What’s New in ES… Collection #27

So excited to share this new collection with everyone. EverydayShopper has just launched its new collection of apparels, clutches and handmade accessories. 

I am totally in love with the preview page of Gwen sitting on the sofa with her reflection. This is actually a candid shot and to me is so well taken. 


In this collection, there are a few of my favourites. They are the watercolour summer frock, the ruffles floral romper and the floral embroidery top. 



You can view the apparels from http://www.everydayshopper.sg only. 

On top of that, we have also put in 2 clutches and some handmade accessories for sale. The clutches are a must have. I am already keeping 2 of them for myself or maybe 3? My sister, Anne, is eyeing on them too. *grinning* 



The clutches and accessories will be available in both ES official website, http://www.everydayshopper.sg  (thanks to Victor for uploading them for me) and in http://everydayshopper.livejournal.com 

Oh before I forget, ES is having a promotion right now, we are giving these perks to our customers. 

1) Free normal postage, 2) 5% off mailing listee, 3) Refer a buddy system 

Also, GSS is coming and we are preparing for it. Remember to check back often to see what we will come up with for GSS. 😉


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