Korea Day 7

Finally, I am getting down to do my post for Korea Day 7. The trip has started to soothe down a bit with lesser exercises and activities. Rather, day 7 and 8 practically filled with shopping trips to different places.

The day started off with a great breakfast at Deckson Spa Castle. To let us enjoy the facilities at the spa, our check out time was extended to 12pm. While Jonathan was at the spa, I took some time to walk around the vicinity with the children, Jamie and Vic, and my parents-in-law. Nothing much to do and see, we decided to go to parents-in-law’s room for some TV watching while the children played around the room with Jamie.

At about 11 plus, we all gathered in our room for a phototaking session.

Finally with a nice family photo, we left Decksan Spa for The FaceShop for some facial and cosmetics shopping, followed by Ginseng Monopoly showroom.

In the late afternoon, we proceeded to the LotteWorld Adventure Park. The moment we alighted from the bus, the cherry blossom on both sides of the road welcomed us with pride and joy. 🙂

LotteWorld is just another big playground for the children. What I wanted to see most was the Carousel, which was featured in one of the Korean Serials, Stairway to Heaven. Most of the scenes in the serial were taken from LotteWorld itself.

There were so many things that Kaiden could not play with; therefore, I got to wait for the rest at the exit with him. For your information, Kaiden is 2.5 years old. Nevertheless, we took the tram and gave the whole LotteWorld a closer look.

We did some shopping and had our dinner before we spotted some games which were great for the children. Finally, something they could do without adults. The bumpy ride…..

They totally enjoyed themselves. I was still abit worried if Kaitlyn would stay up there for long. Glad that she didn’t cry. Probably, the brother was there beside her to boost her courage. In the end, they took like more than 3 rides.

Catching fishes and in the end won some lollipops. 😉

More pictures before we ended our day. The last stop before we left Lotteworld was of course the carousel. I did not go up the carousel cos the Etude House at the entrance was more attractive. *Grinning*

By the time we boarded the bus was already 9.15pm. We proceeded to Walker Hill, a casino hotel. The hotel was packed with people. Instead of resting for the night, we settled the children then met up with  Jamie and Xueli couples. We took a cab to Dongdaemun for more shopping. The shops generally close at 5am and by the time we reached hotel room, it was like 3am? Deadtired, we dozed off very quickly. 😉


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