Wonder Who Is In Charge…

Who is the head of household in your family? Since I am a stay at home mum, I would proudly said that hub is the one. However, recently, there has appeared to be another one vying for hub’s position. 🙂

And that is Kaiden.

He is acting more and more like Jonathan.

The way he instructs us to do things for him.

The way he talks to us as if he is the decision maker.

The way he does things, fast and efficient.

Exactly the way Jonathan is. 🙂

This morning, after sending Kaitlyn to school and boarded the car. I was amazed with the conversation I had with him. He said he wanted to take the front seat. (act of an adult cos usually only adults take the front seat)

He then struck a conversation with me.

K: Mummy, where are we going?

M: Kaiden, we are going home.

K: Yippe!!! Mummy, after we reached home, please make milo (hot chocolate), then eat biscuits and watch TV.

M: Wah… You have already planned what you wanted to do.

K: Mummy, can I have sweet?

M: Nope cos that was not part of your plans. You only planned to make milo, eat biscuits and watch TV.

K: Okay then, when we reached home, we will make milo, eat biscuits, watch TV and eat sweet.

I was amazed at his planning. I think he plans better than me. Even since I stayed home, I do not even plan cos with the children, I dont’ really know what is going to happen next and what might come next.

And did I do what he instructed? Oh yes, we made milo, prepared biscuits for him and watched TV programmes. He even instructed me to bring out that little Ikea table for him to put his bowl of biscuits and sippy cup so that he could enjoy his TV time on my favourite OSIM USoffea Petite. 🙂

Another thing that I am really excited. Can you see an additional button on the right side bar just below my etsy shop?

Mandy of SugarBeeCraft has dropped a note telling me that I was featured in her SugarBee Craft Edition. 🙂 So excited. If you are interested to see what other crafts are featured. Bounce off to SugarBeeCraft’s Sweet Buzz now.


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