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Had a chance to go to sushi buffet at Ikoi again. In the afternoon, Jonathan and I were to go for a massage session then to meet Jonathan’s family for dinner. Jamie and Victor were really nice to help take care of the kids and picked them up in late morning.

All dressed up and ready for our massage session. Outfit of the Day – TVD (Versatile chiffon top) and TTR (High Waisted Shorts)

The versatile top is nice for buffet. However, I think I look fat in it and do not do justice to the top. A few days ago, one of Kaiden’s classmates’ mum even asked me if I am pregnant. What a nice way to say that I put on weight. 😦 The top was a bit low so towards the end of the day, I changed the straps to halter neck.

When we reached Subtle Senses, the spa was closed. Not to our surprised cos Jonathan and I had already expected something like this would happen after they closed their Taka branch. Just that we did not expect the closure to be so fast. Did not know what to do, some nice victims called for the police. We left our particulars and went back to Jamie’s house for discussions. Well, Jamie and Victor are also customers of Subtle Senses. Together, we filed a police case and hopefully can get our money back which we very much doubt so.

Nevertheless, we still went on with our Ikoi Sushi Buffet Dinner. Reached Ikoi at about 6.30pm. That place was really packed with people.

Kaitlyn and her ‘shen shen’

The loser signs as explained by the couple, “Lost money, let’s drown our sorrows with wine.”

I think the happiest are the kids.

Kaitlyn got to  drink a can of coke by herself.

Kaiden was grouchy after awoken from his sleep but in the end, enjoyed his Tempura Ebi that he had forgotten about the grouchiness. I think the Tempura Ebi is really good. So tasty that he did not even want to share with me. 🙂

Finally a chance for Jonathan and I to take a picture. See what the kids did. Playing peek-a-boo with ‘shu shu’ who was the photographer….

Finally, a decent picture taken after Gerald zoomed in the lens and with Jamie and Vic’s help to distract the kids.

LOL…. they are having coke, pretending to be adults.

A group photo taken by Kaitlyn with Jonathan’s help.

Before going home, we went to Ben’s and Jerry’s for our dessert. Nice and ‘filledful’ dinner.

A big thank you to Jamie and Victor for footing the bills. 🙂


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