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Celebrate: May babies

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Decided to write something since Jon has left for work and Kaiden is still snuggling in the blanket. A rainy morning which is so good for sleep in.

This month marks almost the end of the first half year and in my family, there are two May babies. My sister who is now far away in US and my father-in-law. Could not celebrate for my sister, everyone in the family surprised her with a birthday card. Hope the card travels half the world to arrive at her place safely.

So where did we go for FIL’s birthday celebration? Our favorite restaurant, Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel for Dim Sum cum lunch. We were the first to arrive. The kiddos self entertained with games on the phone while waiting. Smartphones have literally took over our lives. They have became our time fillers. These time should be used more wisely right? I have already put on a ban to use ipad or smartphones on weekdays for the children. I am glad they are slowly living without them.

Love my Samsung EX2F. Though it may not take wonderful pictures like Jon’s Canon 7D, it is so fun taking selfie with the movable screen. It was a light-hearted lunch so Jon and I started taking selfies. The kids then wanted to join in. Kaiden is always teased by Jon being an extra cos he is so sticky to me. LOL. Even our newest member of the family, Ning, joined in the fun by photobombing one of the pics. It was hilarious. No pretty selfies in the end but these photos are the reflections of how much fun we had that day.


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Kaitlyn’s 8th Birthday

Time really flies. A blink of an eye, Kaitlyn is already eight years old. Very soon, she will be completing her primary two and move on to primary three.

This year, Kaitlyn decided on her own celebration. She was given a choice to invite friends to Kidz Amaze at Safra or to just have a family time at the Festive Hotel. She chose the hotel stay with family. She told grandma that if we were to have it at Kidz Amaze, daddy would need to spend a lot of  money. Such a nice girl to think of saving money for us.

The children spent the day at Hard Rock pool frolicking and building sandcastles. Quite a pity that I could not accompany them due to my lessons on Saturday. Immediately after class, I joined them for dinner at the Singapore Seafood Republic.

Sumptuous dinner indeed with mouth-watering Alaska crabs of three different ways of cooking, chillie, butter and steam (for the kiddos). Kaiden loves seafood and especially crabs. After Kaitlyn is tested that she is not allergy to seafood, she finally got to try them. No pictures for I was too hungry after a whole day of lessons. 🙂

How can a birthday without a birthday cake? The family got a cake from Awfully Chocolate, simple but delish. Kaiden even got  a second helping. 🙂

Kaitlyn's cake from Awfully Chocolate

Kaitlyn's cake

Kaitlyn's cake

We sang the birthday song. Remembered the days whenever we sang the birthday song, Kaitlyn would cry out loud. We used to wonder if it was because of the fire or the attention that we were giving her that made her uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she does not cry anymore now. 🙂 Xuanxuan even learnt to sing the birthday song before the celebration is due. Such a cutie pie.

Xuanxuan and daddy

Daddy’s little girl has turned into a beautiful big girl but yet always remained little in our hearts.

Kaitlyn's birthday

Though without the usual big celebrations, without the blessing of many friends, without the bustlings preparation, the family enjoyed every bit of the warm moments like this with just the few of us. I think that is good enough.

Kaitlyn's birthday family picture

Poor Kaiden, was addictively playing with the phone and was fuming mad when asked to put the phone down to take a family picture.

A very overdue post but still managed to get it out to remember the special occasion. Kaitlyn, Happy 8th Birthday to you. Mummy loves you always. 🙂


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Trio’s Birthday

Before the month ends, I better blog about the celebration I had with Jonathan’s family. As mentioned, MIL, Xueli and my birthday all fall on the same month. For the 3 years, we have celebrated our birthdays together in April. 🙂

This year, Jamie treated us to Taste Paradise for dinner.

