It’s 10 Years Already?

Times flies. Just a blink of an eye, we are married for 10 years. I wish that we can have so many more 10 years to be together. To see our children grow up and have their own children, to continue to support each other in our decisions, to help each other achieve our goals and when we are old, to nag at each other to have our meals, to remind each other to take our medictions :), to do morning walks hand in hand… so many more things that I want to complete my life with you.

The weekend before our anniversary, we decided to go out for our twosome dinner. So glad that MIL is willing to let the children had a sleepover. Jonathan and I spent the evening strolling along Marina Bay and had a wonderful dinner at Todai. LOL And we actually decided to dress ourselves in same colour. 🙂

We went for window shopping at Marina Square then took a slow stroll to Marina Bay Sands taking the Helix Bridge. It was my first time on the bridge. 🙂 Simply love the scenery.

Been to Marina Bay Sands a few times, but this was the first time I actually spotted their ice skating rink. It’s been ages since I last ice skated.

Though romantic, we did not get on the boat ride. Somehow, we felt really good just slowing down our pace and watch people and things passed by us in a slow manner.

Jonathan likes going to Todai for the range of food. Also if I can remember, we used to visit Todai when we were in the states too. However, one period of time, it just disappeared from Arizona and Jonathan is really happy when Singapore opened a chain.

Sashimi…. Jonathan’s favourite.

This is my must haves when I go Todai. 🙂 Simply heaven!!!

How can we miss out the oysters and crabs?

Check out how enjoyable Jonathan is. 🙂

Thanks for the wonderful dinner and night. I totally enjoyed it. As for the pressie, I love it.

May we have so many more 10 years to share our happiness, unhappiness, our joys and sorrows, our ups and downs.


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