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It’s Time to Say Good-bye…

Last week was a really busy and short week for me. What have I been up to?

Due to the Presidential Elections on Saturday, Monday was declared a holiday for the children.

Tuesday:  Hari Raya Haji – which means another day of public holiday.

Wednesday: last day of school for Kaiden thus busy with his farewell goodie bags.

Thursday: the Teacher’s day Celebration thus busy crafting the teacher’s day gift.

Friday: a Teacher’s Day holiday but I have got to conduct a class at my friend’s center.

Sad to say, I have had to say goodbye to my car which I have driven for almost 4 years the week before. Not sure if it’s the man’s thing, Jonathan has the tendency to change cars every 3-4 years.

This is the car which I have driven for the longest time so far so was a bit sad when Jonathan wanted a change. Besides the Ford Explorer that I have driven in US, this car is practically being driven by me 24/7 since Jonathan is always out of town. I love this car for the space though it is really a big one for me to drive around. Children love climbing from front to back, sticking their heads out of the sunroof and playing hide-and-seeking in the third row seats. The only minus for this car is the road tax and petrol, pretty straining to maintain. LOL

So what was the change?

 Okay, a Volkswagon Jetta Sports. Kaiden was pretty excited cos he remembered the logo from the show, Cars. There was this mini van in the show with the VW logo. The first time I saw the car was the time Jonathan paid for the deposit. How cool was that? 

After driving for a week or so, I enjoy the keyless system. It is really cool. With the key in my bag, I just need to place my hand at the handle, the door unlocks and locks automatically. However, I would freak out when Kaitlyn tries to lock the door with my bag still inside the car. LOL. When I alight from the car and lock the door, the engine could still be heard running cos the turbo engine needed time to cool down. That freaks me out too thinking that I forgot to off the engine. I think I need some time to get use to the change. 🙂

On Wednesday, it was finally Kaiden’s last day at BrightStart Montessori. BrightStart is really a nice place to be in except that they do not have extension to Kindergarten. As Kaiden will be in Kindergarten next year, I decided to send him to Kaitlyn’s school earlier so that he could get use to Marymount while his sister is still there.

Karen was really nice to hold Karina’s birthday party on Kaiden’s last day so that he could join in the fun. I prepared some goodie bags for Kaiden to give out to his classmates for his farewell.

Karen invited Kaitlyn and I to the class party. So glad that I could do a farewell together with Kaiden. 🙂 Karen supplied the cakes while I do the drinks. 🙂

The cakes are really cute but not as cute as the birthday girl, Karina. 🙂

Kaiden enjoyed himself too and asked for second helping. 🙂

While the younger children were enjoying themselves to the cakes and drinks, the bigger sisters, coincidentally, the two Kaitings were having their own chit chat sessions.

Finally, it was time to really say goodbye to all his friends. He gave out the goodie bags to his friends.

Kaiden really enjoyed giving out goodie bags and not forgetting Karina. 🙂

With such a busy schedule, I did not craft or bead much. I spent most of my time cutting felt cloth to make many many felt flowers. 1st to make Karina’s birthday pressie and to create the children’s teacher’s day gifts.

Created this headband for Karina. 🙂

This is how it looks when wore.

Since it is Kaitlyn’s last year in Marymount (going to primary 1 next year) and Kaiden leaving BrightStart, I wanted to create something more personalised for them to give to their teachers and tada…. a customised card.

I added in words related to teaching, character of the teacher and teacher’s name (enlarge). LOL. Finding the card a bit simple and plain, I got Jonathan to take me to Ikea for photo frames, added the felt flowers and the result of it…..

And before I end this long post, I will doing my second giveaway soon. 🙂


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