Finally A Twosome Time…

Thanks to my mum who has helped to take care of the kids, I got to have a twosome time with Jonathan while we set up the box at Toys Outpost.

Initially wanted Sushi Teh but had an overdose of Japanese food lately and didn’t want to stuff myself with more. In the end, we settled for Carl’s Junior. Had my favourite mushroom burger but as usual, I can’t finished it and got Jon to zap it.

Thanks to the ‘hardworking’ stuff at Outpost, my box is not totally cleared. While waiting for them to clear the box, Jonathan and I headed to my favourite store, Daiso. I can pratically stay there the whole day browsing through every item. As usual, bought stuff to beautify the display box. When we went back to Outpost, the staffs were super busy to even clean up my box. 😦 After talking to the staff, she promised to clean up for me at night after the shop closes. Crossing my fingers that she keeps her word. Will drop by end of the week to take another look and probably to include new accessories. 🙂


Outfit of the Day

LoveBonito Bohemian Blouse in pink. Love the blouse for its material. So soft and comfy. Though 3/4 sleeves, likes the way they puff when they are stuck at my elbows.

TheVelvetDolls‘s Chic Porter Shorts. (My favourite shorts right now). Snug fit and best of all, so versatile. Matches almost everything in my wardrobe. 🙂

oooo check out my new handmade acrylic moustache necklace. Moustache is specially imported from US. I am so in love with it and so is Kaitlyn. 🙂


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