Korea Day 5

 Finally a day when we did not need to pack our baggage and move. We leisurely waited near the hotel for the group to gather and proceeded with our tour in Jeju. The first stop was to have our breakfast. We were talking about abalone breakfast. Yes, abalone but was quite disappointed when I could not see any abalone in the porridge. 😦

However, was really happy to see Kaiden with his thousand face expressions. He was trying to show the happy, sad and angry faces. Don’t you find them familiar? He got his inspiration from Thomas the Train shows.

Another picture before we left the seaside restaurant.

Kaiden is so so cute in this picture. So angelic.

We then went out of the restaurant and took a picture before we boarded the bus.

Our next visit was to the Seongsan Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater hill that offers a splendid view by the coast. Looking at father-in-law and Kaitlyn, we vowed not to lose out to them. They climbed so fast that in a flash they were way ahead of us. Kaiden was the best… carried by both Victor and Gerald up to the peak.

We were given about 2 hours to climb up and down the crater… therefore, took the chance to take pictures on our way up.

Some panoramic view from half way up.

We then decided to take a picture to commemorate our efforts for making half way through. Check out Kaitlyn’s pose.

Still continuing our journey up….

and finally reached the top. We were all so tired to wanna make our way down. We just stoned at the peak procrastinating and hoping something would just happen next.

Then finally someone said… let’s go… again, father-in-law and Kaitlyn were the first to move. The walking down took a longer time as suddenly we were swam by a big group of students walking up. The narrow stairways got to allow two groups of people moving up and down. Poor Jamie, holding on to Kaiden’s hands and walking down. Finally, Victor carried him on his shoulders,  and most amazingly, he could doze off sitting. Gerald then took over the job of carrying Kaiden. LOL

What were Jonathan and I doing? Holding hands and taking our sweet time walking down. 🙂

 Hey. where is Kaitlyn? She was running around the bushes of flowers, pretending to be a fairy rather than take pictures with us. OMG.

Next stop, the Tangerine Orchard where we found the most famous fruit in Korea. Almost everywhere I went, the food is made with tangerine, eg, chocolates. Kaiden dozed off, therefore, I made the trip down with Kaitlyn to see what the place could offer us. A while later, Jonathan joined me for some phototaking while mum and father-in-law took over Kaiden on the bus.

Most of the tangerines are fake. They probably only showcased the place for phototaking.

What I like about is the story behind the 3 logs. It is the main door of a house. As the island do not have doors and thieves, the logs are used as door. What are the indications?

1) 3 logs up – owners not at home. Visitors cannot go in.

2) 2 logs up – Owner will only be back after work at night.

3) 1 log up – Owner is out and will be back in an hour.

4) 0 logs up (all lying on the floor) – Owner is at home. Welcome in.

Can you guess what is the indication for the status of the owner in the picture below?

The next activity was real exciting. Horse riding. It was my first time riding on a life horse. As Kaitlyn was young, she and I sat together for the horsey ride. It was really cool.

We all looked so cool in our horse riding attire. 😉

The whole event of climbing the crater and horse riding in the morning set our tummies rumbling. We were taken to a restaurant that served meat wrapped with lettuce. Let Jonathan show you how the whole procedure is being done. 🙂

Grab the lettuce and open up, put the meat, garlic and some sauce on the lettuce, fold the lettuce and stuff the whole thing into your mouth. Yummy…. can’t help drooling thinking about it now. 😉

After the sumptuous lunch, we proceeded to a Seongup Fold Village to have a look at the traditional houses in the olden times. The granny who introduced the place to us is the chief’s granddaughter. She is really comical and most importantly, she could communicate in Mandarin. She was said to have used her place as a fliming scene in the serial, Da Chang Jin, and would always carry the picture of her and the actress taken at that time.

The activity ended with some purchases of honey. We then moved on to our next destination, O’Sulloc Tea Museum which feature exhibits of the history and production of green tea products. Instead of looking at the history, all of us zoomed to the facial products area and lastly, the dessert section where I bought a cup of green tea ice cream. I went up the bus to share the ice cream with Jonathan as it was Kaitlyn’s turn to hibernate. The rest enjoyed their ice cream and cakes at the coffee house itself.

Before heading to the Teddy Bear Museum, we were taken to a park for a short walk and phototaking.

Teddy Bear Museum…. here we come. Have been hearing about this museum from the show, Princess Hours, and now finally got the chance to look at it.

Again, heavy pictures.

   Creation of Adam, my favourite. Wonder when I can visit the Sistine Chapel to look at the actual work of Michelangelo. Soon?

Louis Vuitton bear, the most expensive bear in the museum. Can’t help taking a picture with it since I am carrying a LV bag too. Oh and also future owner of my LV bags. 😉

One of my favourite Korean serials or I should say my first korean serial, Princess Hours. The bears that kept appearing in their opening and ending of the episodes. How could I forget about them. 😉

Other pictures that were taken outdoors of the museum.

Before heading for dinner and ended the day, we passed by a Rapeseed field. The view is so soothing and of course great for phototaking.

-Finally, thank you for being so patient with my heavy pictures. Last but not least, I would like to share my favourite picture of the day taken by Jonathan.

These statues tell it all about Jeju. Love the angle of the picture.

Was actually thinking of doing an online review but there are really too many pictures. I will leave the reviews to the next post. Check back soon. 😉


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