Suki-Ya at Marina Square

Finally, the email came and told Jonathan to report back to work. To me is both good and bad news. Good news is, he definitely will not be in the retrenchment namelist. But come to think of it, I was hoping that his name would to be on the list so that he can finally stay in Singapore full time to look for a job. *Contradicting* Bad news would be the children and I are gonna miss him for long 6 weeks. This time round, he joins a new crew and is posted on ship to Indonesia. Luckily, there is internet and we still get to chat with each via msn.

Before he left, we decided to have another night out. He has been craving for shabushabu and thus decided to go to Suki-ya at Marina Square.

Personally, I like the ambience; however, the seatings between tables are a bit too near. Hee hee, can’t talk  mushy mushy stuff for the next table can hear what the conversation is about. We are really mountain tortoise as we did not know what to do. Thanks to the waiter for explaining to us the procedures.

There are not much variety unless you are a very vegetables person. Glad that there is an ala carte menu to choose from. The standard selection of thinly sliced meat for the hot pot are chicken, pork and beef which the waiters will serve to you. The vegetables are self help which consists of cabbages, corn, mushrooms and etc. The mushrooms are really nice in Kimchi soup base.

Ooo and I love the sauces. Can’t remember what mixture did I use but definitely not the sauce for Shabushabu. At the vegetable counter, there were instructions on how to mix the sauces.

I love the Kimchi soupbase as compared to the shabushabu soupbase. Can’t help but keep slurping on the soup and the over-cooked cabbages.

Overall, the food is not bad, ambience is good and price is reasonable. However if given a choice I think I would like to try other shabu shabu. Any recommendations?



A shimmering netted top from EverydayShopper. Could not decide what colour to take since ES has it in purple, black, grey and cream. In the end, decided to keep the cream despite slight sheerness.

Love the shorts or I should say a pair of shorts that I can’t live without now from TheTinselRack. The length is just right and I love how the high waist actually hides my bulging tummy. 😮



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2 responses to “Suki-Ya at Marina Square

  1. what does gor gor work as?
    since u like kimchi… i guess u like korean food too!
    auntie kim at thomson road is nice! (long house further down)

    • Jonathan works as a Technician in an oil rig company so usually outstation most of the time.
      Hee hee… I only like Kimchi soup, Korea food soso. Thanks for your recommendation. Will try out Aunti Kim. 🙂

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