Food is good. Can never go wrong with Victor and Jamie’s recommendations. 🙂

Of course, we did not just have those shown above. We were so busy chatting, taking care of the kids and eating that we forgot to take pictures of the food that were served later. 🙂

The Trio

We never fail to receive flowers from MIL on our birthdays. 🙂

We started the kids off with fried rice. Somehow flavoured rice are Kaiden’s favourite. He can always finish at least 2 bowls of fried or chicken rice. *Yummy* 🙂

Tada… Now presenting the couples in order of the Fong ranking. 🙂

Was in awe when the cake arrived. It was the same birthday cake I had the day before with my family’s celebration. It was such a coincidence. The cake must be really that good that Jamie and Justin would get the same flavour. 🙂

As usual, the kids can’t wait to blow off the candles. Both of them , especially Kaitlyn, are eyeing at the chocolate deco on the cake.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. Really enjoyed myself on both days of the celebrations and with everyone of my family members. You guys are truly the best. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

CatwalkClose – Irregular Pleated Chiffon Pixie Top in Wine (Size M). Nice colour but was a little loose on me. The top was a little short (haha or rather the problem lies with me, got a long torso) so by the end of the day, some parts of the top was already tucked out of my pants. Remedy, I just got a new pair of high waisted pants from CatwalkClose and is so loving it. 🙂 

Flowers compliments from FlowerPotties, an online florist which my MIL set up. Though I am not a flower lover but being able to receive flowers on such special day is still a joy. 🙂

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Kaiden’s 3rd Birthday

Kaiden is 3 years old. Compared to Kaitlyn, Kaiden is considered really fortunate as I have been staying home since he is born. Able to see his first smile, first flip, sending him to and back school and knowing how he behaves right from teacher’s mouth are some of the things that I did not get to see or do with Kaitlyn when she is younger. Ever since I stay home, I got to spend more time with both of them. Kaiden who starts school at 12.30 gets to go marketing with me, breakfast and sometimes enjoy a round of Thomas the Train shows in the morning before picking up Sister Kaitlyn. As for Kaitlyn, she studies in the morning gets the fair share of time with me in the afternoon when Kaiden goes for class.

Most of the time, Jonathan is out of town and thus we spend quite a big deal of time together. I must agree that Kaitlyn and Kaiden have a very ‘loving’ relationship despite constant quarrels.

On Kaiden’s 3rd birthday, Jonathan and I decided to just invite our families members for a simple dinner. We prepared Laksa and some finger food. A Thomas the Train cake was ordered from Aunty Yochana. Kaiden was really amazed with the cake as he chose the characters to be placed on the cake himself. 🙂

In the morning, all of us dropped by Bugis to blow up the Singing Thomas the Train balloon and bought some balloons to be given to the children.

The first attraction of the day, the singing Thomas the Train balloon.

Thanks to Jamie and Victor, they came over as early as 2pm to help take care of the children while we went to collect the cake. The cake was really pretty. A jaw opener for me. However, I think I still prefer the traditional cake. I think I will get Durian cake the next time round. 🙂

The second attraction of the day, Thomas the Train cake.

Kaiden was extremely happy on that day and extremely naughty. Was telling Jonathan, he has missed his terrible two and passed on to three.

Kaiden can’t wait to try out the trains.

Check out the finger food and the homemade lasksa from Prima Taste. Laksa was good but my mother complained the amount being too much. Jonathan actually weighed the amount of bee hoon in each bowl. Must fair fair. LOL.

Picture taking before the singing and cutting.

Kaiden is definitely more independent compared to Kaitlyn. He came in to the kitchen, tugged on my shorts while Jonathan and I were cutting and distributing the cake, he said he wanted a piece. I took a bowl and he said he wanted to put it on a tissue paper. He took his cake, went to the dinning table with a spoon and enjoyed his cake in one corner.

Kaiden chose the train characters himself and Salty is one of his favourites.

   Jonathan said it was quite some time since we last took a picture with mum, so here we are a picture of the three of us. 🙂

The singing and cake cutting was over. Next was every children’s favourite time. Opening up the presents. I think Kaiden has the most rewards of Thomas the Train this year. Everyone in the family at least got him a set of the train.

So many that everyone got to help out in the opening. Gu Zhong and Justin Kor Kor seems to travel back to their childhood too. 🙂

Who says only birthday boy gets a present. A big thank you to 小舅母, 叔叔, 婶婶 and my family for remembering to buy one for Kaitlyn in case she got upset over the massive presents that Kaiden received.


