frosted glass flowers will appear in my necklace, earrings, rings and hair pin. 🙂

A simple pair of earrings set in seed beads to the filigree with wires. The dangling matching teardrop plastic bead adds a touch of daintiness to the earrings.

In this collection, I also tried to sew a lace corsage to make into a hairpin. Sewing has always been something I like since young and was really happy to be able to put into good use. 🙂 Again the use of the pink and mint frosted glass flowers were used in this creation.

This time round, I have added in 3 necklaces as part of my collection. Above are 2 pieces which I like very much. The necklace on the left is just a simple chain and charm necklace. It is combined using a white round plastic bead with a horse charm and arcylic plastic heart attached to the tail. The one of the right is created with the beads affixed to a filigree with the acrylic plastic dangle. 

Lastly, I would like to share one of my great finds from Hong Kong. Love the flowers of the earrings below to bits. Making it into a stud is a bit wasteful; therefore, I created simple hook earrings with the flowers.

The colours of the flowers are lovely, isnt’ it? 🙂


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