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Love: It’s Time for a Date

It has been a while since Jon and I have our night out. Before he flew off for another oversea work, we decided to have a ‘romantic’ dinner. Son protested the moment we told him about our dinner date while sending the children to their granny’s place. Son said he wanted to join us. To him, a romantic dinner includes beautiful candle light, good ambience and soft music. He even asked Jon if he had prepared a ring. Son said at a romantic dinner, the guy will put the ring on the girl’s finger and ask her to marry him. So hilarious when I heard his interpretation of a romantic dinner but I am sure his future girlfriend or wife will be a very fortunate gal.

Hmmm… nope. There is no ring. To Jon and I, a romantic dinner need not include all the above. It is just a time to throw back our worries and truly enjoy each other’s company, with just a simple dinner and holding our hands strolling down the busy Orchard Road. header

We pin-pointed at a location which is Takashimaya and then decided what we wanted to have for dinner. We chose Pique Nique which is situated beside KFC. The burgers and spaghetti  in their menu attracted us (Jon is a spaghetti person). As it was a weekday, the place was not at all crowded. We were led to a sofa seat. Comfortably seated, we had our food and at the same time, chat about our recent lives.  Jon and I have been so tied up with our work that we have not had a real conversation lately. So glad that we actually made time for each other that day.

Cutlery setup

interior decoI like the place. It kinda of gives me that edgy feel with the brick wall paper, wooden table and modern lightings.

The food tasted good, not really fantastic but the good company made up for it. Price was reasonable to us. 🙂

Hot Latte

Big Breakfast BurgerJon had the Big Breakfast Burger. The share was pretty big. The restaurant was quite accommodating to Jon’s request. He was afraid of the mess that the sunny side could give and the waitress immediately suggested cooked egg. Quite meticulous.

White Wine Prawn Aglio OlioI ordered the White Wine Prawn Aglio Olio as spaghetti is Jon’s favorite with the intention to share with him. I like the taste of the spaghetti though thought of trying the Bacon Carbonara. Maybe the next time I visit the restaurant again. 🙂

JonathanHappy ME!!!Happy Jon and Happy Me with full enjoyment of each other’s company and food.

Iron Waffles

Was overjoyed when my favorite waffle came. The waitress chose to place the ice cream aside as she said the hot waffle will melt the ice-cream very fast. Love her meticulous. The waffle was drizzled with salted caramel. Been a bit hype over salted caramel lately.

We then decided to finished up the waffle pretty quickly so that we have more time to do some window shopping. Walked quite a bit… from Taka to H&M and back to Wisma then to Ion…. Enjoyed the stroll along Orchard Road on a weekday. 🙂


The day ended with some Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette for the children. Hoping to make up for the romantic dinner that son did not get to go.

Thank you dear for such an enjoyable night. 🙂 I can’t wait for another night out.


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It’s 10 Years Already?

Times flies. Just a blink of an eye, we are married for 10 years. I wish that we can have so many more 10 years to be together. To see our children grow up and have their own children, to continue to support each other in our decisions, to help each other achieve our goals and when we are old, to nag at each other to have our meals, to remind each other to take our medictions :), to do morning walks hand in hand… so many more things that I want to complete my life with you.

The weekend before our anniversary, we decided to go out for our twosome dinner. So glad that MIL is willing to let the children had a sleepover. Jonathan and I spent the evening strolling along Marina Bay and had a wonderful dinner at Todai. LOL And we actually decided to dress ourselves in same colour. 🙂

We went for window shopping at Marina Square then took a slow stroll to Marina Bay Sands taking the Helix Bridge. It was my first time on the bridge. 🙂 Simply love the scenery.

Been to Marina Bay Sands a few times, but this was the first time I actually spotted their ice skating rink. It’s been ages since I last ice skated.

Though romantic, we did not get on the boat ride. Somehow, we felt really good just slowing down our pace and watch people and things passed by us in a slow manner.

