Brunchie + Online Review

Managed to sneak out of my mother’s place without the kids to have a quick lunch with Jonathan. After walking up and down the staircase for a few times… peering through 3 different restaurants’ menu, we then decided to step into Hog’s Breath in TPY.

Coincidently, there was a birthday party going on and that section was decorated with Thomas the Train banner and flags. Oh mine… Kaiden would love it to the max. We were urshered to a seat by the wall. The ambience is nice for its soft lighting and spacious funitures.

Love the cutie pig napkin and the colourful menu.

We then decided on the orders since we were very hungry. Jonathan took up the challenge and ordered the Boss Hog Double Burger while I ordered the Finger Food Combo. It was our first time eating in Hog’s Breath so we were anticipating the arrival of the food.

The dessert caught my attention but left it to the last to order in case we were real full.


and waiting…. and finally….

Jonathan was too hungry to even let me take a picture of it. Obviously he has taken a bite and put it back. 🙂

Omg…. the burger is way too big to put into his mouth. He tried once… then gave up and separated the burger and ate each of its own.

We were so full after the meal, tummys could not even take in the dessert. Boo hooo…. got to leave the dessert on another day.

We spent the whole day at my mother’s place. Anne was too bored that she started experimenting with Kaitlyn’s hair. The result……

Lady Gaga in the making…. LOL (but Kaitlyn does not like the hairstyle at all.)


Online Reviews

Have not been doing reviews for quite some time. Anne has helped me gotten some clothes while I was away in Korea. Below are just 4 reviews that I have taken pictures of.

Throwovers are very popular now in blogshops. There are many blogshops selling them especially the knitted ones. This piece, Zigzag knitted throwover is from Bonitochico which was launched quite some time ago. The piece is thin and quite airy for a humid day in Singapore right now. Easy to match and wearable on normal days. 🙂

 Another Bonitochico item that I have gotten during their sales. This might be the cheapest BC item that I have in my wardrobe. The peacock dress is well-known for its vibrant colour. I love the prints and colour combination. The dress was a bit tight at my bust area thus squeezes armpit fats. Most probably I would match with a jacket or cardi to hide those fats.

This is the romper that Kaitlyn put to her body and said it fitted her just right. Floral romper is from TheDesignClosets. I was a bit skeptical to this piece. Thought the floral made me really look auntie but it looks really good on Zoe in the photos. In the end, I decided to keep it for it’s really comfortable with the cooling viscose material. Most importantly I like the look of being matched with my jacket shown below.

Waited like 3 weeks for this High Power Girl Blazer to arrive from HollyHoque. I ordered this blazer via backorder. An inspired jacket worn by Blake Lively with some changes to the sleeves. Material was a bit disappointing but love the cutting and the design thus make up for it. Look at how it changes my simple and plain romper to chic looking style.


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