Imperial treatment + Online Review

Imperial Treatment

Facial? Spa? Nope, we are talking about the Imperial Treasure Restaurant at Paragon. Jonathan’s family gathered at there for a birthday lunch. It was a celebration of my father-in-law’s birthday. Victor is always armed with contacts of all the nice restaurants. Whenever we are going to have a gathering, he will be  the leader to do the reservation and ordering.

We were all dressed up and with some inspiration from reading VIVI mag, I dressed Kaitlyn up in a dress with a long sleeve boyfriend shirt. Well, that shirt is actually Kaiden’s and to think that she can fit into his shirt. 🙂 She loves the way she is styled so much that she accessorized herself creatively.

Camwhoring on our way there and spotted Kaiden’s ‘What’s the women doing?’ look.

Could not find the restaurant initially but luckily met Jamie and Victor to lead us to the destination.

Kaiden’s toy of the day. Harold. He needs to be entertained by his own toys. 🙂

We had shao er (roast goose) as a special order. Besides that, we ordered dimsum and chicken fried rice for Kaitlyn due to her food restriction (chicken pox). The roast goose tasted really good. Can see from the plate that it was all gone. LOL

The iphone craze as demonstration by our family members. Now all of us could not leave home without it. Purpose? As part of the entertainment for children. Everytime, Jamie lends her iphone to Kaiden, he would ask…. “Your ipod got sound or not?” cos sometimes, Victor would give him an ipod instead of iphone to play.


A family pic of Gerald and wife, and the older generation.

After the lunch, we took the children to the little playground on the same floor. The playground was filled with little children. Gerald took the intiative to join in the fun with my two little imps while the rest of us just used our eye power on them.

Some random pics with Xueli and Jamie.

What I Wore

I wore the famous Bonitochico Chiffon Mini in fushcia paired with the Hollyhoque High Girl Power Blazer. Nice combination but somehow felt a bit overdressed. Nevertheless, I felt great looking chic and nice as a mother. My shoes? My nude wedges are from Bonitochico as well. Nudes are very popular now and it matches well with anything.

Online review

This is the second time Bonitochico has launched the chiffon ruffles. They came in another 2 new prints. Anne bought on behalf for me and chose blue instead of green. Verstile top that can be worn casually with shorts or smartly tucked with bandage skirt.

Starting to love Agneselle as well. This basic babydoll top was bought by Anne also when I was in Korea. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that they launched while I was away. Anne sure brightened up my day when she told me she ordered a piece for me.

Another top, Serene, by Agneselle. Love the unique collar. This is so far the only top that can fit up to UK10 for agneselle. Hmmm somehow I noticed that I have been buying white stuff from AE.

Lastly, a review for TheVelvetDolls‘s jmpsuit. Again, it was bought by Anne when I told her I like it in their preview picture before the launch. Disappointed with the material. Thought to be better quality cotton. Like the harem bottom though. Squeezes a bit of armpit fats.

Picture of the day

I almost fainted when I saw this picture after downloading my photos. Seems like Kaitlyn has been secretly picking up skills from me. LOL



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3 responses to “Imperial treatment + Online Review

  1. oh my! you definitely looked gorgeous as a mum. *thumbs up*

    way to go~ =)

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