A Pat on my Shoulder

A new week has started. Whenever the start of a new week, I would asked myself what I have done the previous week and all the time, I ended up always feeling lousy for not achieving much. 😦 I then came to realise that it’s either the achievements are so minor that I could not see it or to me, it’s not an achievement at all.

The previous week was pretty eventful. 🙂

On Monday, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary at home with the children. Prepared western food dinner and steak dinner. Sumptuous. 🙂 Thanks to Karen for reminding me. I also had a wonderful time with her children. My children and I went to her house and all the five of them mingled and played in her house. 🙂

On Tuesday, I had a meet up with Jonathan’s family for lunch.

On Wednesday, I went to MIL’s house in the afternoon to fry prawn crackers and it literally took up the whole afternoon.

On Thursday, it’s back to my usual schedule of chauffeuring my children up and down. It was a hectic Thursday. 😦

On Friday, a time I could heave a sigh of relief. Hubby prepared a wonderful Zi Cha dinner 🙂

On Saturday, I attended Kaitlyn’s friend, Jasmin’s birthday party. It was pretty fun to group of children playing together. 🙂 And at night, I met up with my own family members for a Teochew Porridge at Orchard Hotel.

On Sunday, I had to be at my MIL’s place for praying (Hungry Ghost Festival) and dinner.

It was quite a well planned week. 🙂

In between times, I managed to do some beading as well. 🙂 Among my beading boxes, I found these turquoise nuggets gemstones.

I decided to create something out of it instead of letting them sit in my boxes. 🙂 The simplest usage for these beads are to make them into necklace just like my coin pearl beads.

I tried single nugget stone. It was simple and classy. Then I tried with three nuggets.

Since this looks heavier and wider, I made this into a choker which was slighter shorter than the single turquoise stone necklace.

I also made use of the night to complete my Iris studs which have been lying around. I am in love with the colours. 🙂

While waiting for Kaitlyn to be off from school, I made use of my time in the car to make more knotted friendship bracelets. {smile}

Well, after I started recalling what I have done and jotting them down, I realised that I have achieved much more than I expected and that boasted my moral a little. I am going to plan what I will be doing this week so as that I could count every tasks that I have done as an achievement.

Don’t you think I deserve a pat on my shoulders? 🙂

What have you achieve last week? Care to share?

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3 responses to “A Pat on my Shoulder

  1. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday — I featured you today!
    – Mandy, http://www.SugarBeeCrafts.com

  2. Cathy

    Will you be adding a Tutorial on how to make your knotted Friendship Bracelets? They are great!

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