Jonathan likes going to Todai for the range of food. Also if I can remember, we used to visit Todai when we were in the states too. However, one period of time, it just disappeared from Arizona and Jonathan is really happy when Singapore opened a chain.

Sashimi…. Jonathan’s favourite.

This is my must haves when I go Todai. 🙂 Simply heaven!!!

How can we miss out the oysters and crabs?

Check out how enjoyable Jonathan is. 🙂

Thanks for the wonderful dinner and night. I totally enjoyed it. As for the pressie, I love it.

May we have so many more 10 years to share our happiness, unhappiness, our joys and sorrows, our ups and downs.

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Finally A Twosome Time…

Thanks to my mum who has helped to take care of the kids, I got to have a twosome time with Jonathan while we set up the box at Toys Outpost.

Initially wanted Sushi Teh but had an overdose of Japanese food lately and didn’t want to stuff myself with more. In the end, we settled for Carl’s Junior. Had my favourite mushroom burger but as usual, I can’t finished it and got Jon to zap it.

Thanks to the ‘hardworking’ stuff at Outpost, my box is not totally cleared. While waiting for them to clear the box, Jonathan and I headed to my favourite store, Daiso. I can pratically stay there the whole day browsing through every item. As usual, bought stuff to beautify the display box. When we went back to Outpost, the staffs were super busy to even clean up my box. 😦 After talking to the staff, she promised to clean up for me at night after the shop closes. Crossing my fingers that she keeps her word. Will drop by end of the week to take another look and probably to include new accessories. 🙂


Outfit of the Day

LoveBonito Bohemian Blouse in pink. Love the blouse for its material. So soft and comfy. Though 3/4 sleeves, likes the way they puff when they are stuck at my elbows.

TheVelvetDolls‘s Chic Porter Shorts. (My favourite shorts right now). Snug fit and best of all, so versatile. Matches almost everything in my wardrobe. 🙂

oooo check out my new handmade acrylic moustache necklace. Moustache is specially imported from US. I am so in love with it and so is Kaitlyn. 🙂

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Happy Birthday!!!!

April is one of my favourite months of the year. My cousins’ birthdays, my birthday, Daddy and MIL’s birthdays (so coincidence that both are born on the same day), the day when Jonathan and I declared our 1st day offically together, Xueli’s birthday. Basically, people around me are sending and receiving blessings.

On 2nd April, my family gathered everyone, which was pretty rare chance for we are all busy with our own stuff, for a dinner. Mainly to celebrate my little brother’s birthday which is at end of mar, my daddy and my birthday which is just one day after another. 🙂

LOL. I always told Jonathan that Daddy must have received me as the best birthday present from mommy cos I appeared just the day before his birthday. Hope I have not given him a lot of problems during my growing up period. 🙂

Okay, seems like the only place we visit and visit is nowhere but Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant in Carlton Hotel. Mum likes the roast duck there and since this dinner is treated by her, we sort of like obliged to her request. 🙂

Seems like it has become a habit for Jonathan to take a family picture whenever we are glamourously dressed. 🙂 So we did while waiting for my parents who is living just upstairs in the same block to get ready.

Finally our sumptous dinner at Wah Lok. These dishes are highly recommended by Jamie. Thanks Sis! My family totally enjoyed them.

While waiting…. for food to serve, for cake to be cut… so that we can eat. 🙂

Anne and Justin… They got attacked for questions with regards to marriage. LOL. They are only 21 years old.

My young me. Everyone who sees me and Kaitlyn will say she is the younger version of me. 🙂

The cake that Justine bought and such a coincidence that I ate the same cake the very next day at the celebration with Jonathan’s family. 🙂 This shows how good the cake is.

More proof to show that the cake is good. Just take a look at the way Kaiden eats. Whatever food that goes through him, it looks good.

Birthday boy, girl and man???

Our family photo. Always taken only once a year.

Photos for remembrance before we leave the place. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

EverydayShopper Slouchy Chiffon Crop Top and Ruched High Waisted Skirt. Both from the upcoming collection.

