Kaiden’s 3rd Birthday

Kaiden is 3 years old. Compared to Kaitlyn, Kaiden is considered really fortunate as I have been staying home since he is born. Able to see his first smile, first flip, sending him to and back school and knowing how he behaves right from teacher’s mouth are some of the things that I did not get to see or do with Kaitlyn when she is younger. Ever since I stay home, I got to spend more time with both of them. Kaiden who starts school at 12.30 gets to go marketing with me, breakfast and sometimes enjoy a round of Thomas the Train shows in the morning before picking up Sister Kaitlyn. As for Kaitlyn, she studies in the morning gets the fair share of time with me in the afternoon when Kaiden goes for class.

Most of the time, Jonathan is out of town and thus we spend quite a big deal of time together. I must agree that Kaitlyn and Kaiden have a very ‘loving’ relationship despite constant quarrels.

On Kaiden’s 3rd birthday, Jonathan and I decided to just invite our families members for a simple dinner. We prepared Laksa and some finger food. A Thomas the Train cake was ordered from Aunty Yochana. Kaiden was really amazed with the cake as he chose the characters to be placed on the cake himself. 🙂

In the morning, all of us dropped by Bugis to blow up the Singing Thomas the Train balloon and bought some balloons to be given to the children.

The first attraction of the day, the singing Thomas the Train balloon.

Thanks to Jamie and Victor, they came over as early as 2pm to help take care of the children while we went to collect the cake. The cake was really pretty. A jaw opener for me. However, I think I still prefer the traditional cake. I think I will get Durian cake the next time round. 🙂

The second attraction of the day, Thomas the Train cake.

Kaiden was extremely happy on that day and extremely naughty. Was telling Jonathan, he has missed his terrible two and passed on to three.

Kaiden can’t wait to try out the trains.

Check out the finger food and the homemade lasksa from Prima Taste. Laksa was good but my mother complained the amount being too much. Jonathan actually weighed the amount of bee hoon in each bowl. Must fair fair. LOL.

Picture taking before the singing and cutting.

Kaiden is definitely more independent compared to Kaitlyn. He came in to the kitchen, tugged on my shorts while Jonathan and I were cutting and distributing the cake, he said he wanted a piece. I took a bowl and he said he wanted to put it on a tissue paper. He took his cake, went to the dinning table with a spoon and enjoyed his cake in one corner.

Kaiden chose the train characters himself and Salty is one of his favourites.

   Jonathan said it was quite some time since we last took a picture with mum, so here we are a picture of the three of us. 🙂

The singing and cake cutting was over. Next was every children’s favourite time. Opening up the presents. I think Kaiden has the most rewards of Thomas the Train this year. Everyone in the family at least got him a set of the train.

So many that everyone got to help out in the opening. Gu Zhong and Justin Kor Kor seems to travel back to their childhood too. 🙂

Who says only birthday boy gets a present. A big thank you to 小舅母, 叔叔, 婶婶 and my family for remembering to buy one for Kaitlyn in case she got upset over the massive presents that Kaiden received.



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2 responses to “Kaiden’s 3rd Birthday

  1. It’s great to be Spend 24/7 with the kids!
    Those are memories which can’t be bought!
    I like kaiden’s cake! So cute!!

    • Ya. Now ask me to go to work, I also a bit sian. Imagine got to stay away from the children for about 10 hours can be a torture when I have been with them 24/7 for the past 3 years. So are you staying home to take care of Belle full time?

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