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Imperial treatment + Online Review

Imperial Treatment

Facial? Spa? Nope, we are talking about the Imperial Treasure Restaurant at Paragon. Jonathan’s family gathered at there for a birthday lunch. It was a celebration of my father-in-law’s birthday. Victor is always armed with contacts of all the nice restaurants. Whenever we are going to have a gathering, he will be  the leader to do the reservation and ordering.

We were all dressed up and with some inspiration from reading VIVI mag, I dressed Kaitlyn up in a dress with a long sleeve boyfriend shirt. Well, that shirt is actually Kaiden’s and to think that she can fit into his shirt. 🙂 She loves the way she is styled so much that she accessorized herself creatively.

Camwhoring on our way there and spotted Kaiden’s ‘What’s the women doing?’ look.

Could not find the restaurant initially but luckily met Jamie and Victor to lead us to the destination.

Kaiden’s toy of the day. Harold. He needs to be entertained by his own toys. 🙂

We had shao er (roast goose) as a special order. Besides that, we ordered dimsum and chicken fried rice for Kaitlyn due to her food restriction (chicken pox). The roast goose tasted really good. Can see from the plate that it was all gone. LOL

The iphone craze as demonstration by our family members. Now all of us could not leave home without it. Purpose? As part of the entertainment for children. Everytime, Jamie lends her iphone to Kaiden, he would ask…. “Your ipod got sound or not?” cos sometimes, Victor would give him an ipod instead of iphone to play.


A family pic of Gerald and wife, and the older generation.

After the lunch, we took the children to the little playground on the same floor. The playground was filled with little children. Gerald took the intiative to join in the fun with my two little imps while the rest of us just used our eye power on them.

Some random pics with Xueli and Jamie.

What I Wore

I wore the famous Bonitochico Chiffon Mini in fushcia paired with the Hollyhoque High Girl Power Blazer. Nice combination but somehow felt a bit overdressed. Nevertheless, I felt great looking chic and nice as a mother. My shoes? My nude wedges are from Bonitochico as well. Nudes are very popular now and it matches well with anything.

Online review

This is the second time Bonitochico has launched the chiffon ruffles. They came in another 2 new prints. Anne bought on behalf for me and chose blue instead of green. Verstile top that can be worn casually with shorts or smartly tucked with bandage skirt.

Starting to love Agneselle as well. This basic babydoll top was bought by Anne also when I was in Korea. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that they launched while I was away. Anne sure brightened up my day when she told me she ordered a piece for me.

Another top, Serene, by Agneselle. Love the unique collar. This is so far the only top that can fit up to UK10 for agneselle. Hmmm somehow I noticed that I have been buying white stuff from AE.

Lastly, a review for TheVelvetDolls‘s jmpsuit. Again, it was bought by Anne when I told her I like it in their preview picture before the launch. Disappointed with the material. Thought to be better quality cotton. Like the harem bottom though. Squeezes a bit of armpit fats.

Picture of the day

I almost fainted when I saw this picture after downloading my photos. Seems like Kaitlyn has been secretly picking up skills from me. LOL


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My Birthday

Thanks to Jamie and Victor, I have had a wonderful birthday celebration over the weekend. Even though Kaiden was down with a fever, Kaitlyn and he still enjoyed themselves with the other invited children.

Such a coincidence that my MIL, Xueli and my birthday fall on the same month, thus the get-together celebration ever since Xueli became part of our family. 🙂

Let the pictures do the talking.

Created this effect using photoshop

Oooo…. JAX in action again but this time round with little Candies in the pic. 🙂

Flowers prepared by MIL, she is going to start her biz in flower arrangement. Each of the birthday girl got 1 bouquet. Hm….. it has been such a long time since I received flowers. 🙂

The little children who appeared at the party and not forgetting the lovable twins. 🙂


What I Wore

Love this top from Hollyhoque to the max. The Kimono comes with a black inner. The outer is a chiffon top with batwing sleeve. Simple and classic. Gives that romantic feel even though I matched with denim shorts.


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