Korea Trip Day 6

This week is extremely busy with both kids who are down with fever and cough. Both of them are now on nebeliser. Fortunately, they have gotten better and are now back in school. At this time, finally I could sit down to finish up my day 6 in Korea.

Continuing our journey in Jeju since I last left. In Jeju, we stayed in amazing CJU Phoenix Island Resort. The room is considered big for a hotel. This is the one and only hotel that the children really love for its space. They could run from one room to another with ease. Bathing in the toilet with the tv on and soaking in the bathtub was also something luxuriously new for the children. It was also said that Phoenix Island was used as a fliming site of the Korean Drama, “Boys over Flowers”. Given a short time to walk around after breakfast, we managed to capture candid shots of the Kaitlyn forcing Kaiden to take picture with her.

After breakfast, we headed to Mysterious Road. It is a phenomenon to me cos the bus actually switched off the engine and still able to move uphill. This is due to the illusion of a false horizon in that area. The car facing you in the picture below is actually moving up slope with engine shut.

We were then treated to an abalone KimChi soup. It was one of my favourite dishes throughout the trip.

With that, it ended the trip in Jeju and we were on our way back to Seoul. Jeju is a nice place but in my opinion, not a place where Jon and I will spend our honeymoon in.

Goodbye to Jeju…..

Hello to Seoul…

The moment we reached Seoul, we proceeded to Yasan Farm (Agroland). We did a few activities in the farm. One of them was to milk the cow. I did not try milking, just put my hand there for picture taking only and the poor cow is engorged after a long wait for us to arrive.

We were then led to a tractor and were taken around the farm for an orientation. It was also my first time on a tractor and to view how the sheep dog gather the sheeps. Amazed at how such a small dog can command such a big herd of sheeps. A totally cool thing for the children to know.

We also got the chance to feed the cows. They are really cute but Kaitlyn do not like them at all… especially the black ones.. cos they kept drooling at the sight of the milk reaching their mouths. Besides that, they kept snatching for more milk. Check out her disgusted face below. LOL

The final activity in Agroland is ice cream making. The procedures are very simple.

Equipment needed: 2 metal bowls ( 1 big and 1 small), whisk, ice cubes, coarse salt, milk and flavouring.


1) Put the milk into the small bowl.

2) Fill up the big bowl with ice and salt.

3) Put the smal bowl on top of the big bowl and stir with the whisk while moving the small bowl.

4) Be patient and wait for the milk to change to ice cream.

It was quite fun as we did it in groups. Kaitlyn and Kaiden also had a share in doing it.

After all the activities. we took some photos on our way to the bus.

Finally, the day ended with a really good dinner. BBQ pork. Jonathan had a chance to show off his skills again. 🙂

Day 6 is really short due to the fact that we had to travel from Jeju to Seoul. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to Day 7. Hope to write about it soon.

Back to my accessories making.



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  1. the cow that ting and le were in is SOOOOO cute!

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