Fries Fries and nothing but Fries + ES Creations

Finally found a time to blog about my dinner date with Jonathan. We had our pampering treats at Subtle Senses. He got a body massage while I had a facial (diamond peel + Youth ???). Somehow I could not even remember what procedures they gave me. All I knew was once I was there, I laid down on the bed like a dead fish and enjoy whatever pampering that was given to me. As the whole process ended at about 6.30pm, we decided to have our twosome while the children are at my mother-in-law’s.

We chose to drop by Holland Village for this restaurant, Everything with Fries. It is a clean resturant with simple deco. The place is filled with youngsters. The cute and pretty young waitress whom dressed in sweet pink uniform took our orders. I must say she is really patient. Being the first time there, we asked her a lot of questions before ordering. she did the explanation very clearly and slowly. Jon even joking said that if he is not home for dinner, I should know where he is. The waitresses are really very sweet looking and so girl-next-door kind.

We ordered these: One Egg Soup, Skinny Wings, Jon had Cheeseburger with salt and vinegar straight fries and caesar salad while I ordered a Grilled Pork Chop with sour cream and onion shoestring fries and coleslaw. We each had a coke float and Nutella shake as drinks.

The one egg soup is really special. According to the waitress, it’s actually chicken broth in cream with fried egg white on the soup. The soup is really tasty especially after the fried egg is cut up and soaked with soup. Yummy. Good for dates… cos I realised a lot of couples are ordering one set and the nice waitresses would provide 2 spoons. So thoughtful 🙂

More pictures to tempt you. LOL. The special thing about this restaurant is that the fries come in five flavours and they are original, curry, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, lastly in garlic and herbs.

Jonathan could not resist temptations and started picking food like a small kid. 🙂

To me, the serving is quite big and the pricing is reasonable. For our orders, it was about $50. In the end, we could not even finish the fries. They have got other unique desserts that I must try the next time I go again.

Looking at Jonathan’s backview, I am sure he is very satisfied with his meal. LOL


ES Creations

My handmade rings at LinLin Lattice was a total sell out. Being bugged by the shopowner, I created a few more designs and are now placed in the boxy. My rings are handmade from scratch with adjustable ring band and no remakes for it is the one and only piece you will own.

Earrings are not my forte cos it is so difficult to start another side when completed with one side. LOL thus most of the earrings that I have made are non-identical. Below two are  the somes that I have made identical and are placed in LinLin Lattice for sale.

This time round, I ventured into making flower hairpins. Flower cubs were used in these pins. They are great for everyday wear and enough to brighten up a simple outfit. 😉

You can visit LinLin Lattice at Toa Payoh Central for these above items or leave a comment to enquire about them.

Below are some of my latest creations. Suddenly, I am totally in love with butterflies. The lastest 2 rings are created with a butterfly charm. Simple and classic.

A sample of my non-identical earrings. Usually both sides are not the same but I would put some flowers or beads that are identical.

Those items that are not placed in LinLin Lattice will be placed to for sale (thanks to Victor’s help). He will be helping me to upload these items to the website. Once I am done with the descriptions and pricing, they can be seen in EverydayShopper. Remember to check ES website for frequent updates. 😉

Next post…… Watch out for Korea Day 6.


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  1. When can we see it in ES. Quick Quick 🙂

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