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Trio’s Birthday

Before the month ends, I better blog about the celebration I had with Jonathan’s family. As mentioned, MIL, Xueli and my birthday all fall on the same month. For the 3 years, we have celebrated our birthdays together in April. 🙂

This year, Jamie treated us to Taste Paradise for dinner.

Food is good. Can never go wrong with Victor and Jamie’s recommendations. 🙂

Of course, we did not just have those shown above. We were so busy chatting, taking care of the kids and eating that we forgot to take pictures of the food that were served later. 🙂

The Trio

We never fail to receive flowers from MIL on our birthdays. 🙂

We started the kids off with fried rice. Somehow flavoured rice are Kaiden’s favourite. He can always finish at least 2 bowls of fried or chicken rice. *Yummy* 🙂

Tada… Now presenting the couples in order of the Fong ranking. 🙂

Was in awe when the cake arrived. It was the same birthday cake I had the day before with my family’s celebration. It was such a coincidence. The cake must be really that good that Jamie and Justin would get the same flavour. 🙂

As usual, the kids can’t wait to blow off the candles. Both of them , especially Kaitlyn, are eyeing at the chocolate deco on the cake.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. Really enjoyed myself on both days of the celebrations and with everyone of my family members. You guys are truly the best. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

CatwalkClose – Irregular Pleated Chiffon Pixie Top in Wine (Size M). Nice colour but was a little loose on me. The top was a little short (haha or rather the problem lies with me, got a long torso) so by the end of the day, some parts of the top was already tucked out of my pants. Remedy, I just got a new pair of high waisted pants from CatwalkClose and is so loving it. 🙂 

Flowers compliments from FlowerPotties, an online florist which my MIL set up. Though I am not a flower lover but being able to receive flowers on such special day is still a joy. 🙂


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