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Vintage Look with a Vibe

I have created a few jewelleries with the strand of coin pearls that I have bought from Hong Kong during my trip. 🙂 I always have had a liking for pearls and was really excited when I found them in the shape of coins. These are fresh water pearls and is about 12mm in size. I love the lusters and shine and could not wait to work on these pearls. 🙂 Since the pearls are the center of attention, I am just going to make them simple and will be not using too many other charms or materials to outshine them.

To me, coin pearls are best to made to necklace. With only a pearl, it could already bring out the charm itself. Simple and classy.

How about adding some charms to the coin pearl. I think it would look pretty nice as well. Oh my, the coin pearls are so versatile. 🙂 I have added a matt bird charm (imported from korea) and an amethyst briolette to this necklace.

This time round, I also ventured out to use more expensive findings such as 925 silver. I have always like thread earrings. Simple and classy with the coin freshwater pearl. 🙂 All metal parts for this pair of earrings are made with 925 silver.

Something new that I have tried below 🙂  and is very satisfied with the results. Basically, I used a wire, twirled it round a pearl bead and finished off with it as a stud. Rubber backing is used in this stud. It seems easy but the twirling of the hard wire added much strain to my fingers. LOL

I will be showcasing these handmade jewelleries in ‘Where I Party’.



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