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Hong Kong Trip Day 3

We started to slow down our pace for Day 3. Due to the enriching program on Day 2. We decided to sleep in a little later. Woke up at about 9 plus. Sometimes, it’s really nice to just laze in with the curtains drawn tight. We prepared ourselves and by the time we decided to leave the hotel room was about 10 plus. A good timing for Dim Sum.

We dropped by the restaurant just outside our hotel, Majestic Seafood Restaurant. We had missed out a good deal cos if we settle the bill before 11am, the dim sum that we have would be half price. Just too bad… we went there real late. 😦

We ordered so much more stuff that are shown in the pictures. Just too busy eating that we only took pictures of those that came earlier. After dimsum, we proceeded to MTR and to Central. Day 3 was basically a free and easy day. We just roamed Central without a map. The H&M at Central was my first stop since it was just across the road that we exited from the MTR. The sudden downpour caused us to be stranded in H&M for about 2 hours and I literally shopped to my heart for 2 hours.

We then walked along the main road and came to a small road with many staircases. Not sure where we were heading as we didn’t have a map. We decided to venture the long and endless staircase. The staircase turned into a long slope. The walk of it reminded me of the roads in San Francisco, tedious and difficult to climb slopes.

On both sides of the slopes, there were little shops that sell apparels and they were pretty cluttered. We then saw these buildings when we reached the end of the road.

These olden kind of British buildings caught Jonathan’s eyes and he could not help but kept snapping them. I didn’t bother to find out about the history of the buildings but I am sure there must be some interesting stories behind it. πŸ™‚

We then turned into another road. The feeling was totally different. The place had transformed into another new dimension, a wet market selling fruits, vegetables, poultry and seafood.

We kept on walking and then spotted a cafe tucked along those little shops. We then decided to take a rest. We were then at Li Yuen West Street No 12. This cafe reminds me of Old Town White Coffee. I am totally in love with their peanut butter bread with a spread of condensed milk on top. The bread and the milk tea only cost us HKG $11. Jonathan had luncheon meat sandwich with his usual Yuen Yang. The peanut butter bread is a definitely MUST try. I can’t forget the good taste that I make them at home for snacks now.

Continuing our journey after the tea break. We decided to just travel back to Tsim Sha Tsui for another round of shopping. πŸ™‚

On the way out of that cluttered road, Jonathan did not forget to put down his camera.

We shopped at Harbour City. Zara sales attracted our attention and were there for another hour or so. Soon, our stomachs were rumbling and decided to search for good dinner. The moment we stepped out of the building, the beautiful lightings of the shops attracted Jonathan. He immediately set up his stand and took pictures of them. Chanel, Prada, Gucci, LV… all *Love*.

Jonathan had not had his goose so we decided to walk into this restaurant when we saw the mouth watering goose hanging at the windows. πŸ™‚ Taiwan Beef noodles is along Canton Road. Just a few shops away from Tang Chao which we had in Day 1. We even ordered a goose to be packed the next day for us to bring back to Singapore.

After dinner, we walked to the harbour for The Symphony of Light. We were late when we got there. Nevertheless, Jonathan had a great time taking pictures of the night scenery. πŸ™‚

Picture perfect on the way to the harbour.

The night scene shots that Jonathan took. So postcard feel. πŸ™‚

We ended the day at Temple Street. Managed to get some hairclips and children’s stuff along Temple Street. I realised that Temple Street are selling many inspired bags… or rather replicas. Wonder if they are even allowed. πŸ™‚ The usual way to end our night was with a round of supper.


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