Kaitlyn’s 8th Birthday

Time really flies. A blink of an eye, Kaitlyn is already eight years old. Very soon, she will be completing her primary two and move on to primary three.

This year, Kaitlyn decided on her own celebration. She was given a choice to invite friends to Kidz Amaze at Safra or to just have a family time at the Festive Hotel. She chose the hotel stay with family. She told grandma that if we were to have it at Kidz Amaze, daddy would need to spend a lot of  money. Such a nice girl to think of saving money for us.

The children spent the day at Hard Rock pool frolicking and building sandcastles. Quite a pity that I could not accompany them due to my lessons on Saturday. Immediately after class, I joined them for dinner at the Singapore Seafood Republic.

Sumptuous dinner indeed with mouth-watering Alaska crabs of three different ways of cooking, chillie, butter and steam (for the kiddos). Kaiden loves seafood and especially crabs. After Kaitlyn is tested that she is not allergy to seafood, she finally got to try them. No pictures for I was too hungry after a whole day of lessons. 🙂

How can a birthday without a birthday cake? The family got a cake from Awfully Chocolate, simple but delish. Kaiden even got  a second helping. 🙂

Kaitlyn's cake from Awfully Chocolate

Kaitlyn's cake

Kaitlyn's cake

We sang the birthday song. Remembered the days whenever we sang the birthday song, Kaitlyn would cry out loud. We used to wonder if it was because of the fire or the attention that we were giving her that made her uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she does not cry anymore now. 🙂 Xuanxuan even learnt to sing the birthday song before the celebration is due. Such a cutie pie.

Xuanxuan and daddy

Daddy’s little girl has turned into a beautiful big girl but yet always remained little in our hearts.

Kaitlyn's birthday

Though without the usual big celebrations, without the blessing of many friends, without the bustlings preparation, the family enjoyed every bit of the warm moments like this with just the few of us. I think that is good enough.

Kaitlyn's birthday family picture

Poor Kaiden, was addictively playing with the phone and was fuming mad when asked to put the phone down to take a family picture.

A very overdue post but still managed to get it out to remember the special occasion. Kaitlyn, Happy 8th Birthday to you. Mummy loves you always. 🙂



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