ES Milestones + ES Collection #26

Oops… made a mistake in the year… ai… still living in 2009. LOL Edited the post and updated the mistake. 🙂

Thanks to the conversation ES members had yesterday afternoon, I had a chance to look back at our everydayshopper livejournal. Way back in 2009, I was actively engaging in online sprees for Taiwan apparels. Online shops like Joyce, JJS and Cynthia were some of my favourites. Then came the popular suppliers sprees that always appeared in Spreehouse and some other spree community.

Early 2009

Then the idea of having a blogshop myself came up. It was first started by selling 2nd handstuff. Some of my stuff were placed in the 2ndhandstuffz LJ for sale. Then I started to do preorder for clothes. It took me a long time to post up the pics and take orders. The whole process was just too tedious. Finally, I decided to do my sale with existing stock which was somehow a lot more easier but with capital involved. With Jonathan’s encouragement to take the risk, a new blogshop idea came to my mind and executed.

How did ES come about? While I was doing my proposal for my NTU admission to Clinical Psychology, my god-send grammar book, The Everyday Writer, was lying in front of me. With that, I named ES, The Everyday Shopper cos I was totally engrossed with online shopping that I basically did it everyday at that point of time. 🙂

April 2009

The livejournal to sell instock apparels was set up on 24 April 2008 with zero feedback. Email was set up for easy liaising, terms and conditons were drafted out. The first batch of clothes was ordered and delivered within 3 days from Hong Kong.  There were a lot of first time setting up this blogshop. My first time to use Photoshop to edit the stock photos that they suppliers gave, my first time to liaise with overseas supplier and my first time to receive such a big carton of clothes from the postman. 🙂 *Still feeling happy even though they are not mine*

How was the sales for my first collection? The response was overwhelming with the help of friends and relatives.

May 2009

Somewhere in May, the collaboration with my sis-in-laws started. I also could not remember how we got together and the next moment we were brainstorming on stuff related to the blogshop that I have set up. Soon, this biz became a “family” biz. Even Anne was bewildered with the sudden change. Selection of clothes and decision making were now done during our meetings on Tue, Thur and occasionally on Sats as a group. Everyone became very enthusiatic about the whole blogshop thingy. And on 11th May 2008, we launched our second collection with my shareholders. Many things started to evolve as each of us have our own ideas of doing certain things. Then decisions to port from livejournal to .com also started stirring.

June 2009

Launch time was weekly and it was quite straining for us who worked on weekdays and to do the blogshop stuff on weekends. Life got harder when Xueli started modelling for clothes from Collection #5 onwards which meant that all our weekends were burnt. Stocks were no longer taken from overseas instead were tried from local supplier.

Could not take the strain, we changed the strategy of launching apparels and accessories on alternate week. We put our interest into DIY and started doing handmade accessories. On 9th June 2008, we launched our 1st handmade accessories, Garden Beauty. It was fun when we would gather together at one person’s house to do accessories.

At the same time, we also started sourcing apparels from other avenues. Our first purchasing from overseas personally was done in June 2008. Jamie and myself went over to BKK to source for clothings and manged to lug back a few collections of apparels and accessories. The purchasing overseas continued taking turns while we tried other means of getting the new stock.

Oct 2009

We had our 1st Mega Sales on 5th Oct 2008. It was from Collection #1 to #10. Response was really good with the sales. Soon, other models also joined our weekend activity.

Dec 2009

We were honoured to get Stephanie and Lynette (sisters) to guest model for us in a few collections. With Adrian’s help, we also shot our photos in a more professional way with the studio setup in Jamie’s house.

Jan 2010

We finally ported over to and livejournal was sort of like redundant. I was a bit sad leaving LJ in the lurch and then decided to start my accessories biz again. On my own, I rented a box in LinLin Lattic, which I have mentioned in my earlier posts. Did some accessories just to give me the opportunity to keep the LJ going. 🙂

Feb 2010

The thought of changing EverydayShopper’s name came to mind. All ES members started brainstorming for new names. Changing ES to another name was something that I cannot bear to see cos Anne kept reminding me that I was the one who gave life to EverydayShopper. With that in mind, I decided to keep ES for my own accessories while we would change our apparels collection to another name as a “family” biz. A new email was created for my accessories and posting in Livejournal continues in Namecards were made with the new email and was then placed at LinLin Lattice’s boxy. “Specially handmade by Anna” started appearing on all the little earring backing cards. *Felt great about it* 😉 

April 2010

EverydayShopper decided to hibernate for revamp while I continued with my accessories making. During this period, ES members decided to continue with the name of EverydayShopper thus a new logo was created.

In collection 25, we employed a model, Gwen, and actually tried out a shoot at a professional studio and the photos turned out to be great. Victor also changed the whole outlook of our website to make it better and more user friendly.

The walk from start till today is a long and slow one. We fell and picked up, learning new stuff along the way. The bond among us became stronger (eventhough conflicts are unavoidable). We worked in ES based on our own interest and work is delegated that way. Somehow, there may be an overlap due to the absence of another. Very soon, I will be busy with Kaitlyn’s Parent Volunteering  starting in June and may have lesser time to play my part in EverydayShopper but my spirit will still be with them. 😉

Talking about that, Check back EverydayShopper tonight cos we will be updating with a new collection. Jamie and Xueli personally sacrificed their lunch time to get the best stock for our buyers and I love all the clothings that they have picked up. 🙂

Keeping some for myself? Nay. Love them but would feel greater if my customers wear them. 🙂 Remember to check us out tonight at 8pm sharp at

See ya.



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