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One of the Best Things in Life – Friends

Had the most wonderful dinner with my Secondary school mates. The last time we met was at Cheryl’s wedding. Cheryl is back from London for a week. Since the last meet up didn’t happen, Jaccy was quick to gather us before Cheryl leaves again.

The only sad thing is that John, Stephen, Mynn couldn’t turn up. 😦 Can’t wait to see them again.

Jaccy recommended a Korean restaurant, Kho Kho Nara, for its famous fried chicken. Located at the dark and quiet alley of Tras Street :). Overall, I like the food and ambience. Good for long hours of chitchatting as we were seated in cubicles.

The fried chicken is nice. Jaccy ordered the small fried chicken in original, garlic and sweet. *Yummy*

This is good too. Is some noodles with squids and we got to mix it before eating.

Another dish that is pretty spicy. Added the Korean instant noodles with rice cakes. I ate mouths after mouths. Especially superb when the noodles are totally soaked with the Kimchi soup.

The whole night was pretty much on chitchatting. From schools days to current and the ways to educate our children. Was really funny at our different educating styles.

From left to right: Cheryl, myself, Jaccy, Debbie


Outfit of the Day

EverydayShopper Lacy Top – will be launching in the new collection

TheVelvetDolls Chic Porter High Waisted Shorts

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Taiwan Trip 2010 Day 1

This is a long overdue post. It was a 7 days/6 nights trip to Taiwan. The trip was supposedly to be a family trip with my parents, siblings, Jonathan and the kiddos. Sad to say… Jonathan was posted overseas and because of that, I “dumped” my kiddos with my in-laws to have my well-deserved break (a self-declared one :)) Andrew and Angie, both are not free due to work. So instead of my own family, the trip was extended to my aunties, the big and the youngest aunties. A good experience for me as this was my first trip out with my aunties.

When we reached Taipei, it was already 4 plus thus only 3 destinations on our itinerary. The first destination was the Fisherman’s Wharf. Supposedly to be a place for lovers because of the Love Bridge. :). It was pretty windy and dark for phototaking. Due to the winter, the sun sets as early as 5 plus.

So windy that daddy and mummy got to hide under the LOVE bridge for the photo. 🙂

The next destination was the 淡水老街 (TamShui Old Street).

Daddy was very excited when he saw the food. Though not very hungry, we decided to try our 1st food which was the red bean “tong luo shao”. The smell attracted us to the stall. As we walked down the street with our “tong luo shao”, we spotted the ‘Jiang Mu Cha”. Couldn’t resist due to the cold. With the “tong luo shao” in one hand and “jiang mu cha” in another…. heavens!!!!!

Anne was happy with the 1st food in Taiwan. 🙂

Besides the food, the shopping also attracted us. The 49 bucks on the cardboard attracted my attention but the pricing is not applicable to all the bags wo. 🙂

Small auntie spotted another good food. We suddenly became food critics. Gave our comments here and there. LOL The squid is definitely good. Too bad that was the first and last time we ate cos we couldn’t find in any other towns.

We departed the place and proceeded to our 3rd destination which was the 士林夜市 (Shihlin Night Market). The time given by the tour guide at Shihlin was short too short. 😦 I think was only about 2 hours for us to have dinner and shopping. We decided to spend our time on food since the time given was too short for shopping.

The first stall we sat down to have the following…. Daddy didn’t really like the fried oyster. We still prefer the Singapore version. Maybe oilier??? LOL I like the beehoon and squid soup though.

The tour guide also recommended the soups to us. So we definitely must try. 🙂 The next stall we sat down, immediately ordered the different herbal soups.

Besides that, I ordered the fried smelly beancurd and the dumpling. On the table are the 麻油鸡 (sesame chicken) and 十全大补汤 (some tonic soup which said to keep the body warm).

Tummy filled up, then we took a slow walk to the other side of ShihLin before we headed back to the bus. First night ended off at TaoYuan. Day 2 will proceed to 台中(Taichung).


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